1. Shy'la Nesthorn

    Anyone else got this problem with Engineers?

    So, when engineers was first introduced waaay back when I thought they were absolute garbage, having to scrounge up materials, fly all the way out and hope that your stuff doesn't just get downgraded. Now I took a couple year break from the game and come back to a new system that offers only...
  2. icon

    Why does Frontier not represent the Earth as it really is?

    Look at how beautiful our earth could looks in Elite Dangerous. Discussed! What could be the reasons why it is not displayed correctly? ​Would it be possible that comes a Earth shape update in 2019?
  3. P

    Modes Powerplay open-only

    Do i know it was mentioned at one point that dev's were thinking of making powerplay open-only. Is there any hint of when this might happen? The more i play it the more i realize how necessary it is for it to work properly, esp being a "consensual pvp mode". I realize there is more that should...
  4. Shaamaan

    On cruise distances (aka "let's talk about inner-system jumps again")

    I decided to partake in the current CG to bring some specific rare goods for Olelbis. Now, I don't have a great memory for rares (despite making quite some money back in the day from them), so I really didn't know that 2 locations selling the required rare goods (out of 3 available) were just...
  5. E

    Limpet Module Bay – still incoming?

    Pardon me for anything I've missed, but I remember that a while ago (was it the start of Beyond?) there was official word that a combined Limpet Module Bay was being considered. It sounded pretty positive. Have we heard anything since, and how does everyone feel about the idea now? Does the...
  6. Exeider

    I'd like to discuss Elite getting a permanent test server.

    Firstly, I want to say that I’m glad to see what’s coming for Chapter 4 and the activity on the forum discussing everything has been great. What I’ve seen though is a lot of hypothetical and concern over “breaking” the game. This is why I think it’s way past time for Frontier to have a...
  7. D

    The next update

    Does anyone know what the next update will contain? Maybe caves, oceans, lakes, unstable planets with frequent earthquakes, stuff like this... Maybe space phenomenon like aurora borealis, comets and meteors and stuff like this.... These things i guess we all would agree would be priority...
  8. CMDR Karrde Sun

    Wow, the scenarios and bgs updates look great.. i still don't like the FSS.

    Just watched the second stream.. it was alot to take in, but ultimately adding another layer of depth to the bgs via the upgrades and scenario interactions is.. nothing short of amazing really. I have a feeling given its mostly combat based and knowing frontier, the rewards will be that far off...
  9. Suteksio

    Salomé lives.

  10. S

    Why not? Elite Dangerous: Exploration Division, a mini-game for smartphones

    The new exploration mechanics would perfectly fit also on smartphones and the exploration game could also advertise the full game. Elite Dangerous: Exploration Division Context You're an explorer and your task is to reach Sagittarius A*. Setup You have a 2D galaxy map, reduced in stars of...
  11. W


    Given that Fortnight Beta seems to have been a success is Frontier going to be adding crossplatform too Fortnight added pc-xbox first I'm guessing that Microsoft were more up for it that PlayStation at the time maybe frontier could do the same and add playstion on once it proves popular Or even...
  12. E

    Cargo missions

    I am having trouble delivering cargo. When I gey it to my destination, the mission board says that it is still where I picked it up from?!
  13. Krash

    Practical applications of space legs?

    Critics of SL say you must have a reason for it and I agree. Its a lot of work for FDEV just to let us walk around and "oooh and ahhh" for 5 mins then back to standard operating procedures, our butts safely ensconced in our swivel chairs. What are the practical reasons for getting out of the...
  14. Shiro Akai

    Chapter 4. Are we there yet?

    Greetings CMDRs, I know we are not. Scheduled arrival is between September and December so two and a half months ahead before deadline. I must admit, currently I'm away from ED but recently my curiosity started to rise. Right now I'm chewing through this article and I must say what is planned...
  15. amadeus1171

    So, let's talk about 3.3

    And when is it going to drop now? Are we talking weeks or beginning of next year? And am I finally going to be excited about what's being released? FD, did you hire someone who actually knows about game play and not busy work?
  16. D

    So.... LEP content... When?

    Been a while since I've seen a LEP thread, so here's another one! Yes yes, I know you just want me to shut up and go away by now, and no, that's not going to happen. I'm going to keep making posts like this until I get a solid answer. In case you didn't know, FD have postponed their supposedly...
  17. maboleth

    Any hope to see Cobra iV in the store for a few (un)lucky ones?

