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    General Fleet Carrier Suggestion

    So the carriers have been out for a few days now. however, as a CMDR of a carrier and a few people i help travel around and some hitchickers have all said how awesome it would be if the CMDR of the carrier could have some neet features like: 1. a roster the the CMDR can set up for when he/she...
  2. Rybodhi

    New Era Delay/Frontiers Puts Absolutely No Effort Into Meaningful Public Relations. OVER IT!!!

    I don't mind the delay but I find it overwhelmingly FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING that Frontier won't inform the player base of what they are working on. (We are almost half way through 2020 what gives!!!) I have personally taken a break from the game and won't return until they cough up. There is no...
  3. G

    I am not very good at this game, please help me.

    I'm new and I don't know what to do, watch tutoriels or jump straight into the game and get picked off by pirates ready tohave no mercy on me?
  4. D

    This post will SAVE JWE and INSTANTLY satisfy player needs!

    Forget the Aquatic and Aviary DLC ideas and all the things we know Frontier can't easily implement. Some of the ideas I have been saying since last year are now so close that Frontier only needs to implement them. Everyone wants customization, right? We know the summer DLC is going to provide...
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