1. N

    Luxury passenger mission spawn locations

    So I'm at founders world, and all I see are economy->first class passenger missions. Does anyone know the rules for getting luxury missions? Are they limited to tourist economies or something?
  2. K

    Ships Passenger missions build help?

    Going to do some passenger missions, because if I do any more engineering I'll delete my CMDR and quit the game. I've enjoyed passenger missions without engineering before, and now I even have the FSD engineering already done for all saud kruger ships. Not sure if I should take the Beluga or...
  3. E

    Idea for Passenger missions.

    - Passenger mission to retrieve escape pod or personal belongings. - Passenger mission that requires use of a Passenger enabled SRV, using muliple scannable check point system. - Missions going to Thargoid sites (via srv). - Missions going to abandoned mining sites (via srv). -...
  4. B

    Impossible passenger mission quantities

    I've just noticed that the passenger missions being offered at Jameson Memorial are bugged in my opinion. The ones of interest are transporting first class passengers. Missions are asking for 54 First class seats - a task that's near impossible. Taking the best passenger liner out there - the...
  5. Yamiks

    [Video] Robigo VIP missions - 100mil/h
  6. M

    Transportation Missions

    I'm one of those that enjoys passenger missions and long haul missions. What I find frustrating is the lack of long haul transportation missions. It's always sightseeing missions way out somewhere, and then we have to make the long haul back. Why aren't there people hiring ships to deliver them...
  7. R

    Add specialized hangers (cargo shuttles, mining units, passenger ferries).

    Adds a lot of multi-crew options to the game. Add small cargo shuttle hanger, similar to fighter bays, to allow large ships access to outpost missions. Say they transfer 100 tons or maybe 50 tons at a time. No FSD drive, no supercruise. Just space forklifts. Ships and fighters need to...
  8. Nambo

    How do I move my passenger onto mission destination ship?

    I accepted a passenger mission to take a passenger to a place that turns out to be another ship that keeps flying past. How do I transfer him please?
  9. Serenity03

    Ships Ships Integrity. I don't get it!

    How is it my Anaconda's integrity can going from 100% to 0% in just two or three trips to Vela dock in MedB from Parutis? I'm not involved in any combat or collisions. Is it the long 1.6 million LS flight in super-cruise that does it? If so, WHY and HOW does that effect the integrity of a ship...
  10. Johnny Cyclops

    Passenger Board : Drop Down Filter

    Just as with the Missions board that now has a filter (illegal, legal, combat, aid, etc) please add similar to Passenger boards. Possible filter categories included below. E.g. by mistake I've sometimes taken an illegal passenger; I have no interest in making a 1000+ HS jump trip to/from...
  11. Y

    Passenger Missions Overhaul idea

    Good Day everyone, i have been doing a lot of passanger transport lately and i was never quite happy with how i did that. I love the idea and i understand why you can't go full on sim mode on that subject. So i started thinking about how i would make it better. And i think i came up with a...
  12. S

    I don't know what to do anymore...

    Today I joined the forum, hoping to make some future contribution to the community and build myself as a player.. Today I was most upbeat as I had almost finished a passenger mission to Colonia. Now, I had the idea to take a few passengers out there, so I loaded my asp explorer with 3 cabins and...
  13. n13L5

    This Ship - looks like something coming to Elite...

    Passenger or combat? Python Mark II...? Cobra Mark V...?
  14. Chris K177

    Controversial topic: Mission Payout Nerfs

    I understand that this is a difficult topic to breach in a constructive fashion and that by bringing up the subject I'm immediately opening a can of worms, but this is becoming a real issue for many players and will need to be properly addressed sooner or later. I respect that everyone has their...
  15. Grinnygog

    Passenger transport rewards have been reduced too much

    I used to be able to pick up a lot of economy passenger transportation missions to bases/stations that were 100Ks + from system entry point and make a lot of money for the long journey, sometimes tens of millions of credits. This is no longer the case and in fact, the rewards are now not very...
  16. B


    So I've been playing this On and off for a while and have accrued only about 22 million, any tips on making more cash would be appreciated. That aside I've been looking at passenger missions and some of these missions are really far away with quite an unreasonable distance of over 22 thousand...
  17. K

    Solution to passenger missions

    Could making passenger missions that are similar to sightseeing missions, but instead of coming back to origin station, we take them to a different system. Example pick up passengers in Xi Saon travel 3 or 4 sights then drop off at Sol the whole trip equal to 200lys for 20mil credits. Missions...
  18. Justinian Octavius

    Passenger Mission Arrival Point Algorithm needs to apply to Commodities Market upon return

    One of the side effects of the algorithm for rewarding passenger missions based upon the arrival point distance was that it killed off the commodities trade for many commanders. Thus, imho, when the algorithm returns it needs to apply to prices on the Commodities Market as well. CMDR Justinian...
  19. C

    Passenger Missions (pls dont nerf)

    Please don't nerf the credit payout. This is a way to make real money in-game. I enjoy these missions and so do a lot of other commanders. Making a high yield of credits in game just helps us enjoy the game. We get to buy the ship we want or outfit a certain ship without having to spend 100's...
  20. M

    Bigger passenger cabins

    It doesn't make since to not have the option for class 8 passenger cabins
  21. Daish