    Come on Frontier, many didn't get her on time. Horizons is not a new thing, this ship should be available in the store. You'd get the money, I'd get the ship. I'm sure people that did get her as a reward wouldn't mind it?
  18. R

    The little guys

    Hey all, playing a while (PS4), but just joined forum to ask this. Recently bought my first python after a 220m exploration in a 28ly aspx. Now that I’m flying the python around, I’m obviously loving it, but it occurred to me that imho, the majority of commanders flying the bubble who are in...
  19. FatFreddysCoat

    Exploration honking going? Thoughts.

    I'm not totally up to speed with the new proposals so far, but am I right that the honk method for initially mapping out a system is going to be removed, or is it more the detailed surface scanner side of things that's going to have the most changes? If they are removing the ADS honk... well...
  20. D

    PvP Gankers - why can't pvp be made consentual?

    It's an aspect of ED i've never understood. I enjoy open and the interaction with other players. But why can't pvp be consentual? For eg, ESO has a PvP arena essentially but you can challenge players to a dual in the pve maps. It works. You still get the mmo vibe without people ruining the game...
  21. Bob McBobblehead

    Tomorrow is the 3rd October!

    Herculean Machines and Supratech will produce functional prototypes for the Rackham Ultratech Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of October. What do you think will happen? New ship module? New accessory for your avatar? New commodity to buy and sell? Nothing, it's just Galnet fluff!
  22. TheSisko

    Its Beyond time that SLF Crew had an escape pod

    Dear Sir/Madam I regret to inform you that your daughter, Jenny, died heroically while defending my vessel, Safe As Houses, from an vicious and unprovoked attack. Jenny was a well-liked and respected member of the crew. She was often early for her duty shift, and always acted in a professional...
  23. Chernabog

    Internal compartment splitter and utility modules suggestion

    Hi All, Various versions and visions of this concept have been mentioned before on this forum, but I just thought I would raise this up again as we are nearing the Q4 update, in the hope that perhaps it (or something very similar) might be brought to the game as part of the QOL improvements...
  24. nrage

    Has anyone suggested adding ARPG style "loot" to elite before?

    I just made the following suggestion: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/449310-Add-ARPG-style-quot-loot-drops-quot?p=7050356#post7050356 ..as I hadn't seen something like it posted before (tho, I admit, I didn't actually do a search :P) Anyway, I think it would rock.
  25. G

    How can we convince Frontier to resize the T7?

    The Type 7 is the perfect medium pad freighter. Too bad it doesn't fit on a medium pad. It's too tall by less than 1 meter. Surely Frontier could adjust landing gear height, lower the floor in landing pads, compress the roofline of the ship or some other fix to make it fit there. So how do we as...
  26. jasse

    Detention? Are you kidding me??

    Why am I being "transfered" to a Detention Center some 90+ LY away, for a fine, YES, a FINE, of 200 credits worth? is going on? Has the whole SPACE became a playground for some cosmic neo-space donaldlike group that will send you to the showers for breathing to heavily? What is going on? You...
  27. ZiggyGG

    Spacelegs are coming or what? (YES! Again those spacelegs)

    In last few months we got more and more tasty news. Rumours, GalNet articles about new wearable technology or screens like this make me think that spacelegs will be huge part of Elite next year season... What do you think about all those hints we are getting here and there? Would DEVs...
  28. T

    So cross platform?

    Now that all platforms Elite is currently available are open to cross play when can we except that Fdev allow Xbox, ps4 and pc players play in same open and group instances and more importantly in same CQC instances? Could make the game feel much more populated if there would be able to...
  29. Wardonis

    New exploration ships

    With new exploration changes on the way I really hope that we'll get some new exploration ships along with it. I'd really like to see a medium sized imperial explorer. I love the gutyama stuff but without super super extensive engineering they just can't break a 40LY jump range which is very sad.
  30. 60mm

    NPC pilot death; End of the line

    I have gotten ~300hrs into ED in 2.5 months, and though the game is certainly grind heavy, I have hung in due to my love for space flight games and the lack of any decent alternatives. Worked my way up to an A rated Krait, largely for the SLF, and enjoyed it. Had no idea that your NPCs die if...
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