1. Orbitalai

    The loading screen with red ship: Can we please get colors to see our liveries

    I think most of the time we dont use external camera. Allow us to enjoy our liveries which we paid for on the loading screen. Just drop the red shading on our rotating ship in the loading screen. Simple.
  2. M

    More chrome paints!

    More... chrome... everything in the future is chrome!!

    Increase resolution of Crypsis paintjob for Python

    I really liked the idea of the Crypsis paint jobs, so i bought one for my Python... but now that i'm actually seeing it in game, it's actually a pretty bad resolution, with lots of rough, blurry and jagged lines, while I have my texture settings on maximum. I like the idea of the skin itself...
  4. Isaac_Aphelion

    Please add a silver / chrome paint job for the Krait Phantom

    The title speaks for itself, I'd really love a silver paint job for the Krait Phantom, because, you know.. The X-70B Phantom, from Star Wars. It would look so cool :) I'd buy it in an instant.
  5. Factabulous

    Vulture Crypsis Paintjobs today Also - is the raider / ship kit new? I can never tell what is new on the shop ;)
  6. Factabulous

    New Krait Paintjobs: Horus Paint Pack Not sure they'll convince me to buy - c'mon FD - golden, chromed, black ;)
  7. n13L5

    "Have you had the chance to bag yourself a Krait Mk II or a Challenger yet?"

    ( Headline quoted from the newsletter ) No, is there a reason I should? Krait is the same as a Python with unsightly blocky looks that remind me of Lego. And both my Python's are already engineered - so, there seems to be very little point in new ships that merely mimic existing ships in...
  8. Ninjahat

    National flag paintjobs for all vessels please

    Please, can we have the national flags for all vessels. E.g. I need to fly the proud Danish colours on my jump range optimized Anaconda when I am out exploring unknown and uncharted areas of the in-game galaxy. It's all about the flags you know... remember the Apollo missions... first flag on...
  9. Qohen Leth

    WHAAM! -- 100 Paintjob Concepts For Fun

    WHAAM! -- 118 Paintjob Concepts For Fun Hello. I was bored, so I made a few paintjobs. I know not all ships are represented. For one, preparing a ship takes between 5 and 10 hours; times 31 that's a lot of time. Secondly, part of the ships are variations on each others. This is mostly 2-tone...
  10. MillennialDawn

    REQUEST: Cobra MKIV - Skins (paint jobs) & Ship Kits + Improved Stats (buff) + PS4 & XBOX Players

    REQUEST: Cobra MKIV - Skins (paint jobs) & Ship Kits + Improved Stats (buff) + PS4 & XBOX Players Dear Frontier, I'd like to make a request for more skins for the Cobra MKIV please. Currently, I have the Black Friday paint job, and also the Chrome (and the military pack). However, in...
  11. T

    Type 10 Defender Bombshell Girl Decals/Paintjobs

    Because the type 10 is a warring vessel and is a behemoth just like the B 17s and B 52s used in WWII, what better way to honor the fallen and make our ships look really cool by adding bombshell girl paintjobs for the ship that looks like a bomber and flies like a brick. Meant to last in a battle...
  12. N

    Will limited paintjobs be aveilable again sometime?

    I'm just asking this, because I wanted to get me some of the festive paintjobs, but like a week before christmas, my credit card company blocked my credit card (was not my fault). Of course they were not able to resolve this until the 04. January... So, I'm hoping, the paintjobs will be...
  13. M

    [Español] Sorteo de paintjob para sus naves

    Hola a todos... en nuestro canal de Youtube estamos haciendo un sorteo de un paintjob a elección para sus naves. Los que estén interesados en participar, por favor vean este breve video que explica como es el sorteo, cuando y demás. También aprovecho para decirles...
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