1. MightyRevenge

    More dead / dry / decaying nature assets

    Would love to see more: dead trees tree stumps broken trees (broken 1/4 way, 1/2 way etc) fallen trees / fallen trees with moss dried up versions of various bushes and shrubs dried up versions of tall grass dead leaf piles (is a terrain brush more appropriate? or assets? not sure) fall leaf...
  2. D

    Bug: Some trees do not show all correct biomes in animal environment tab

    Since the update the Mangrove Apple tree and Coconut Palm trees are not showing as tropical in the animal's environment tab. The coconut tree is suddenly desert only, the mangrove apple is Oceania only. Both are being found when you filter on tropical in the nature tab for building.
  3. AstridMV

    Reintegration in nature

    Hello everyone ! Excuse in advance my spelling and my grammar, I'm French is using a translator to express myself here, please be indulgent. Not speaking English, I did not have fun searching the forum to see if this topic had already been addressed. I therefore allow myself to open the...
  4. KITTracer7

    Chamaeleo Pointillica 🦎 - Huge scenery item!

    Almost good wednesday evening everyone! 🦎 A new species of chameleon has been discovered in the jungle of Planet Coaster! This is the Chamaeleo Pointillica. One of the greatest species ever found. The animal is about a whopping 5,000 coloured art shapes with a gigantic tree on which the...
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