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    My review of my 12 hour Franchise mode experience.

    So I enjoyed playing around with the cash buy and started with the Indian Peafowls and the Greater Flamingos. Honestly everything was working out pretty good while the park was 2 exhibits. Then I started noticing the utility decay rate. Utility decay rate is a BIIIIG WOOOOW !!!!! What I mean by...
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    I really dislike the idea of petting zoos

    I've seen a few threads regarding the inclusion of petting zoos and domesticated animals in the game, with mixed responses. While I understand the appeal, I personally really dislike the idea, as I feel that petting zoos are pretty much "for the guests", while modern zoos and PZ itself are...
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    What do you think of DLCs?

    Honestly, I almost never buy DLCs, but my decision making is pretty simple. If the DLC is worth to me more 2$ per 1 hour of gameplay (in the case of the arctic DLC, 5 hours) I consider it worth it. I mean, in my country a movie ticket costs the equivalence of 8$, and that's usually only 2...
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    Ideas for more mascots:

    I think it would be cool if we could get some more mascots like: Specific Ideas: Hotdog Squad Pizza Pen Missy Good Professor Wurst Burrito Bonanza Vintage King Coaster Generic Ideas: A king A clown Superheros more mascots to the themes from the base game
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