1. I

    PVE Piracy Bug

    I decided to do some more pirate runs to continue getting money to flush out my ship upgrades. I found a juicy type-7 with a good haul, interdicted it, lowered its shields and then used rail guns to knock the drives down to 0%. Upon closing the gap the NPC Type 7 started boosting and...
  2. maboleth

    Why can't we see npcs that we hired in cockpit?

    I fly Krait and well... I feel alone with so many empty seats. I know some are reserved for multi-crew, but why we cannot see at least one NPC? Was it so hard to make them in the game or something other is going on?
  3. T

    Please reconsider the armour boost to NPC war ships

    This is causing two serious problems: Long, tedious dogfights in what are so close to being exciting battles. Ammo shortage. My ability to win a battle should be based on skill, not on how many materials I've gathered to synthesise more ammo. It's not just the special ops and propaganda teams...
  4. 27δ(duuude)

    PSA: Current C&P does not discourage PVP; It only prevents strike missions on controlling factions.

    PSA: Current C&P does not discourage PVP; It only prevents strike missions on controlling factions. Current C&P mechanics cause any strike missions with Authority vessels nearby to be treated as equal to or greater than player ships. Killing authority ships results in an increase of notoriety...
  5. Mace

    NPC system type traffic/locations and combat scanner

    With the way that the systems are already structured, ED already has population and system type information amongst other things. So, I feel one thing that would improve the gaming experience would be to have seeded NPC undockable installations depending on the type of system. To explain, in a...
  6. T

    Gratitude from NPCs

    Last Thursday night a wing-mate rescued me after I clumsily ran out of fuel on the way to the Pleiades. When I thanked him he said "That's the first time I've been thanked for fuel limpets, NPCs always just jump away." Later the same evening I dropped into a threat 4 non-human USS in my...
  7. B

    Pirates have tracking beacon on my ship or what?

    In an Ice ring hunting Low Temp Diamonds Log out for sleep Log back in PIRATE! Get away... drop in elsewhere in ring PIRATE! Get away... Log out Log In... Drop into random part of ring PIRATE! At least I don't have to worry about getting interdicted with cargo anymore since apparently the...
  8. E

    Space legs for better missions

    Whilst I concur that more diverse missions and joined up missions are good - more content is more - it all seems to me to continue the [Fly to location, perform preprogrammed action, get new location] format, relieved only by possible combat. The combat itself is also quite samey; you fight and...
  9. B

    Npc security not attacking wanted ships

    I don't know if this is intentional or what but whenever I'm I'm a res site hunting bounties, I absolutely cannot be the first to attack a wanted ship, if I do not a single other ship will attack it even though there are a dozen plus security ships including a usually a few anaconda's. I have to...
  10. R

    Hazardous substance detected, without Thargoid fight.

    Hi there, I did a PvP fight in a conflict zone. All of a sudden I got the message "hazardous Substance Detected" and soon my internal moduels started to melt. Shields were up throug out the entire fight. So are there player or human npc weapons that can cause this effect? As I said in the...
  11. CMDR Ralduk

    Ship interiors as social places, NPCs

    This would be beneficial for the players and the developers: - Your ship, your home - It is much easier for the devs to do this than player owned bases for example. - ‎Optional interior decorations/furniture etc. - this brings a lot of new things the players would want to play the game and make...
  12. A

    Pirate NPCs recognizing trolling when dropping Limpets

    Currently, Pirates will try to loot valuable cargo from your ship if it has a high enough value. That value floor is pretty low, with responses from holding certain low value items along the lines of, "You're not worth my time", and responses from holding only Limpets being the same as responses...
  13. GraphicEqualizer

    Increasing the sense of the universe/ships being more alive - some might be simple to implement

    Ideas based on 2000+ hrs in game Increased "life" onboard ship - NPC Engineers (aka "Scotty") could be hired (similar to mechanics for NPC fighter pilots) for larger ships who can help maintain module health even without an AFM (but better with AFM) and hull damage (if repair limpets are...
  14. GraphicEqualizer

    "simple" way to increase feeling of a living breathing universe - based on 2000+ hours in game

    "simple" way to increase feeling of a living breathing universe - based on 2000+ hours in game Some of the following ideas should be fairly low effort to implement, e.g. some onboard random banter messages, some would require a a bit more work on underlying mechanics Increased "life" onboard...
  15. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    Will NPCS follow the same rules as us in 3.0 :D??

    So as many of my fellow CMDRs are aware of npcs don't have the same rules as us. IE chaff not affecting turret SCBs not equipped yet able to bank and regen to max with no heat sinks bring power plant or thrusters to zero and they can still move(without reboot time and also can reboot 100% of the...
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