1. U

    Cannot get Odyssey to Run

    Hi all. I am a long time player of Elite Dangerous. I have over 650hrs played. I have ED, ED Horizons and just bought Odyssey tonight via Steam. It downloaded (I believe) about 40 gigs and said it completed successfully. I CANNOT find any way to launch Odyssey. I have tried several things...
  2. D

    Potential to be deputized

    thisd be with a cop badge and there’d be a ceremony and You’d have all those shields and weapons ofc if a well known pirate were the one it’d only be valid in ansrchy systems and entering any Other system with a black mark on your police record and you’ll know cause covas will warn you before...
  3. T

    Idea for on-foot search and rescue missions

    In damaged stations, we could be allowed to disembark and go through some variable or procedural living areas and put out fires, open stuck doors, and remove debris to help some NPC civilians get to safety. If you came in a ship with passenger cabins, then you could even transport the civilians...
  4. Ralph Vargr

    Last Day

    Remember Logan's Run? Tomorrow, I change my ISP. By cutting my internet costs by nearly 75%, it gives me some desperately needed room in my fixed budget. What does this have to do with Elite? It's the last day I can use my high-speed internet to download bulky game files. So, I'm buying...
  5. CMDR_Raikkonen

    Radio silence on when we can actually order a drink at the bar

    Hello hello, Many players here would like the opportunity to buy a drink and sit down on some of the seats in starports. Do we have any idea when / if this may be forthcoming? Didn't some of the CMs think this was a good idea? The bar areas are always dead in Odyssey. They should be actual...
  6. D

    Boarding parties like ramsleds

    Like I wanna see something like a ramsled from war frames railjack component and your security teams and hired marines get the full squad small arms
  7. D

    Personal quarters

    Like youve so many arx sinks just by adding a cmdrs quarters that you call a Npc crewman and say hey you got a promotion to bridge officer also add Achilles robots as crew it’s high time we had our Data like you could give said crewman orders and even use one of your loadouts so I could imagine...
  8. ebbrell

    This show how good FPS can be

    i found this on YT, this look amazing, and the CMDR has done well to survive so long. look how good ED is as a First Person Shooter some tips i got from watching this. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiDA7xwvBD0
  9. N

    Almost all of the issues I file are just being expired. Why?

    I've filed several issues since the launch of Odyssey, some are seemingly one-off events, but others are 100% reproducible and have comments from other users seeing the same behavior. So my question is, why are these 100% reproducible issues being marked as expired? It's not like confirmation...
  10. CMDR Athena

    Error code: Blue Cobra

    The error code Blue Cobra pops up when I was docking at the Wales Ciy Station in the Atfero System. After that, I am no longer able to enter the game, which says "my game may have been suspended". What is going on? Can someone please help. Thanks.
  11. [VR] av

    Looking for the new focused VR discussion thread and feedback area

    Good Day CMDRs and FDev, I hope all is well! I recall from an Elite stream (I believe SuperCruise News) last week that it was mentioned by Arf that Bruce (or perhaps someone else) would be creating a new thread for focused VR questions/players. I'm wondering if anyone knows where this...
  12. C

    Lowest Settings and still can't play 30 seconds without a crash to desktop

    Come on, FDev! It's still unplayable for me. I got a strong rig, ran it on ultra before and now cut down to low to get any where ... and can't play longer than 30 seconds still without a crash to desktop. Yes, all drivers updated, yes, error reports and system specs posted to you. It is just...
  13. N

    Finding bacteria is a bit too difficult and suggested improvements.

    Most of the bio signals are sticky uppy things, sometimes easy to spot glowing sticky uppy things, however bacterial aren't, so they they are harder to spot. This means gameplay wise I'm currently: Try and scan using the hand held scanner thing The scan is really close range, so nothing is...
  14. C

    FC's are sad. You should fix them!

    Not having legs and communal areas on FC's is just really stupid. Do you want to have more player interaction in this game or not? Then fix that.
  15. Badmiker

    Ship building

    I love building ships, for me designing, engineering, building and testing ships has been one of the main things I've enjoyed in the game, on a level with combat/exploration or any of the other gameplay loops. I'd love to see some real focus on engineering/building gameplay capitalising on...

    Landing gear doesn't work proper-visually.

    I guess landing gear doesn't work proper-visually. It looks like just digging under dock. I think it should be some kind of suspension movement. https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/36865
  17. N

    Engineering / Bar tender feedback

    Now that Odyssey is out I can get to grips with engineering, without losing any progress. Bugs: The "6 power up" mission engineer isn't unlocking for me. The "10 CZ" engineer isn't unlocking for me. I'll add to the bug tracker for those. When you are trying to trade mats at the bar tender...
  18. K

    BUgS List

    I'll list here some Odyssey bugs to be seen, if anyone wants to can be posting too.
  19. 4


    since odyssey is rendering npcs... can you guys please render the npc crew member into the ships co pilot seats. because as it is right now, where is that npc flying the fighters from? doesn’t make any sense. i get that the npc is using tele presence... but come on guys... let’s put the npc in a...
  20. CMDRHikikomori

    Suggestion: Introduction of a Vapor Cone and sonic boom upon breaching/surpassing mach on planets with atmospheres.

    While different atmospheres have different speeds at which Mach can be breached depending on composition (density and whatnot of the gas) and how light the atmosphere is, I was thinking about how fast Mach would be on different planets. As an example, Mach on Earth is 343~ m/s while on Mars it's...
  21. Yurika Shirayuki

    Suits / Equipment Needed For Exploration

    Any consensus on what equipment / suits will be needed for explorers outside the bubble? I know the Artemis suit is a must have for exploring footfall enabled planets outside the bubble, but will there be any need for the Maverick suit to salvage wrecks of crashed explorers that were outside...
  22. RadActiveLobster

    Some Odyssey Feedback/Suggestions - Picky and Niche problems.

