1. Squiddy404

    Odyssey Emotes in Ships

    Since all the emotes added in Update 8 only animate the hands, it would make sense to let players emote from inside the cockpit. It could even send the messages (Player saluted at/waved at/etc. Object) to whatever you're targeting. Imagine saluting a ship with 0% hull as it explodes, for example ;)
  2. Cosmo

    Why no Thargoids on Foot in Bases?

    Imagine exploring bases with Thargoids creeping around (like the movie Aliens). It's a shame Fdev didn't add it yet. This fan art by m1k3tv got 1189 upvotes.
  3. CMDR Atomsk

    Missed Opportunity with no EVA system (or possibly some suggestions if it *is* in the works?)

    Greetings, CMDRs! The goal of this post is to try to help members of the community try to refine our arguments for a neat feature that I think is technologically well within the realm of possibility and could help give a much-needed boost to Odyssey's gameplay. These are simply some reasons...
  4. M

    SRV lights "alpha" vs now changed?

    I just remembered how the SRVs headlights during the alpha started Off, whereas after Odyssey release and in Horizons, they always start on Low Beams. I'm just curious if I'm not the only one remembering this, and if it was intentional. It's a tiny change, but you can't feel like you're sneaking...
  5. S

    Odyssey Exploration - feedback and ideas

    Hello everyone, First, I´d like to thank devs for working hard on fixes and some of the new stuff they implemented in past few months. I also appreciate info about whats going on and what we can expect in next update. However, after playing Odyssey for arround half a year now I´d like to point...
  6. R

    Elite Dangerous Odyssey is unstable and crashes [SOLVED]

    Diagnosis: Older PC, good enough graphics card, RAM and processor, Wifi internet connection. Game crashes randomly, can sometimes play for a while other times it just crashes. Other AAA games are crashing too. Easy Stability Checks Check that your computer’s power is plugged in properly, also...
  7. C

    Manual powerplant repair as an Odyssey functionality

    Good morning! I suggest implementing a method of manual repair of the powerplant while landed and disembarked. The inability to repair the powerplant is a serious lack of functionality which seriously impedes long-range exploration and the overall experience. One should be able to shut it down...
  8. CMDR HumDrumWoodsman

    Ship clipped through landing pad after "Mauve Adder"

    So, I was sat on the pad at a settlement, about to take off, when I got a Mauve Adder error. When my connection came back I saw this: I disembark, coming out "underground" beneath the ship, and manage to walk away and up a kind of ramp to get to ground level, where I see: This is definitely...
  9. J

    Can we please fix the federal dropship.

    I really enjoy the federal medium ships. My favorite one is the dropship. It just has 1 major issue, its jump range is abysmal. There is a simple solution to this problem. It has a hull mass of 580T. The ANACONDA has a hull mass of 400T, 180 less than a ship a bit more tyan half its size. (See...
  10. ElevatorMusic

    PVP VIDEO: CMDR ElevatorMusic Surface Conflict Zones: High Octane Low FPS

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rknBRwOz9Dw
  11. Ryox

    PvP [Video] #3 - Purple Plasma | On Foot PVP | Open Play

    Source: https://youtu.be/Wnmrf5TCbdw Compilation of random on-foot PVP encounters in Open Play. I had an old sniper clip that I wanted to re-edit and some leftover footages from the last CG. So I decided to make a little music video. Watch my other videos Elite On-Foot PVP videos Dominator...
  12. A

    Question about Odyssey Megaship Interior (Update 8)

    Hi, I just saw that in update 8 they plan to add megaship interiors. My question is simple: does it also include genration ships? Going inside Thetis would be very interesting. Thx in advance.
  13. C

    Newcomer / Intro Are Odyssey collection missions illegal?

