new ship

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    new ship

    a little bird told me that a new medium sized ship based on guardian tech and capable of lunching a fighter will be coming out around the same time odessey drops for consoles. major speculation about it over on steam... apparently remlok industries will be doing ships.
  2. Hadrian Augustus Duval

    Medium size Imperial ship, or just simply. Resize the Clipper?

    I know this have mentioned few times in the forum, but I still think that it should be taking into consideration for FDev. Your sincerely, Hadrian Augustus Duval
  3. V

    New Ship Suggestion: Prasina

    I've been feeling that we need a new medium multirole fighter-enabled ship for a long time now and so I set out to make something new. Using ships such as the conda, vette, mamba, FDL, orca, clipper, and courier, the beluga concept art work, and modern day luxury yacht designs I assembled what I...
  4. V

    New Ship Idea

    I've been working on a project in my spare time. This is still very much a rough draft but its for a ship that I would absolutely love to see in game some day. I feel we need a new medium multirole ship which is a comfortable python->conda in between. Something fun to fly with manuverability and...
  5. N

    New small ship class?

    I'd love some new smaller smalls. Based off existing SLFs or Maybe new designs based on the current SLF designs. Possible features of these new ships could be- - Jump/supercruise ability (lore explanation could be new guardian tech) - New weapon sizes/types (small plasma repeater, anyone...
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