1. N

    A small amount of positive feedback

    The changes to the CG are good. I managed to actually do the flamingo one this time! Have a nice day community manager person! :)
  2. S

    Quality Of Life enhancement: Traffic departure queue order exiting stations

    When you select 'Launch' from a station's landing pad you are requested to "Please obey the docking queue" (or words to that effect). However there is no way to know what position you are in the queue or when NPCs are going to depart and crash into you and give you a fine for reckless flying ...
  3. M

    Fed rep grinding with friends, new bros welcome

    Hello CMDRs, im a fairly active player and usualy fly with one other person. im looking for people interested in filling spots in a wing. we can help any new person get ships and rank FAST, want a anaconda?? or even a Federal corvette? or do you prefer the fighter style ships. what ever u want...
  4. G

    Population Description and tip

    I did an experiment with an exhibit filled with Jurassic period dinosaurs to test out their population stats. It was filled with stegosaurus, dilophosaurus, diplodocus, brachiosaurus, camarasaurus, and apatosaurus. Stegosaurus are not as social as the other dinosaurs in terms of their...
  5. Featured Commanders Featured Commanders: Hammers of Slough

    Hello Commanders, and welcome to the first Featured Commanders thread of 2019! This week we’ve got some questions for the fantastic… HAMMERS OF SLOUGH So, who are the Hammers of Slough? A group of friends who met through Elite Dangerous years ago, who aim to spread the love of the...
  6. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  7. D

    Interdicted by federal Navy ship.

    Ok. So I just got back from a 1,000 ly exploration trip, headed to wolf 397 to the trophy camp, and suddenly I was notified by the federation Navy ship that I was being "interdicted under military rules of engagement." My first question is; what does that mean? My second question is; I am allied...
  8. Cory280

    Make modules assignable to analysis mode or combat mode, not fixed to them.

    The current Analysis mode and Combat mode are a really good idea, but the fact that modules are fixed to each mode makes some things really irritating, such as using the SRV. Making different modules assignable to different modes (likely using a button next to where you assign fire groups) would...
  9. S


    Generic greeting! We, „The Art of Warfare“, are currently looking for new members to help us form our brand new Elite Dangerous Division! if you are looking for a structured and fun community you have come to the right place. Who are we?: TAW is a large established community of 2000+ people...
  10. C

    Long distance passengers shouldn't be allowed to screw you

    So a bit of the surrounding narrative: I worked for countless hours delivering cargo to make the credits to pay for the almighty Beluga Liner, which with a few tweaks i managed to get 45 ly range, fully loaded with type A modules. It only cost 240 mil. I then began my journey into the black...
  11. Yamiks

    [video] The need for more "CONTENT"

  12. C

    Sensors, Limpets and Gameplay (and how module racks can improve them)

    The sensors on a ship are, unfortunately, one of the least valuable modules on it. They contribute very little to the actual ship (especially when compared to other core internals like distributors and thrusters). This irrelevance leads to a situation where sensors are picked solely based on...
  13. T

    Lower "Hot Module" Cleaning costs, or Better, Remove them entirely.

    Yep, its a whiny one, sorry folks. Hot modules are a cash shink like no other. Yet another "You can't play like that unless you've done 3+ years of grind" barrier. Thats the most irritating part. Being punished by a game which advertises "Blaze your own trail" in the tagline. Gating off...
  14. Attis

    E:D & Vive-Pro Perspective / FOV issues and question for others using similar setup

    Apologies if this is the wrong thread for assistance and I just not sure if the issue with my setup or if this is a Vive Pro bug. The short version: Love the extra resolution of Vive Pro, but experiencing *VERY BAD* perspective or maybe Field of View issues. So much so that I don’t want to...
  15. RolloTreadway

    Exploration: Quality of Life improvement, much needed, please, it's been years now

    I know this has been suggested before, probably many times, at least once by me. But the change never happens and I'm not going to stop going on about it until it does. PLEASE can we have an improvement to the system for giving exploration data to Universal Cartographics. It really is not fun...
  16. Viper2kUK

    Frame of mind for ED

    Morning all, I was just wondering - do you like me have to get into a certain frame of mind before starting up ED? For me, (and being quite a long term player) I find that my mind set changes because there are certain tasks I set myself within ED that I aim to complete in that session. e.g. I...
  17. Pakhuis1973

    Outpost removal of pirate markings after takeover

    It would be nice if the pirate logos on an outpost would disappear once it no longer belongs to an anarchy faction. Furthermore I think it would be nice to have more visual differences of any station depending on the government and allegiance, player group etc. Would love allegiances to smaller...
  18. R

    [Suggestion] Add "Services" list to System Map Bookmark Tab Page

    In system map you can 'tab' on the display screen to a "Bookmarks" listing. It shows categories of planetary ports and Stations. If you added another category of "Services" below, it would speed finding certain services, vs. having to select each station/port bookmark and tab over to its...
  19. G

    I think we should make certain planet POIs more worthwhile

    I am somehow losing the motivation to go and scout for planet POIs, specifically the non-mineral ones. I am talking about skimmers with loot, crashed ships with loot, and everything that basically includes cargo (non-material pickups). Why exactly do I encounter a bunch of skimmers in the...
  20. F

    Concise list of simple, useful Quality of Life/HUD Suggestions

    Greetings Commanders! (and hopefully at least one developer - fingers crossed) I'm going to be posting a few threads today of suggestions I have made on Reddit and Twitter, as I've been advised that this is where they're most likely to be seen. I'm going to try to be as concise as possible as I...
  21. D

    HD 133031 The mysterious star, are there others that we can't even lock on to in GalMap?