    I've just started playing in Odyssey and I'm loving it so far. I've been doing missions to get some materials but I can never seem to do the collection missions correctly. The mission says it's threat 0, isn't purple like the other illegal missions I can see, and basically just says "go here...
  14. Plaidygami

    [BUG] Sharing missions in a team causes jumping to supercruise to freeze after mission requirements completed

    So I'm just wondering if anyone else can reproduce this issue. "So my friend and I joined a team. We then each took a mission and shared it (so we both had two shared missions total). We flew to a planet in his ship together. We completed the requirements. We then returned back to his ship...
  15. A

    A majority of missions are broken and cannot be completed when multiple missions are taken out

    I am so fed up trying to just enjoy playing what little content this game has and having the few missions that do exist, as simple as they are, mostly break and fail to complete. It's a constant slap in the face, over and over again as I try to participate in some of the most basic activity of...
  16. F

    General Odyssey Combat Rebalance

    Just a quick note i origionally posted this in the discussions thread and figgured that was probably inefficient so i am reposting it here. This is gonna be kinda long but i hope you can bare with me, however i will also add a TLDR at the bottom of the post for those who dont want to read...
  17. F

    Odyssey combat rebalance

    This is gonna be kinda long but i hope you can bare with me, however i will also add a TLDR at the bottom of the post for those who dont want to read through this whole thing. So the rebalaces i would like to see would have two goals in mind, 1. to make combat feel more fluid, at this current...
  18. Heinz Volmer

    Galaxy Map Needs Big-Time Improvement!

    Hello CMDRs, the devs fixed many things and I am grateful for that. I am mostly enjoying the game! One thing is driving me nuts though and it is the galaxy map. I want to share my thoughts, am curious about your opinions and am inviting you to upvote the issue which I posted on the issue...
  19. C

    High Density Composite In Ground At Dav's Hope

    I Think They Broke Something With Collisions Here
  20. N

    complain, does it work? clarification

    complain, does it work? clarification I saw a lot of posts from a lot of users on PC / console, just it's funny that console folks think we're having fun with Odyssey on PC when the truth has issues and sometimes can't be played, so some are have fun, others do not. Another problem is that...
  21. Captain Rafix


    In Odyssey is a must to have a quick VR acces key that turns on and off VR. Dont know why this feature isnt present at the game.
  22. T

    A couple On Foot Combat suggestions...

    I've been enjoying doing some On Foot Conflict Zones every now and then, but I have a couple suggestions I'd love to see implemented sometime in the future. - Looting Ammo from dead enemies: Most of my conflict zones just end with me locating one or two ammo boxes and hovering over and over...
  23. Bionic Bytes

    Update 7 - NPCs remain static

    Since update 7, it seems every settlement I visit all the NPCs remain standing still - frozen to the floor. Is this what they mean by optimised?
  24. K

    Bad Business - Consoles, Rebalance, Earnings

    It would be bad publicity and business ignorant to Not do a console release, which brings in a lot of revenue - which is the bottom line, literally.. Not to mention would be a Huge blow to trusting FD in the future... I'd be hesitant to ever buy another FDev game if they can't get it together...
  25. Bionic Bytes

    Booby traps, mines, guard distractors

    Whilst FDev are considering what else to change and add to Odyssey (which I'm greatly enjoying), perhaps they could consider adding the following to enrich the game play even further - after all there's nothing more satisfying than a well timed/placed booby trap! Boobytrap the environment - by...
  26. Commander Mick

    It Took Me a While to Realise This!

