1. A

    Outfitting Idea to Add More Module Space - Module Racks

    There are a lot of small sized modules and more are on there way by the sounds of it in Beyond Chapter 4. I'm talking about the scanners and limpet systems. It's a shame to imagine a size 1 scanner taking up a whole size 3 or 4 slot especially when you can get 16 tonnes in the same space. I've...
  2. shadow133

    Ship Builds & Load Outs FDL heat management help needed

    This is my first all encompassing retrofitting I do, since previously I only improved one module or another, not the whole ship. Since I had to unlock most of the engineers, I don’t have enough materials for G5s everything, and I quite enjoy the results so far, except heat buildup. This is what...
  3. shadow133

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Another Vulture mod thread

    After “working” my way to unlock FF to get my g5 fsd I completely abandoned engineers. Now that I have all ships in the game (except the cutter due to money and laziness), I feel like I can’t postpone this anymore and need to engineer a ship. Maybe I like torturing myself too. In the process I...
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