    So I was going through EDSM, ran across the star HD 133031 https://www.edsm.net/en/system/id/14827853/name/HD+133031 If you try to target it in GalMap it just flickers the information, after taking about 20 screenshots and spamming my screenshot button I managed to get it. Link to screenshot...
  22. News Skimmer Massacre Mission - Temporary Removal

    Hello Commanders, As you are likely aware, an issue was recently discovered which allowed players to earn 200/300 million credits per hour by completing Skimmer Massacre Missions. We have removed this mission type while we investigate, and we will update this post as an edit once we have more...
  23. LuPoN

    The Knights of Beneverchio - Player Faction in Avalon

    Good Day fellow Commanders, This is CMDR LuPoN speaking for the Knights of Beneverchio. We are a small group of players that are behind the Player Faction which is based in Avalon, aligned with the Empire, and I’m here seeking support from our wonderful community. Non many knew we were a...
  24. Dr_Floyd218

    [INDEPENDENT] Large PS4 Wing Recruiting, MSR

    Do you play on the PS4? Do you use PS Chat? Do you want to actively help shape the ED Galaxy? The Misfits of Science and Research are looking for players to join our team! We are one of the largest PS4 only wings. We have taken control of two systems and have expanded to two additional systems...
  25. M

    different bookmark colours

    i think it would be useful if we could have different coloured bookmarks that will have different meanings for us, so you can have the standard blue but have say green for exploring waypoints, red for places you've been just something like that (just the colours not really the reason for them)...
  26. ZakNaZul

    Universal limpets

    I know there is already exists post like this, but still... ATM we have: Prospector limpet Collector limpet Hatchbreaker limpet Recon limpet Fuel transfer limpet Decontamination limpet Repair limpet Research limpet And for some of those limpets even have engineering blueprints. So i have a...
  27. M

    New upgrade System - "Your time is valueable"- is a pure grind and waste of everyones time

    If you watched the stream of today you saw that they showed off the new system.To make things short. Forcing us to roll a module 5 times to "complete" rank 1 to progess further to rank 2 is just a waste of time and material as it is waste of time finding all those material. The materials...
  28. Yamiks

    [video] Quality of life improvements 3

    https://youtu.be/bMCvRKF8Gbk Do feel free to share your own personal nitpicks that you want to see changed!
  29. A

    Add the possibility to set FOV at high levels

    Add the possibility to set FOV at high levels like 70 or 80. In some ships like ASP Explorer you could get a good view!
  30. Garud

    Knights of Karma INRA Expedition - SITREP

    Knights of Karma INRA Expedition SITREP Expedition Start: Diaguandri, 1700 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303 Expedition Completed: Qa’wakana, 2300 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303 Expedition Distance:1712.35 LY Expedition Sign Ups Confirmed: 23 Expedition Turnout: 18 Protection Strength:30...
  31. ToastSky

    Fuel Scoop QoL Change

    Problem:When fuel scooping you usually have little information of how close you are to the stars you're scooping from beside from experience of Heat % and Scoop rate, the radar and/or selecting the star itself does give you some idea it's still rather vague and not as detailed and clear as I'd...
  32. N

    Ayuda con una misión de Logros de la Comunidades

    Hola CMDTS! Es mi primer posteo y lo hago para pedir ayuda. Me sume a "Petición de Wolves of Jonai" en logros de la comunidad, estoy en Grant Dock en HR 7047 con unos cuantos materiales de dicha misión para entregar pero el caso es que no se donde se entregan... Por cierto también me sume al...
  33. afreeflyingsoul

    Cockpit Dome Lights off switch (not the HUD)

    Hi FD, Please let us turn off the background lights in the cockpits of our ships. Not the HUD (though a dimmer option would be nice) and not the gamma adjustment. I'm referring to the cabin lights. Let me be clear, I'm not asking for these lights to go away, I just want to turn them off...
  34. Syrelai

    Estimated Time to Arrive?

    I've been having a few short small ideas for a few changes that would be befitting of a little customization, and a little more functionality of existing tools and mechanics. When you're driving in supercruise to head to a station after just jumping in, and you've got that countdown timer...
  35. NW3

    QoL improvement for CGs: Add a new Marketplace Manager contact

    Recently, yet another trading CG has been thwarted by a lockdown state. I think there should be a new contact, a Marketplace Manager, similar to a black market contact. This contact should only be available whenever the main Commodities area is closed down (only if the station has a...
  36. DobrijZmej

    Progress Diary #3

    New diares on Kickstarter ! Progress Diary #3
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