    Passenger missions (cargo) Decline OPTION

    Would this be a 2018 fix with regards the passenger missions: Issue:... Able to choose passenger missions "WITHOUT" cargo, so we don't have to have a cargo bay at all, we can opt out of the cargo if we want to, this would make the delivery system of dropping off passengers quicker instead...
  22. CMDR Kyzer

    Cant get passengers for smeaton

    So ive been grinding the smeaton orbital run for about a week, and im starting to not be able to find passengers in neighboring systems at all. O'leary Vision was producing pretty well but last night i only got 2 groups going to smeaton after 5 resets! I even jumped to the planetary station in...
  23. W

    Newcomer / Intro Question about FSD and Passanger missions

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new and this forum is massive, information overload. I understand that you can upgrade your fsd in space stations but it doesn't seem like it does a whole bunch to improve your range. I may just not be seeing the higher level equipment. As far as I...
  24. S

    Passenger missions Eliminate Enemies rework

    Hi frontier, My suggestion is to rework which missions are RNGed to have Eliminate Enemies feature. There's nothing more annoying than 3 interdictions in a row when hauling tourists. Maybe create some kind of an additional reward for those missions. I see no logic behind having 150 passengers...
  25. W

    Combat really not paying enough (???), after I tried doing other things...

    TL;DR: Combat seems to not earn enough compared with other activities (listed below). Is there a way of making it more profitable? Hi everyone, Are combat missions, bounty hunting and combat bonds really underpaying right now? Around a week ago, my experience with ED was mostly combat oriented...
  26. M

    Where are good paying passenger missions?

    I've bought a Cutter, but in order to have a decent loadout I need to grind many, many credits. I've heard that passenger missions are the best missions for that purpose, but what are my best options? I'm currently peddling bulk passengers from Rhea to LQ Hydrea, but the missions don't pop up...
  27. C

    Ships Beluga Suggestions

    As someone who did most of my missions in a beluga (passenger, sight see, and tried a slightly longer distance one (2200ly), here are my suggestions. Looks: I have taken many screen shots - the design as beautiful - 9/10 Suggestion: - Allow LED mods to be added to the ship as module (if Fdev...
  28. W

    Newcomer / Intro Secretive + Criminal Vip Passenger Missions

    Hi, First of all, this is not about landing and starting from stations. Got no problem with that. But its the only situation Google search helped. So I started to try passenger missions to Sirius Atmospheric. About half the missions I get with relogging to fill my 8 cabins are secretive +...
  29. Konnivar

    New Passenger 'Mission' System

    Let's face it: in their current implementation passenger missions are glorified cargo runs with a different kind of cargo bay, and sometimes that cargo wants to go to a pretty place and come back. I've come up with a few ideas that would make passengers more than a different name for "1T of...
  30. Night Parrot

    Hey Frontier, were the passenger missions too good for the BGS?

    Yesterday I was overjoyed to see all these Large Influence, non-VIP, passenger missions in the Passenger Lounge, so I spent all my game time ferrying protesters’, politicians’, tourists’, aid workers’ etc… However, today I long-in to find NO non-VIP passenger missions; none, nothing, nada on...
  31. Junagu

    Community Event / Creation Music for Outposts and Spaceports

    Degraded signal ratios out on the edge. Machine and human synergy outputting odd rhythmns. Alien vistas that remind you of home. Messages transmitted from unknown origins. Trace the source for your companions energy remit! Music for Outposts and Spaceports...
  32. Cosmo

    Put the Elite Music on YouTube

    Can someone put the new in-game music on YouTube?
  33. Cruel Coppinger

    Music to Trade By

    So what do you traders listen to to help the lightyears fly by. Ive been pretty much plugged into Space Station Sona , its a good mix of electronic down tempo, ambient and chillout tunes. Perfect for station hopping in ED. Would love to see a in game, cockpit MP3 or stream player. What's on...
  34. Cosmo

    What should the Music of Elite be like?

    Should the music of Elite Dangerous be orchestrated, electronic, ambient or a mixture? I like ambient music during space travel, because it's relaxing and mysterious. Electronic sounds futuristic. Orchestrated music is timeless and suitable for most settings. It could be a mixture to best suit...
  35. E

    Free Sci-Fi Music for Your Games

    Hi everyone, I've got a site up with free music that you can use in commercial projects as well as non-commercial ones. It's all original...all my own stuff. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage. The "Sci-Fi/Space" page as well as the "Technology"...
  36. Caledonian

    The Docking Computer thread.

    It is just perfect, I may have had a little nerdgasm.:eek:
  37. J

    Elite 2 Frontier OST - Spotify Playlist

    I was bored so inbetween crashes I made a Sptoify playlist with some of the original tracks present on Elite 2 Frontier for anyone interested as we're currently musicless in ED: There is one track that someone on Soundcloud called Jamie Treacher remastered, the original...
  38. Ben Ryder

    What music will yo be listening too to get you in the mood?

    EDIT 26/12 Sorted :D The Best of Elite Dangerous 2014 200+ Dangerous Tracks And they are all yours (in order of appearance...
  39. yeehi

    Community Event / Creation Beautiful Video: Any Port in a Storm

    Neon Raven has uploaded a lovely video with music centred on a Coriolis Space Station. The timing and angles are most aesthetic.
  40. J

    Musician/Composer for hire

    Hello, I would like to offer my services as composer. While music is my vocation and how I support my family, composing for games and apps is a new venue for me. All that to say, I'd love to give someone an affordable rate. I would also appreciate any feedback or critique of the reels I'm...
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