1. LynxAwakening

    paintwork percentage

    post some grunge; how low can you go! this is roughly 40% i have yet to reach 0% because i eventually get killed.
  2. Erro

    Hey Cmdr! Why don't you have a cool paint job?

    Disclaimers: This is a rant. If you aren't interested in hearing a rant, feel free to click the back button on your browser now. :) This rant is kind of long winded and loaded with sarcasm. If you're still reading, you should go and get a drink, and maybe lean your chair back. I am not an...
  3. R

    [BUG] Fusion paint

    have been looking for similar bugs online but haven't found any, with all variation of fusion or pulse the color stays white even when i bought the red fusion and has worked until a week ago, it stays white even when previewing other colors, normal non tron colors work, any help will be appreciated
  4. A

    Please make the paint “integrity” repair bar a two-way street.

    I cannot possibly be the only person to want this, nor the first to post this, but it seems like such a simple thing. I personally like the “damaged” paint look more than the “corrosion” paint options available in the store. The worn paint makes my ship look lived-in. Or lived-on, I guess...

    Increase resolution of Crypsis paintjob for Python

    I really liked the idea of the Crypsis paint jobs, so i bought one for my Python... but now that i'm actually seeing it in game, it's actually a pretty bad resolution, with lots of rough, blurry and jagged lines, while I have my texture settings on maximum. I like the idea of the skin itself...
  6. Old Duck

    Tempted by Black Friday Paint

    I'd love to see your favorite Black Friday paint job screenshots on PS4. In particular, I'm interested in the Anaconda and Dolphin (but feel free to post images of any ship). If you take a screenshot just for this thread, would you do me a favor and take it in Performance Mode if you're on a PS4...
  7. joerg

    New mechanic suggestion: coating

    Hi all, the introduction of the Night Vision is a great thing and I am sure we all are glad for it. No more asteroid bumping in the planet shade :) However, it introduced a rather unique issue for PvP players. Having a low heat build, silent running on, and possibly a black paint was a good...
  8. n13L5

    Uh, so we can't see the new paint jobs before buying them?

    With that "NO REFUNDS" policy, what do I have to be to buy these unseen? I remember some recent underwhelming paint jobs, that looked good in the store animation only. FD..? Can you put these up in the game BEFORE the sale ends, so we can actually see what we're supposed to spend 3 pounds a...
  9. Zaphire D'fox

    Small Ship Paint Jobs?

    Can we get a little more love for the smaller ships in game? I haven't seen any new paint jobs for my poor dbx (diamond back explorer) in forever. :(
  10. ethzero

    Paint degradation affect on obtaining luxury passenger missions

    Hello, For sometime I've thought that while paint degradation was largely an costemic thing there was one condition less-than-perfect paintwork would have an effect in the game, namely the ability to attract luxury passenger missions (or at least the higher paying ones). I recently tried to...
  11. CMDR Vic

    PS4: Buy Cosmetics WITHOUT Frontier Points

    I don't know how to start this so I'm just going to go right into it. On PS4 (and, assuming, similar on Xbox One), it's gimmicky and irritating that we have to PURCHASE a PACKAGE of Frontier Points, so that we can then PURCHASE COSMETICS from the Frontier store. I, myself, feel like I would be...
  12. Rebel Yell

    Chromed/Golden paint jobs back on the store (and some new!) CHROMED SIDEWINDER CHROMED CUTTER
  13. V

    Ship Customization

    If I make a purchase of, say, a paint job, would I need to pay again if I sell my ship at a later time or do the modification remain available to any ship i pilot?
  14. Roen Soul

    Paint Missiles

    Paint Missiles Let's just say that this type of missile will explode near the target and form a cloud of really sticky paint. This will cause all wind screens to go dirty in an instant. This would happen also to eyes of the Thargoids. You do not need to cause permanent damage in order to...
  15. D

    Game Extra Full Super Pack

    Hello, Do you plan to put on the Frontier Store a sort of game extra full super pack (with a little rebate) ? Or some Ship / Vehicle / Holo-Me "full-pack" ? I would like to support your work (Elite is the only game installed on my computer for... years now [woah] ) and it would be alot easyer...
  16. M

    [Español] Sorteo de paintjob para sus naves

    Hola a todos... en nuestro canal de Youtube estamos haciendo un sorteo de un paintjob a elección para sus naves. Los que estén interesados en participar, por favor vean este breve video que explica como es el sorteo, cuando y demás. También aprovecho para decirles...
  17. Acen ONYX "bugs" & feedback review ... cuz I was advised that where I started the thread, is not where it should belong..? O_o The FIRST post's worth of issues & suggestions has been addressed, but there are...
  18. Acen ONYX

    *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at!

    ... for the Lakon Spaceways Type-9: At, if you try the search term "stripe", the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show a "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) General appearance description: Shades of Grey "body", and...
  19. Acen ONYX

    Ships *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at! Under global search term "military" (or "stripe"!!), the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) Generally, shades of Grey "body", and longitudinal coloured highlight striping available in these colours...
  20. C

    Livery Editor

    First, apologies if this is a duplicate request. I've searched a bit but can't seem to narrow search by forum, so... Microsoft has developed a wonderful model for allowing players to create and exchange custom liveries within the Forza Motorsport/Horizons series' and it would be wonderful if we...
  21. This_Person

    News, Objectives and Events

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could make custom events, if say you were an admin on a server, you could make events or objectives from as little as lost cargo or a stranded ship, or as big as spawning in a load of AI and having to defend a space station. with the addition of making up news to cover it.
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