npc crew

  1. Ratstar

    Depressing Cockpit Experience! Instead of Flight Assist module how abut this!

    Can they maybe just change to NPC crew take over when doing a landing Im really bored with empty backseat on my cockpit. I just play solo without friends and it feels kind of depressing playing for how many hours grinding without someone with me on the ship. I can't feel the essence of being a...
  2. evoker

    NPC crew and combat bonds

    I have never used a fighter hangar and since I recently got a Corvette, I wanted to use one in the CG's CZs to help out a bit. Do NPC pilots get a cut of the Combat Bonds before you hand them in? I was thinking of getting the NPC crew, fly around for a while wrack up a few million in Combat...
  3. L


    This picture wouldn’t be possible without the following Commanders; CONDOR77, ZETERON, INSANE MCMANIAC, JIMBOYY Great thanks!!! Hi dear Creators and Commanders, The idea for a “REUNION PLANET” wasn’t a great success. I hope this idea will have more potential. Non the less I thought that a...
  4. T

    Use the player CMDRs' portraits for NPC crew

    Months ago, FDev asked players to send in their avatars for inclusion in a trailer. If they still have access to these images, why not use them for NPC crew, as it would provide much more variety to the 2 or 3 dozen images used currently?
  5. P

    Telepresence (not ED lore?). . . Here is a Lore Friendly Alternative Method for ship launched NPC fighter crew?

    Eliminate the anti-LORE "Telepresence Method"?: Proposal for a safe Lore-Friendly alternative method for (NPC) "Hired Fighter Crew": I thought that "Telepresence" was not a part of ED LORE. But perhaps it is currently being used for extreme long distance remote control of (ship launched)...
  6. CMDR_Raikkonen

    NPC Crew - Potentially Confirmed?

    According to Obsidian Ant's new information, the Apex Interstellar Transport will result in players being sat in a NPC controlled "taxi" taking them to their location. This is very interesting and perhaps explains why we have had those auto-dock and auto-super cruise features added recently. It...
  7. T

    Some ideas for post-launch Odyssey features

    So I was just evacuating civies from the burning stations and chatting with some guys about Odyssey and I had some ideas that they thought were really good, so here we go: Recruitable NPC crew. Not like the crew you pick up in the lounge in stations, but like dedicated crew members who help...
  8. F

    NPC crew and the Kill Warrent Scanner

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Elite Dangerous and I like to fly ships that can carry Ship-Launched Fighters. However, sometimes I want to switch to fly the fighter, but I noticed that my NPC crew member does not use the Kill Warrant Scanner to maximise the gains for a bounty. The Kill warrent...
  9. L

    Crew Wages should take a percentage of net income rather than gross income.

    Fair warning, this is a detailed post with lots of math, numbers, and economic theory. Please insure you at least know the economic terms of "net", "gross", "profit margin", and "markup" before proceeding. Having a crew member while trying to run a fleet carrier as an import/export style...
  10. Harrowdown

    General Put NPC crew in empty seats in your cockpit/bridge.

    I intuitively thought this was the case already, but I asked in the newcomers section since I couldn't find mention of it. There are several aesthetic reasons, but personally I find the idea of exploring the deepest regions of space with an empty seat behind my back pretty bleak and depressing...
  11. C

    General Improving NPC crew option

    I was disappointed when I was finally able to buy my first ship with 2 crews places and a hunter bay with 2 hunters, and that I could not take 2 NPCs with me to control 2 hunters at the same time and that the on-board NPC is simply not visible on one of the two co-pilot places. It might be a...
  12. DGBaley

    Fleet Carriers need to use more existing game play mechanics.

    I'm amazed at how few of the existing game play mechanics are used by the fleet carriers. Fleet carriers could make use of existing game play loops that are already familiar to players. I believe the following mechanics would significantly enhance the capabilities of the carriers and make them...
  13. Neoke

    NPC crew members: how much combat rank XP do they take from me?

    Hi, I hired an NPC Crewperson at Expert level a few weeks ago, now leveled to dangerous. Like the idea of having her in my SLFs, largely to act as decoy/distractions for bounty hunting NPC pirate wings in HazRez sites. Now I'm all into Thargoid hunting, have my awesome Krait decked out with all...
  14. Xavi Mendoza

    Buyback NPC Crew

    I have many ships, many credits and Miranda, my elite npc crew. I wanna take some action with my vette, cutter or even krait in open. I don't care about losing my ship or credits but Miranda... :rolleyes: I hired her when she was harmless and raised her patiently until she is elite. Not to...
  15. Flare Star

    Piracy life of an NPC crew

    Imagine I hire an Expert NPC crew and set her to active, then go to kill every clean ship I can find. Finally I submit to ATR, respawning after losing my life, while my NPC crew loses her life permanently without getting a single penny of share after signing a contract worth of 150000 CR. Will...
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