1. ChuckMG

    Possible solution in support of ObsidianAnt's video "Why Elite Needs a Gold Rush"

    ObsidianAnt made some good points in his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VagyJIMosvg on the need for a "gold rush" mechanic in Elite. I know this (and just about any proposed change) is like touching the 3rd rail in the subway, but here goes: Rather than creating some new "weekend play...
  2. A

    ObsidianAnt's Cameo

    Just docked at Obsidian Station in Maia. Over the loudspeakers come the dulcet tones of ObsidianAnt himself :"Hi guys and girls, welcome to Obsidian Station". I'm about 90% sure that I didn't hallucinate it. This is new with 2.4 right?
  3. O

    Elite / Frontier M.U.L.E. Multiplayer Online

    I've always liked the multiplayer trading system in this age old game. (Simple but fun) Check it out here: http://www.planetmule.com/
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