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    My own thoughts on the next big DLC

    Over these last few weeks/months I have seen a lot of attention drawn toward some things we're specifically missing. Things that, in my own opinion, are more of a "when they're coming" than a "if they're coming". These things being: Jurassic world decor, New JW-based skins/models(namely...
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    Confirmed live-action Jurassic World TV series

    In recent times this year, another kind TV series for the entire franchise has been confirmed to be in the making. On February 17, the website, Geeks WorldWide (GWW), confirmed early that a new live-action series is in the making, before it would be officially revealed through other websites...
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    Speculation of new dinosaurs from a hypothetical “Camp Cretaceous” free update

    06.8.2020, (THE CASE IS CLOSED!) (Read the comments section below for more update news) 22.01.2020 Through out Jurassic World Evolution’s post launch state, there have been at least two publicity stunts as free updates to the game. These stunts weren’t for the game itself, but for their...
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