1. Badmiker

    Draw back the curtains?

    I would like to suggest that the ‘high wake’ jumping animation is revised. The galaxy of Elite is just quite incredible; to be able to go and explore a 1:1, astrophysically accurate simulation of the Milky Way is amazing. The number of screenshots and shared stories created by Cmdrs shows just...
  2. Old Duck

    What do nebula really look like?

    I'm just curious, having turned off nebula in my game for my day-to-day travels in the Bubble, what would a nebula look like up close or inside? ED exaggerates the luminosity and saturation of nebula, just like long exposure photography "exaggerates" the night sky compared to what we see with...
  3. marx

    Catalogue of Galactic Nebulae - submit your planetary nebulae!

    Here's a catalogue of the nebulae in Elite's galaxy, divided into three categories: generated nebulae (I), generated planetary nebulae (II) and real nebulae of both kinds (III). There's extra information as well, such as galactic regions, which real nebulae have unique models, and so on...
  4. Old Duck

    Elephant Butt Nebula

    So in light of my many sufferings due to the current bad shadows on PS4, a story you all know well, I decided it's time to "plant my flag" over at the Elephant Butt Trunk Nebula. I thought for sure there would at least be lots of unmapped planets in the region. Imagine my surprise when I get...
  5. Gavin786

    Deep Space Shipyards + Ultra Rare Mining Request

    Dear Frontier, There are quite a few deep space stations which pay good money for mining commodities including : Farsight Expedition Base at HEART SECTOR IR-V B2-0, Base Camp at SOUL SECTOR EL-Y D7 and Sadr Logistics Depot at SADR REGION SECTOR GW-W C1-22. The big problem with mining at any of...
  6. U

    Heart and Soul

    Are there any plans for outfitting at the Heart and Soul nebula bases? shipyard at one? even if they don't sell many modules, it would be awesome to be able to store things.
  7. D

    The Unexplorable Witch Head Nebula (And Area Beyond)

    I understand I am likely a bit late to the party on this, and that this may not apply to those of you who have ungodly jump ranges that could seemingly get you to Sag A* in a few dozen hops, but for me and the other budget explorers, it appears WHN and the area beyond is off limits to us...
  8. Crimson Echo

    Galactic Barnacle Search

    Recently it has been announced that the Thargoids are believed to be migratory. Given the Thargoid's preference for neblua perhaps it is time for a focused search for new barnacle sites well beyond the Pleiades. Specifically, looking at nebulae near Colonia, on the way to Colonia, clusters of...
  9. K

    Recent Exploration detail sharing

    Hello, I wanted to just share my recent exploration trip details, because well because I'm proud of it and I haven't been back in the bubble for a while to talk to another person. I hope you like the post, cheers! My trip route went like this: Ship Details Trip Statistics Exploration...
  10. madmac

    Newcomer / Intro navigating to Nebula's

    I'm guessing I will be banging my head against a wall after finding out, but how do you navigate to a nebula - I can see them in the map, but can't zoom in far enough to pick a nearby star to navigate to. Searching for them doesn't work either, so put me out of my misery, how can I select one as...
  11. DerSteve

    My first time going exploring!

    First time posting here about my first time going exploring! I owned the game since release but never came more than 150ly away from my starting point. I mostly did bounty hunting and some trading but now I wanted to see a bit more of the galaxy! So I stored my Python and bought me a nice...
  12. Erimus Kamzel

    [Information] The Galactic Mapping Project & Expedition Hub

    INTERNAL LINKS Galactic Regions & Overview Map The Expedition Hub History of Beagle Point & Archived Maps The Age of Pioneers The Distant Worlds Expeditions New Horizon & DSSV Distant Worlds ED Astrometrics (external link) Inner Moons (external link) THE GALACTIC MAPPING PROJECT - IN...
  13. kenwshmt

    Older gamer adaptations / not as fast as we used to be.

    Recapturing your youth? How is that going? I was excited to install the beta, I have voice attack, an old game pad (being replaced), track IR5, power grid, and an old springy dell keyboard. My relearning the keyboard / game-pad buttons is going along fairly well, but I have little doubt that...
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