    I've been busy spamming the Frontline Solutions squad missions where you play mercenary, which is kind of like Halo. I quite like this despite it's flaws. So, I'm back in the Ibootis system on Chango Dock doing these missions, being sent in Vulture (Of all ships?) to the drop zone on Dustball...
  27. T

    General Suit cosmetics suggestion

    Hi guys. So I've been keeping an eye on the cosmetics store since Odyssey launched. I've been looking for an operator pack in particular for the Dominator and Maverick that gives them a really gritty sci-fi look, much like the way that MCRN troops from The Expanse and UNSA troops from COD...
  28. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    SRV Wave Scanner for Biologicals

    Unless I'm somehow completely missing this, it'd be really handy to use the "switch mode" button (no,, we don't need more binds!) so switch the wave scanner to pick up biological signs, allowing you to find those harder to find biologicals. Some planets have very small biological points on the...
  29. CMDR Tenofas Blackhand

    Old player is back after 36yrs

    Greetings CMDRs! After 36yrs I returned to Elite and I am enjoying every bit of it. I play the Odyssey Elite, Open-play game. I started directly with Odyssey. I did the first intro mission, then I was left on Chamberlain's Rest. I did a few Odyssey missions (transportation ones) to get my...
  30. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    Finally succeeded at starport-scaling!

    While we're at it, a few missions leading up here would be amazing. "Repair station exterior", "Sabotage starport ventillation system", "Take a leap of faith"... Whatever. :D These buildings are amazingly designed, was a lot of fun reaching the top! (Or at least, right under the final obelisk...
  31. Tharrn

    [Odyssey] Probably rather easy to implement new mission type for the good guys

    I'll add one to the massgrave :D What has been irking me, is that most on foot activities seem to be illegal. Those of us, who want to blaze their own trail on the "right" side of the law are left with scraps right now. When I was scanned for the umpteenth time while fetching another fossil...
  32. Bionic Bytes

    Scarlet Krait error - buying back exploded ship

    Anyone else have issues with the Odyssey shipyard when buying back a ship which had been destroyed. Each time I just get a connection error: Scarlet Krait
  33. Vingtetun

    PSA about HCS Voicepacks in Odyssey - and how to set up your keyinds in the new setup

    With the changes to Odyssey - breaking the keybinds side of things in the game into 4 separate section - had a few queries pop up about "how do I make my keybinds work with Odyssey?". Luckily, it's VERY straightforward. The crew at HCS put together a quick guide on YouTube as to how to do it...
  34. A

    Megaship/Installations hacking "fixed" but still BUGGED

    Hi, First of all i want to be clear on something: Megaship/Installation hacking that was on top10 on issue tracker (here) were supposed to be fixed in update 6 of Odyssey and is fixed in patch notes here. Now: What i consider as an injure to people like me who waited for almost 2 years for it...
  35. F

    Odyssey: being afk and get kill by npc

    So I was being afk in a base on a planet, infront of a command panel. Was afk for dinner, for not even 30min or so, when I get back to my computer, see my character being arrested... Is it because I was infront of a command panel? Or being afk to a npc is illegal?
  36. Ventus

    What are the 5 icons on the compass on foot.

    From top to bottom, the icons right of the compass are: 1- Bounty 2- Restricted access 3- Temp 4-??? (man impaled through gut by spear) 5- ??? Your car battery is dead, or check engine? Thanks in advance for what 4 and 5 are.
  37. R

    Need for a Roadmap and some truth

    With the current debacle with Odyssey launch, a lot of people have been talking negatively about the game and this is shown on the steam reviews for odyssey, where it's mostly negative and this is bad. I love the game and I bought it solely for the fact that we could walk on planets, but the...
  38. Bionic Bytes

    Settlement Defense Plans?

    Anyone know where to obtain these from? I have Settlement Assault Plans - but that's not the correct material to unlock the Engineer. I have been playing the game in a variety of ways - missions and random raids, etc and so far never even seen one. I'm a completionist, so when I go into a...
  39. O

    when will update 6 for elite dangerous odyssey be released??

    Hello, I was wondering when update 6 for odyssey will be released https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-update-6-satire.584828/

    Newcomer / Intro Farming mats on foot in Odyssey?

    Hello, I would like to buy Odyssey expansion but first I need to know if it is possible to farm ship engineering materials on foot and not only in the SRV. Do I have to upgrade my suit to be able to store the materials or can I go to the SRV and store them if my pilot inventory is full...
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