1. myothershipisacobraiv

    If they made a Cobra IV ship kit and included the ship with it would you mind?

    I really liked the Adder kit. I thought about maybe getting it but every time I think about maybe getting something else the first thing that enters my head is that there's stuff in the game I'm just walled off from no matter what and this kills any inclination. Let's look at some facts Number...
  2. A

    Hardware & Technical Disappearing stars.... no solution!?

    Have ignored this bug for a while now, but cannot understand that this has not been resolved? I get that the star cubes are a remnant of the Star Forge's early days and can't be changed, but that the rest of the stars disappear... Is this really something FDev are unable to fix? Cause it seems...
  3. LordMadmax76

    Fed Navy kills not confirmed

    I had taken on a mission to raise my federal navy rank. The missions asking me to kill two pirates. But once I get to the correct system and place. Find the group of pirates that come up as wanted and mission targets after scanning. I have killed about 9 of them and not one has registered as a...
  4. Cmdr Eagleboy

    Explainer because people seem to miss few things about Zac announcement

    First, disclaimer: soon we will see first reveals about Q4 and then release of it and we will be able to judge FD work on ED for whole year, because we will have full picture. That is, if you are interested into evaluate it properly. Ok, I am really not keen on doing this, but this grinds me a...
  5. T


    Right so here im gonna outline why asking for sace legs is ultimatley a pointless excersize. Space legs would require some technical hurdles that I can't see realistically solved anytime soon,inluding a new game engine bolted into the pre existing one, a whole new physics model and new control...
  6. The Black Pearl

    Wing invite broken

    Did they break the wing invite on the new update? I don't even have the option to send a wing invite it just doesn't exist. Help! Bump Bump
  7. comdr0303

    Newcomer / Intro Earned 500,000,000cr without 1 enemy kill.

    So yes it is possible in elite, i have almost done it...almost 500000000 earned. Yes i have been destroyed and self destructed myself, but never blew up another ship, just killed 3 skimmers to see if they would shoot back...they did ! :D At that point i did'n know that they could carry missiles...
  8. T

    No Fire Zone: Request to Open Fire

    I've had following scenario happen to me couple of times in Elite. I get interdicted I submit and drop from hyperspace The attacking ship is too much for me to handle so I run I get to a safe port only for the offending ship to drop out next to me. The ship intends to finish what it started...
  9. RNGesus Prime

    Fines for shooting outside no fire zone.

    I'm not sure if anyone else is having this, but the two instances I fired at wanted ships near a station I got a 100cr fine for firing inside the no fire zone. The first time I was 500m out and the wanted ship was just inside the zone. The second time I was 1km out (and facing away from the...
  10. R

    Multi-Crew (Winged) missions not paying out

    I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issues before. I believe a little back story might be needed. I am in route to Colonia. ~8000Ly from the bubble. My buddy asked if I could join his crew to help defend is Type-9 during a Wing mission that pays 13mil Cr. After serveral attempts...
  11. P

    Newcomer / Intro Federation ranking

    I've been playing for 170 hours right now in Elite Dangerous. I've got even an Anaconda ship (and many others). The problem is that my Federation Rank (which I'm allied with top reputation) is Still at NONE at 100% and I've never seen any mission about promotion. I'm "living" in BEETRIX start...
  12. A

    Can't use open play, have Xbox Live Gold membership

    I've been off of my xbox for a few months, and felt like hopping on Elite since it's been a while. I purchased Gold so that i could play in open, however I'm still getting the message 'your account does not have permission to use multiplayer features'. Any suggestions?
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