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  1. Jibroni Gibironi

    A simple way to make this game more accessible to new players

    :unsure: Currently, there is this thing called a "codex" and "knowledgebase" in the game, that tells me absolutely nothing at all, totally useless. If I have to use to figure out even the most straight forward, basic things, its not a good look for this games design. This could have...
  2. Elite WarHawk X

    Tempest Star Fleet recruitment

    Tempest Star fleet looking for new and experienced players to join us. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are we’re a group of likes minded players just looking for some people to fly the galaxy with. Feel feel to message me on here or on Xbox GT is Elite WarHawk X and I’ll do my best to...
  3. N

    Looking for Newer players 21 or older

    Im looking to put together an older group of new players. Im in my 30's, play everyday and have discord. if we can get 10 or more of us together we could start a player faction to experience that side of content as well. I also stream every Tuesday and Thursday.
  4. ScriptedSamurai

    [FEDERATION] The Armada - Valyn's Dragons

    The Armada is a small group of seasoned players that are willing to help new players with anything they need. We need more people for combat missions to further our in game faction. We can help with ship progression, money making, and engineering. We love the game and the community and just...
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