1. 1

    Any thoughts on future DLCs?

    I personally wouldn't mind a pack (or two) more from each continent (I was underwhelmed with the amount of animals offered in the south america and australia packs so 5 more animals isn't asking too much) Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania (I know a lot of people...
  2. disneyandanimals

    New Wild Dog DLC Pack

    They should make a Wild Dog DLC Pack with: Coyote (Canis latrans) Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis) Dhole (Cuon alpinus) New Guinea Singing Dog (Canis lupus hallstromi)
  3. E

    DLC speculations

    Hi guys! Now we have an attic pack, an sout America pack and soon a Australia pack. What do you think we will get next if frontier continue whit this red thread? My guesses (wishes) is: Nordic pack - Moose, fox’s, beaver Oceana pack - otters, seals, penguins Africa pack - meerkats
  4. L

    Marine animals pack soon / Pack animaux marins prochainement ?

    Via Google Translate Hello developers, First of all, well done for this great game. I have a question, do you envisage a "marine animals pack" (dolphins, orcas, beluga, narwhal, turtle ...) where can also train them as in the game "Zoo tycoon"? Bonjour les développeurs, Tout d'abord, bravo...
  5. E

    Pack in the future, suggestion!

    Hi! Can I come whit a request for a pack in the future? Planet Zoo small animals. Like suricate, otter, koalas, ferrets and animals that size ? Maybe it also can have building materials for like playgrounds for kids and shops for kids like face painting. A pack that focuses on the small (animals...
  6. A

    New Pack; Fantasy?

    A Wonderful Fantasy Pack..! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to expand the packs that we now have with something like a ‘FANTASY PACK’ which is still missing? So we can make the most beautiful fairytale like rides. Feel free to add rides or animated objects that you feel are missing from the game...
  7. Acen ONYX

    *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at!

    ... for the Lakon Spaceways Type-9: At, if you try the search term "stripe", the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show a "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) General appearance description: Shades of Grey "body", and...
  8. Acen ONYX

    Ships *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at! Under global search term "military" (or "stripe"!!), the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) Generally, shades of Grey "body", and longitudinal coloured highlight striping available in these colours...
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