1. Arkendight

    Is mining the only ace card up the ELITE's sleeve? What can we do? New player view

    <For Steam Statistics Click HERE> Player count is plummeting. No mining = nothing to do here? Does this data serve an illustration how mining is basically the only activity that attracts people into the game? I'm going to assume that the answer is positive. Let me address this as a 90% mining...
  2. BluStar

    All you do is nerf

    Look i understand that LTD were out of hand with their Mcr/h. But jfc how about you buff other professions at the same time ? This just makes it obvious that you care more about people not burning through your game than actual fun in the game. Most of us are already sick of mining, how buffing...
  3. Gavin786

    FDev - Please Buff Combat instead of Nerfing Mining!

    BACKGROUND: For those who dont know, large-scale mining nerfs will be coming in the January 2020 update, with sell prices being decimated. We just dont know how bad the Nerf will be yet, but most likely it will be BAD. Watch DTEA's video : Source:
  4. TitanicDweeb

    General Nerf Frame Shift Drive Interdictor

    Okay, I'm fairly new to the game of Elite. I started playing the game a little over a month ago and love it so far. There are things that do need to be fixed and i think a simple one would be to change how the frame shift drive interdictor works. I get the fact that there are people that like to...
  5. xana452

    Combat Zones -- Spec Ops OP?

    I'm in a fully kitted out and combat engineered Corvette, and these Spec Ops wings are absolutely wrecking me. Endless SCBs, sniper-like Rail Guns with shield breach, seemingly bottomless shields and hull... I'm spending most of my MultiCannon ammo on just these 4 ships that spawn, and by that...
  6. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  7. hs0003

    Shock Cannon fix in 92 words (give it a skim)

    In short, it's 2 changes to the Plasma Shock Cannon: 1. Remove the full reload, leaving only the Auto Loader effect. 2. Change the amount of ammo not in the magazine to infinite. (or a high number) This change would allow the weapon to be used in more than a few fights, and the sustained dps...
  8. JonathanBurnage

    Meanwhile, over at Frontier HQ... Skip to 34:30 for the action. There’s even dinosaurs involved...
  9. N

    Anaconda Mk2: buffed and nerfed at the same time

    I can see that reining in the Anaconda has been discussed many times, and I can see the flaws in suddenly altering the specs of all Anacondas already out there. There seems to be some appetite for a rebalancing, but also a feeling that it will never happen. But there is a plausible way that it...
  10. Z

    Credits, Fun & Progression.

    As the titles reads. "Credits, Fun & Progression", these three things seem to be, according to a multitude of forums posts, what the player base is torn upon. Bug reports have have been made about the most recent skimmer mission farming method. People have made appeals to FDev to even have...
  11. Reneta Scian

    FDev has made Every Style of Gameplay Unrewarding and Tedious

    Elite Dangerous' update cycle and game balance is one of the most neurotic in gaming. They either fail to notice a glitch that causes extremely unbalanced payouts/exploitable payouts, or otherwise take a new fun, rewarding and enjoyable game mechanic and nerf it until it's no longer fun or...
  12. Gueromarinero

    Thargoid Punishment

    Hey, so here is a novel concept for the game, something truly paradigm shattering. It's called, and pardon me, it's a little rough, but here it is: A reward system. With this, a cmdr's time and effort are, and here's the novel part, Rewarded! Wow. 10k For a scout. Wow, let me get my...
  13. Good Death

    Nerf Dangerous

    [woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah][woah] [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] I wonder how far along the game would be without us. Nine pages of garbage from one word that is not even really a word...
  14. Chris K177

    Controversial topic: Mission Payout Nerfs

    I understand that this is a difficult topic to breach in a constructive fashion and that by bringing up the subject I'm immediately opening a can of worms, but this is becoming a real issue for many players and will need to be properly addressed sooner or later. I respect that everyone has their...
  15. Yamiks

    [Video] The need for credits & unrewarding gameplay Also the planet in the end (if you had watched the video till the end you'd know already) was : Synuefe VM-D C15-10 2A
  16. Darth Tashnut

    Time to nerf exploration!!

    So far the nerf gun has been taken to cargo delivery, war massacres, pirate massacres, passenger missions and almost every other way to make a decent amount of credits. It is now time to nerf exploration to fetch it more in line with the terrible rewards for everything else. Especially the...
  17. M

    Is FDev trying to kill Elite Dangerous because of Star Citizen?

    They are killing every way in the game to earn fast CR, why is that? Are they giving up because they know this game cannot compete with Star Citizen, so they are making people leave the game and then they can finally shutdown servers for good?
  18. Gueromarinero

    Newcomer / Intro How am I to earn credits

    This is a completely serious question. No newcomer can possibly EVER hope to compete now that passenger missions have been nerfed. Decent pay for an hour's trip is not unreasonable. 300k now. What pray tell, Should I buy with that. Hello? Oh wait, bounties.... no, can't afford to outfit a ship...
  19. Anubite

    Plebeian: Safe

    Current: No fire zones out to mass lock range or greater, enemies mean nothing after you drop or before jump. Interdictions that result in entering orbital cruise no longer pancake you and them, instead the tether breaks. Practically infinite shields and hull. NPCs always warn you about...
  20. B

    "I'm a Doctor, Jim, not a coal miner!"

    This is unacceptable. Why is it that FDev always prioritizes payouts and exploits, but broken stuff like this gets ignored!? In almost every station I go, its been nigh unto impossible to find a decent set of cargo missions (I've been running cargo as my job since 2.3 hit). I tried passenger...
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