1. GreyJedi137

    [INDEPENDENT] [LFG] The Titans of Galaxias - A New and Fast growing casual community accommodating all playstyles! - Check us out!

    We are the Titans of Galaxias! We are a small, almost entirely casual group of players that just so happened the realize the ancient Greeks were better at naming stuff than us. If you are a solo or private group player, this is the Squadron for you. We like to join up a few times a week but...
  2. S

    New Commander looking for Group

    Hello everyone! My name is CMDR S.PIERCE, and I'm 22 years old. I have a mic and HOTAS/TRACKIR setup, as this game excited me so much I went out to buy both. I just got into the game and am looking for a friendly group of people to hang out with. I'm interested in all aspects of this game and...
  3. Papa Nomad

    Knights Of The Aether (Recruitment PC)

    Good morrow to you, sirs, I the Grand Master of the Aether Knights wish to speaketh to all those who wilt hark. I has't a grand dream of ridding the galaxy of the xeno threat. To erase the line of our fractured bubble and to bringeth order to the galaxy. I wish for thee to join me on this noble...
  4. cdjets10

    List of New Models

    I made a list of models not in the game that would be very much appreciated to be in the game to build. Here is the link:
  5. E

    Newcomer / Intro Searching for Buddys to play with or something

    Hello, im relatively new to this game and i tried it for many times to start with the game, .... have fun, make something, etc. But everytime i give it a try i have problems with the game mechanics. I will list some things which i find really strange: 1) The mission descriptions are...
  6. D

    Fatal Attraction DLC

    Jurassic World Evolution: Fatal Attraction DLC (Confirmed Fan Concept)
  7. Switchd

    [LFG] New player LFG

    I purchased this game years ago but noone I knew played it, so it sat. I'm looking for a sci-fi game to play currently and I would love to give this game a solid attempt. Thus, I'm looking for a group/guild/gathering of people, to surround myself with while I play. I know nothing at all about...
  8. J

    Steam vs Frontier does not run/link

    I bought the game yesterday (19-4) on Steam. 1. Installed via Steam. 2. Created a new Frontier Account > verified mail 3. Linked Steam account to Frontier account. 4. When starting the game DEMO is the only option (it doesn't seem to have linked Steam for the keys). 5. Try to logout > then Sign...
  9. S

    New Commander Mission suggestion

    When playing the training mission it plays out like the typical beginning of other games. "Hi new commander. Heres how to work your ship" Rather than this being training mission, game should hand hold to get new players through learning curve. New commanders should automatically go through...
  10. U

    Personal Bases

    Suggestion for upcoming content that would allow for a more personal narrative: The Below idea, I believe, would give players more of a stake in the Galaxy, and provide more of a sense of involvement, and a sense of ownership. Perhaps it has been brought up before, or perhaps it's wishing in...
  11. Ramsey Sparrow

    the new era or elite: single-shard server

    Little hope but fingers mildly crossed for the meaning of the upcoming 'new era'. It's not gas giants, space legs, nor atmospherics. Single-shard server architecture > increased persistency and logic behind NPCs and environment = deeper, more meaningful and interactive gameplay and game world...
  12. S

    Add Comets, Oort clouds, and other new shiny stellar phenomenon?

    I love the galaxy in Elite, but I always wished there was just a little more to the asteroid belts, planet rings and other non-planetary bodies out in the black. I think it would be fun to add comets that travel from system to system, maybe even some large enough for small ships to land on, or...
  13. Yamiks

    [video] The new ERA - news for 2019 & 2020
  14. OldSchoolPlayer

    DCO VII White Dwarf - Rarest in the galaxy!

    I give you the DCO VII White Dwarf... It is simply beautiful ! Location: Mylaifa CB-X D1-2814 PS. Don't forget your sunglasses! :cool:
  15. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  16. C

    Thoughts on adding Commodity vendors traveling the void.

    An idea that would make the galaxy feel more alive. Have vendors pop up in the void with engineered body guards. Who ask if you want any of their cargo for a slightly inflated cost. *Be it raw/data or manufactured materials. *commodities of varying types. *Or Sellable data for either the...
  17. Orillian

    Ships New large ship type (LEAK!) the BOA

    Here is leaked pictures of the new large ship, an anaconda variant with more cargo, the Boa Front View: Side Views: In cockpit: On landing pad:
  18. JohannStrauss

    New idea: smuggling compartments

    New idea: smuggling compartments placeable inside the regular fright compartments. Why? Because the current scanning procedure with a 100% detection is boring, annoying and useless. Depending on the quality against scanning the size decreases yet the chances of not being detected increases...
  19. CaptainCaboose

    Mining SLF(Pretty please FDEV)

    Here's the ask: Mining SLF's, multi-crew capable, to assist with utilizing the new mining features. Each SLF should have limited combat capability(using a mining lazer), or simply no offensive capabilities at all and simply chaff for escaping. The SLF would be able to scan the rocks and...
  20. Taen

    New Exploration Mechanics: What I really want to know

    I'm seeing a lot of praise / complaining (compraising?) about the proposed changes to Exploration in chapter 4. While my initial reaction has been that this is going to make everything take so long and be so involved that I won't be able to do what I enjoy anymore, I'm trying very hard to give...
  21. P

    XG Project

    Idk about y’all, but I smell guardian hybrid ships. Don’t know the link to the galnet news website but I just read it in the galnet.
  22. CMDR Texas Stu

    Engine noise too loud when SFX high enough to hear ships/USS audio notifications (HoH)

    Greetings! Backstory: I'm an aging commander who was complaining about no audio notification for USS ('Discovered new signal source' in supercruise) BEFORE finding out that at ~30% SFX volume (options>audio on PC) I simply cannot hear them over ambient/engine noise. Turning up percentage to...
  23. Vice President Hank Sweeney

    [FEDERATION] The 80's Business- The Retro Faction Of Voltrigones

    What We Do? 80's style retro Gamers. We play #FreeAim GTA, GT Sport & Elite Dangerous. @The80sBusiness Youtube We are a PVE Player Group, Aligned with the Federation we participate in everything from trading to bounty hunting, the background simulation, exploring and even the occasional...
  24. T

    Small ship in the Q4 update prehaps?

