1. E

    Link modules to ships / Adding unique Names to modules

    Hi there. I have an urgent request that may fit lot of players favour. With growing types of ships and modules i slowly and sure loose the overview. 1.) I miss a function to add a free choosen name to all modules where stored somwhere or are in use in the ships. Like the renaming of ships...
  2. CMDR Evolution

    CQC CQC Performance Tracker

    Greetings Commanders, If you've ever looked at your CQC stats and wondered how well you're improving or what to focus on next, then read on :D To measure CQC performance going back over the last 3 years and after many nights and weekends effort, I've recently created a CQC Stats spreadsheet...
  3. Yamiks

    [Video] Chieftain VS Challenger VS Crussader

    VIDEO LINK HERE It's a rather sad advancement in Alliance...
  4. Yamiks

    [Video] Beyond 3.1 Chapter two RECAP

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