1. P

    Livery on the frontier site.

    Hello everyone I come here after being told by FD that it is better to type it down here instead of filing a ticket. So here it goes! Like many of you I like Elite. The thing is whenever I am able to devote the little time available I have for games I jump right into the game. I see a big...
  2. [VR] Goooost

    Are new paintjobs a teaser?

    As many of you have seen frontier has released official "racing pack" paintjobs on the store: Right after releasing an update that has a feature that could be easily turned into a racetrack. Myself and others have seen the potential for putting more of the training course tracks throughout...
  3. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Does It Constitute As Cheating If...

    ...I go in to the game files, and swap the midnight black paintjobs with bright pink? :unsure: Technically, tampering with game files is cheating. But cosmetics aren't supposed to give you an advantage. So it doesn't matter...? Dilemma! For clarification, I'm not going to do this! :p
  4. F

    The Paintjob on my Federal Gunship won’t load completely.

    I bought the tactical packs for all my CD ships, but when I got around to putting the livery on my Gunship, I noticed that the left front panel won’t change paint. It bothers me because I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. If it is intentional, that’s and doesn’t make sense. If it’s not...
  5. Cryvern

    New and better cosmetics overall. Plz?

    I have a love/hate relationship with paintjobs. You see, most of them are pure garbage, basic recoloring of the entire ship, no personality, no cool visuals, nothing that would make me shell out money at my computer screen, but on the other hand there are a few that rock some different patterns...
  6. Isaac_Aphelion

    Please add a silver / chrome paint job for the Krait Phantom

    The title speaks for itself, I'd really love a silver paint job for the Krait Phantom, because, you know.. The X-70B Phantom, from Star Wars. It would look so cool :) I'd buy it in an instant.
  7. Cmdr 0ppr3550r

    Cobra mk.IV horizons paint pack suggestion

    Thank you for being interested in my paint pack adjustments suggestion! The current cobra mk.IV paintpack looks (not trying to be rude) like it's been copy & pasted from the premium cobra mk.III skin "horizons". I do love the cobra mk.IV so i bought almost all paint packs for it. While i do...
  8. K

    Ship kits - why only two per ship and no cockpit kits?

    Hi, I would be more than happy to customise my ships with more cosmetic models and textures. Other multiplayer games let you choose from hundreds of options and are earning millions on them, but Elite microtransactions are more than disappointing. I would love to see more ship kits, there...
  9. Factabulous

    New in the shop - careful, spoilers

    Challenger stuff this week - ship kit may contain spoilers ;) Also precision, vibrant, tactical paints. Or should I wait for the Centurion paints in a couple of weeks :D
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