    Hi me again. *Waves idiotically* Just a post in the hope that we'll get another small ship in the Q4 update. (not a SLF but an actual jump capable superiority fighter) Hopefully with an interesting hardpoint layout different to the carbon copy Viper loadouts. Personally I'd like to see one...
  25. T


    Right so here im gonna outline why asking for sace legs is ultimatley a pointless excersize. Space legs would require some technical hurdles that I can't see realistically solved anytime soon,inluding a new game engine bolted into the pre existing one, a whole new physics model and new control...
  26. Arburich

    Alchemy Den - "We Got This Corp" | A brand New Faction, In Game and Out!

    Hello All! My name is Arburich, and recently (after a little over a year in the making), we finally got our faction into the world of Elite Dangerous! We are the "We Got This Corp", found in the High Tech system G 139-50 and we are a small group of Elite Players that host ourselves under...
  27. Xaintly

    Exploration-focused Python-size ship

    Exploration ships have a large gap in price/feature levels between AspX and Anaconda. It would be nice to have an exploration-focused medium ship with a good supercruise turning radius and slightly more module slots than the Asp. I would propose something like this: Ship AspX New Scout...
  28. D

    A message to new customers of Frontier Developments

    Just a little heads-up to the people not used to a Frontier game: Frontier's modern games have the business model of "games as a service". This means that The Jurrasic World: Evolutions we have to play today is the first iteration. The game will continue evolving with new content and...
  29. vinnieboJ

    New Horizons?

    So, i am currently trying to locate the New Horizons probe in the game but i can't find it. even after searching the Wiki which pointed me in the right direction. has the probe's position changed? I'd like to visit the probe just as i have visited the voyager probe.
  30. Sinlos

    THE INFINITUDE CONSORTIUM. *New Xbox Player Group*

    The infinitude consortium. I have created a new player group for xbox players who wish to build up a brand new faction. We need members who are looking to have fun but still want to work towards creating something great. I don't have any specific requirements to join other than that you must...
  31. The-DemonWolf

    Rainbow bookmarks !

    Hi all and fdev in particular, I am preparing for an event for all platforms. And I was organizing my bookmarks. I suddenly realized that an added feature could be not only alphabetical or nemercal. But we should be able to bookmark by specific colors. That way when looking at the map we can...
  32. S

    Space Bars and Space Legs

    I want Space bar/cantina button available as an option in the Starport Services menu. Through this my holo-me character could be teleported direct to the space bar within the starport to conduct a variety of activities and make the whole experience more immersive and interesting. This could...
  33. Winged Gecko

    Player Factions

    Is Frontier going to start adding new player factions soon? Seems there has been a freeze.[blah]
  34. S

    Trouble With Trumbles

    I would like to see some Trumbles back in the game! Were so funny and frustrating back in the day on my old C64 - crawling all over my screen whilst trying to target enemies and failing - and no clue how to get rid of them at the time! I think a series of community goals could be introduced...
  35. Manfriest

    CMDR owned assets management

    Suggested feature - a tool in ship where you can look at all of the ships, modules and assets you own. I think this would be very useful, particularly for CMDRs who have been playing for a while and have collected a lot of stuff. I know you can check in outfitting to see what modules you have...
  36. MoonManx22

    New Horizons Probe is out there to be found! (Has Been Found)

    Hello CMDRs, I read an article last night on Galnet that scientists had found what appeared to be the New Horizons probe launched in 2008. Read the full article HERE. I have started a Reddit discussion on it that can be found HERE. Just wanted to start a discussion here too so that we can all...
  37. I

    Linking XBOX One Profile to Frontier Account (Existing or New that is the question!)

    Hello CMDRs I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. I have for my sins just bought the game again! for the XBox One, I am now presented with an option with no real explanation as to what each option will give me. Before playing the game I have to link my XBox One Profile...
  38. L

    Diamondback Gunship concept Re-Post (Read please? ♥)

    So, I've now been playing ED on the Xbox One for about a year now. I'm quite pleased to see 2 new ships finally be added, the Chieftain and the Defender. I quite enjoy both, especially since the AC gives an alternative to the Python, but....It feels a little....Off, agile-wise. Like, it's really...
  39. Jwright7784

    Newcomer / Intro New to game

    Hello everyone, I'm still pretty new to the game so I thought I would introduce myself. So far I'm loving it. Elite is (almost) everything I ever wanted in a space game. A few things could be added but I understand they are coming in the future. This game is amazing and incredibly large. Anyway...
  40. surfarer

    Why can we not select one of our ships to start with at beginning of play?

    I often wonder why we cannot select a ship we own at the beginning of play. e.g. I have a ship at Ceos and a few around the homeworld. I CAN jump in my Asp and travel back to Ceos to do missions but this takes over half an hour of play from me just to travel!!! WHY??? some say to keep the...
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