1. L

    Co-op Mode in Planet coaster

    Hello, dear Planet Coaster team & community, I and a friend both have bought Planet coaster and are talking to each other over TeamSpeak how we are Building the Parks. And now we just came to an idea: A cooperative mode for Planet coaster. It would be fun and pretty interesting to see how a...
  2. PaulsLeyGaming

    Parks Arbor Valley :) New design on park and my editing style :)

    So I have never put so much effort into video production and park design before :) I certainly hope people like it and would love some feedback on both the park and video :) Source:
  3. RyRy2312

    Parks Piralandia - complete Pirate themed park work in progress.

    Hey all, This is my pirate themed park called Piralandia, a huge work in progress and will be for another month or so, currently running at 18.5 piece count looking to finish probably around 30k mark. I hope you like and I’ll be plodding away getting it to look perfect 👍🏻 Happy coastering all!!!!
  4. Nimzhul

    MKP Classic World

    Hi Guys! I present you my third park in Planet Coaster: MKP Classic World Please, Rate if you like it! I let you some videos of people visiting the park: [ENGLISH]: [GERMAN]:
  5. G

    One big question about Jurassic World Evolution's supposed affiliation

    There is one big question I am wondering, and I need help with it. Q: Is Jurassic World Evolution truly affiliated and/or connected to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis?:S Yes, I understand that both games are both Jurassic theme park business management simulators within the same media...
  6. Tyranno86

    T. Rex new skins

    Hello everyone ! I noticed that using all the T. Rex skins genes present, at the moment, in the game, nobody satisfies the expectations of realizing and seeing, the original skins of Jurassic Park and the lost world . In fact I believe that many players would like to see in the game, the T. Rex...
  7. J

    Park surroundings

    It probably has been posted before, but here is a comment I left on facebook : Planet Coaster needs an update on park surroundings : city landscapes, coast, islands, etc... I think the island and coast could be easily done (maybe I'm wrong?) but I could totally understand the impossibility to...
  8. zackplanetcoaster

    Parks Fun Houston Timeline Park

    in 1962 Fun Houston was start construction. in May 20, 1963: Fun Houston was finally opened to the public. This is photo of Fun Houston Opening Day May 20, 1963 This is photo of Venetian Carousel in 1963 Scrambler going really well when it opened with the park. This is photo...
  9. RadicalEdward2

    Fun Challenge 2: Creating Film Nublar (JP Phase 1)

    I previously made a challenge called, Creating a Novel Nublar which involved creating a version of Jurassic Park based on the InGen list from the original novel. After looking through information on the Jurassic Park wiki, I came up with an idea for a second challenge: Creating a version of...
  10. GonerMcGoner

    General / Off-Topic T-Rex Breakout Demo

    This is probably old news to everyone but me. Found this really cute mini-game on YouTube. I wish we could recreate this scene in JWE. Download for Windows:
  11. Arnaudosaurus’02

    Park Status mechanics

    So, I’m sure a lot of us play Planet Coaster, right? Well, as you know, you have the option to open and close a park. I was wondering if this might be in the game, since it’s quite important... You can’t keep your park open when a Spinosaurus is eating guests, am I right? I really hope that...
  12. Jack1253

    Tomorrow is the game-play reveal day!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to these forums and would like to speculate what we might see in the videos released tomorrow by YouTubers such as Draegast, BestInSlot, and TheGamingBeaver (and a few others). I am personally most interested in how we create the dinosaurs, like how skins are obtained...
  13. loopedchris

    Dinosaur Computer Tracking

    I very much would love a system where you can see where the dinosaurs are at any given moment via a map. It could even have a search function! This feature could also let you know when an animal is missing or even have faults and cause problems! This idea is taken from the novel of Jurassic...
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