1. PiLhEaD

    System Shock 2021

    I've been playing the demo thanks to GOG (other suppliers are available), and am enjoying it. It's good fun to have '1994 graphics and gameplay' brought up to date in what seems to be a loving and faithful way. The intensity of the demo suits my reaction times (these days), I'm enjoying the...
  2. The Golden Knight

    Elite: Danger Star

    The Sequel to "The Path to Elite" CHAPTER 1 A humble month had passed since sealing the deal that'd earn an Elite badge. Jason Blaze (known by his Pilots' Federation handle of "Commander Golden-Knight") had been previously outfitted with the best ship and shielding money can buy...along with...
  3. The Golden Knight

    The Path to Elite

    "Where excellence is mediocre, and anything less isn't even worth talking about." This story is dedicated to NOBODY, because I am a sad and unwed no-life who absolutely hates memorials. PROLOGUE As soon as the pilot's graduation ceremony was over, held in orbit not too far from the star Matet...
  4. C

    Making the narrative of the game broader and more involved (taking Thargoids as an example)

    A big complaint with the narrative of Elite is that it feels a little too detached for most players. Unless you're there and actively participating, it may as well not be happening at all. A prime example of this is the Thargiod invasion. What's supposed to be a massive and important event has...
  5. IPFreely

    Regarding Gnosis

    I followed Gnosis instead of riding, I had read the reports and figured I would join the second leg of an interesting journey into the unknown. Packing my bags I outfitted my ship with conventional weapons and had AX's in reserve since there may be an encounter with Alien races. I got to Gnosis...
  6. Yamiks

    [video] Guardian VS Meta-alloy VS normal & engineered MODULES
  7. K

    Thargoid narrative

    When the thargoids first arrived, each player played a scenario of events in their heads of what would unfold with the eminent conflict with the thargoids, I have made my own speculation that I knew wouldn’t happen ( which was the thargoids overthrowing us off our bubble and forcing us to...
  8. Zcorruption

    Inter solar system extended story driven missions

    So we've probably all seen the chain missions pop up from time to time. Youve completed your kill 6 pirates and a mission critical message pops saying theres a mission to go kill the pirate lord. The same thing sometimes happens when you donate money to a minor faction and i kind of like the...
  9. S

    [ Shinra .]

    Ex-Eve Online players. Some of you may remember the glorious corp, Shinra. Looking to re-unite ex-members for <fun> and giggles, oh and of course domination and annihilation. Relive old times in a new galaxy. Ex-RKK / M.Corp / BoB etc also welcome. <snip> Site under rapid...
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