1. M

    Mission Target spawn times: absolutely absurd, yet very easy to fix.

    So, it seems the general consensus is that mission objectives take way too long to spawn. After my experience today, I'm adding my two cents to the pile. I've bounced my head off the desk in boredom many times before, but I've been waiting an hour now (as of starting to write this post) for a...
  2. C

    When exploring, what are those things that you hope to find?

    I'm interested in what others are looking to find out there. Do you set specific objectives for each expedition? Are you less formal, but have things that you generally seek out or focus on (such as ELWs, nebulea, and so on)? Do you mainly focus on picking a target region and exploring...
  3. CMDR_Brantford

    Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 123 Objectives

    The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only. This format was clearly not stolen from the Hudson posts. Overview: We managed to jump 4 spots in the PP rankings - tho again, we'ere not sure why. Sure would be nice if FDev told us how their scoring system works.. but whatever - we're #3...
  4. T

    Thargoid Objective Revealed!

    I have encountered severs wreaks while investigating the Thargoid activity in the Pleiades. But it was only after stumbling across the gutted remains of a Type 9 Heavy did I realise what was wrong with all the imperial ships I had encounterd… The Type 9’s shattered cockpit still had all its...
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