1. T

    Newcomer / Intro Best advice to get back in?

    I have a commander with ship and 91K in credits. I have been out of the game for years. Should I try to play the commander I have, or delete it and start new? In other words, are there tutorials that will be on benefit IF I start a new character? Thanks!
  2. Graabeerd

    Six Months Later......

    Since the beginning of this year 2019 (3305) when I downloaded and installed Elite Dangerous, a world of freshness and newness was opened up to me. sure those beginning hours I spent learning the various keybinds to making a graceful or not so graceful takeoffs and landings were nothing short of...
  3. zombieapocalypse

    Newcomer / Intro Elite: Dangerous – a comprehensive beginner’s guide [Beyond 3.3 edition]

    Howdy virtual space folk! I have now updated my super-duper in-depth Elite: Dangerous beginners guide to reflect the changes from the January 2020 patch. Not that there was that much to revise! o7 Last edited: 17 January 2020
  4. Timpraetor

    Exploration and "Buying" system data

    I've started a new Commander and am paying attention to all of the "tips" that Frontier provides. Following the link to the Exploration introduction, I see this quote: I have over 2200 hours in-game with my primary commander and I have no idea what this means unless it's the icon in the...
  5. N

    Community Event / Creation In case you haven't heard, Elite Dangerous has a University now, and I'm the bumbling professor!!

    The Elite: Dangerous University, brought to you by @NovaKaneGaming. This project is expected to last until the end of the year, giving new and veteran pilots alike advice on ​advanced maneuvering, starship analysis, combat tactics, planetary assault and much, much more. 18 classes. 4...
  6. D

    A message to new customers of Frontier Developments

    Just a little heads-up to the people not used to a Frontier game: Frontier's modern games have the business model of "games as a service". This means that The Jurrasic World: Evolutions we have to play today is the first iteration. The game will continue evolving with new content and...
  7. griffrawk

    Help wanted for a fresh-off-the-farm Alt re. Guardians

    Here's an interesting dilemma. I have this, er, Alt.. right.., and he's fresh from shooting womp-rats on the farm. On his travels he comes across a 'Guardian Tech Broker' for the first time. He likes tech, what's not to like?, so he looks into it further. Hmmm what's a Guardian? What are all...
  8. Jwright7784

    Newcomer / Intro New to game

    Hello everyone, I'm still pretty new to the game so I thought I would introduce myself. So far I'm loving it. Elite is (almost) everything I ever wanted in a space game. A few things could be added but I understand they are coming in the future. This game is amazing and incredibly large. Anyway...
  9. BarberousMeow

    Im new!

    I'm new to ED and ive done my share of bounty hunting, got the cobra, bounty hunted some more and got the type-6. I am doing trade runs in this now because i wanted to try something new. Im wondering where to go from here? I only ever play by myself and i feel like i am missing out on a lot in...
  10. T

    Newcomer / Intro How can I join a group for in game coaching?

    Hello Commanders, I am a relatively new player and have struggled to learn the game on my own. I have done a lot of research on the internet and played solo to practice. I currently have an A rated Viper and A rated Cobra III. I just purchased an Asp Explorer which is totally Stock at this time...
  11. Z

    Brand new player in need of a group in lonely space!

    Hello there! I'm a brand new player who has started just this week, and over the course of it, has become drawn in and hooked on this game. I'm still finding my way, but already have done much and studied even more. Already, I've gotten to be heavily immersed in the universe and everything it...
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