    So overall I've been enjoying Odyssey, though I've not gotten to play it as much as I want and plan to put some more time into it here in the near future. I have some feedback and suggestions. Most of the major issues already have many a thread/discussion about them so I'll focus on some...
  23. Old Duck

    A thought about WHY the new UI..

    People have rightly pointed out that the new UI feels like it is made for a touch screen / tablet. What if they are right? I'm not talking about playing ED on an iPad, but rather the idea of future-proofing the UI to work on VIRTUAL touch screens. For example, if we someday get ship interiors...
  24. S

    A More Positive Note

    Despite all t he bugs and glitches, I've actually been enjoying myself somewhat in Odyssey. Do I wish I could get more that 30fps at minimum graphics on my GTX 1050? Yes. Do I wish the interface was much more intuitive and easier to use? Also yes. I'm sure I'd be having a much better time if...
  25. N

    Where are the Odyssey Alpha threads archived?

    I had made a pretty long and detailed thread on exobiology in the alpha forum, but now cannot access it. How do i find it again?
  26. C

    Odyssey space has "too much contrast" - breaking down the rendering of a frame

    I, as some many other people got appalled by the hideous luminance distribution and color saturation issues exhibited by the Odyssey renderer. Since I'm a computer graphics developer myself and do consulting work for critical graphics systems (think medical imaging, CT, MRI, and such) I took a...
  27. jordanthurt

    How Do I Start Odyssey??

    I've been an ED player for a long time now. I keep watching videos of people launching ED and immediately entering into Odyssey. I own the Odyssey DLC, but the only options I have is to play ED or Horizons on launch, then when I enter the game, there is no Odyssey-themed screen or options...
  28. L

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe in epic games

    Hello everyone, are there many of us who can't play in the odyssey even if they bought deluxe?
  29. E

    Module Management Worse?

    Does anyone else think this new Odyssey module management system is worse than before? When swapping out ship modules, I used to be able to click on an empty slot and it would pull up a list of all modules that would fit there, but now it just shows stuff I already have equipped?? In order to...
  30. Wendar

    It still looks like alpha

    It still looks like an alpha build. That same problems. No new ships or SRV, still only 3 suits, from new weapons only plasma, planet generation is same as in alpha (added only atmosphere color), until now planets are not higher than 0.10 atmospheres, no moon, optimization is better, but still...
  31. O

    Friendly Reminder From Fans

    Hey FDev, just wanted to remind you that as much as you probably wanna sweep it under the rug, 97% of us are still looking for ship interiors. Be a dear and don’t roll with the 3% who don’t really care, that wouldn’t exactly be a good business model considering how poorly things already seem to...
  32. Old Duck

    Two Galaxies

    I'm curious how Frontier will handle the existence of two galaxies in ED once Odyssey drops on PC but not console. Specifically, there will be new outposts on PC, along with new planetary POIs, that will not be available on PS4 / XBox. Even for those who don't by the DLC, I'm pretty sure these...
  33. ideo

    Create a new Soldier Rank

    Hello, i am testing the Odyssey Alpha and I was worried about one thing, most of the veteran players are all very wealthy, and will all be able to unlock all the character stuffs on DLC at launch day. Wouldn't it be wiser to create a new Pilots Federation Rank, for example "Soldier" and restrict...
  34. ChipShopReject

    Fdev.. Can we have tanks?

    I know that we aren't getting any new SRVs, ships etc. But with the addition of a combined arms style system in odyssey we need more vehicles, some modern day examples could include... Tanks: T90, Abrams, Leopard 2, Challenger 2 Anti Aircraft vehicles: Stormer, S400, Patriot Etc. My point...
  35. Cosmo

    Immersive Ship Transition vs. Teleportation

    Am very positive about the Starport Tour video. Overall its good. Hope the ship transition is not final. On the ED subreddit, Preem explained: preem_choom: "Good transition: the elevator from the main hub to the hanger bad transition: walking into a blue circle to get into your ship Hope...
  36. T

    War Idea for Odyssey

    So, perhaps this is something that's already been considered by Frontier, but I thought I'd put it through; just in case :) With Odyssey having a whole new element to combat and now the ability for full on wars on planets, I thought this would be a great time for Frontier to take full advantage...
  37. Jibroni Gibironi

    Please add HDR and Ray tracing for Odyssey

    :unsure: If a big part of the DLC is that it is a graphics overhaul, then why isn't there any High Dynamic Range and Ray Tracing options discussed? If not ray tracing, then HDR itself, if done right, would make the game look stunning alone.
  38. o2thaZ

    The Odyssey spoiler we all missed? New SC mode?

    First of all, apologies if this has been discussed allready but ok here we go. Tinfoil hat on please. I just re-re-re-re-reviewed the Dev Diary 1 and I think we will get a new mode of super cruise!? Maybe a sling shot mechanism? Look at the part where the mamba does, what it seems like a...
  39. D

    APEX myself to CQC ARENA as a watcher!

    o7, I have an idea! Of course I don't know enough yet of the functionality and the possibilities of Apex Interstellar Transport. My idea would be to Apex myself to CQC Arena as a watcher! And when I'm there I also could make sports bets in a casino on musketeer or myself or whoever... each...
  40. S

    Squadron Wars: Some Ideas for when Odyssey drops

    Missions voted on by the squadron that can award very large credit rewards, usually requiring a two small groups of players to face off (pvp or pve) with a rival NPC faction or rival squadron. Rewards are split between members with highest contributing members getting more credits. Should be...
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