1. Y

    Yorkshire Truckers looking for members

    Yorkshire Truckers is a new squadron that is just interested in if you haven't guessed space trucking.... If you would like to join just send a request we are based out of Eravate at the moment there are only 2 of us we just like to chat and space truck.. We play most days unless work gets in...
  2. The Chairmaker

    Game Discussions Cheeki Breeki Stalker 2 coming soon

    Loved the original game all those years ago. Hope the new one lives up to the original. I recall it beasted many a pc in its day, with the graphics for its time. The open world setting was also very atmospheric and it was possibly one of the games that kickstarted the survival genre
  3. Globusdiablo

    Death Stranding on PC

    I just played the first couple of hours. Mind blown. I'm so grateful that Hideo Kojima has the vision and courage to break new ground in gaming. Absolutely loving it!
  4. C

    Discussion software for creating buttons on a touch monitor

    i recently acquired a old 4:3 touchscreen monitor, nothing special but i want to use it as a touch panel for misc commands. things like lower landing gear, jettison cargo etc. i was thinking of just labeled buttons, that when clicked would just "press" a key on on a virtual keyboard. bonus...
  5. A


    Firstly, I love the look of this game and it looks like the best of its genre I have ever played... but without inverted yaw on my mouse I feel I am just going to refund, I am aware this may seem petty but for my entire life I have never had this issue on a game and am amazed that this has never...
  6. Diziet Sma

    SUCCESS! Historic first PC/Console co-op mission goes flawlessly.

    So when I read about how carriers were persistent across all game platforms, it gave me an idea I couldn't wait to try. A couple of good friends have ED on Xbox, while I'm on PC. I contacted them, and they were eager to help test my theory. As it happened, they had been wanting to unlock...
  7. Diziet Sma

    SUCCESS! Historic first PC/Console co-op mission goes flawlessly.

    So when I read about how carriers were persistent across all game platforms, it gave me an idea I couldn't wait to try. A couple of good friends have ED on Xbox, while I'm on PC. I contacted them, and they were eager to help test my theory. As it happened, they had been wanting to unlock...
  8. Diziet Sma

    SUCCESS! Historic first PC/Console co-op mission goes flawlessly.

    So when I read about how carriers were persistent across all game platforms, it gave me an idea I couldn't wait to try. A couple of good friends have ED on Xbox, while I'm on PC. I contacted them, and they were eager to help test my theory. As it happened, they had been wanting to unlock...
  9. A

    Crossplay year 3306

    Yes it's 2020 3306 so if sonny not willing to work with it just do it by Microsoft sonny will follow becaus the don't wanna lose customers just DO IT galaxy it's to big for lock evry body afther one device and it's a win for u gameplay to
  10. linxiaoning

    some connection problem(maybe)

    Normally open ED launcher, start the game, press continue - solo game . and then, the other one is error code:XXX corba . I opened log files record. The following is the code when error just happened. The full log is in the enclosure {14:19:26GMT 903.038s} Webserver request failed: code 0...
  11. Old Duck

    Anti-cheat "Spyware" and the Case for Consoles

    After a long download and a silly dance with the "that name is already in use" signup, I finally was ready to play Planetside 2 for the first time on my PC (I know, I'm late to the party). And then came the popup, the long warning about the anti-cheat software this game was going to install on...
  12. W

    Purchased content not cross platform?

    Hello, This has probably been asked before but I have yet to figure out how anyone finds anything in forums. I use to play quite a bit on Xbox. I have switched to playing on PC but I do not want to transfer my progress. However, I was not aware that store purchases such as, paintjobs, cmdr...
  13. CarlitoCool

    VA - K.I.C.S. Setup Help | Keybindings

    Hello Commanders, So I recently wanted to give VA (VoiceAttack) and try with the KICS voice pack. Installation was successful and I was able to import the voice profile. Now, I might be wrong, but it is my understanding that most of the commands should be set up already? Commands such as...
  14. V

    What about cross platforms?

    I heard that FDevs would have taken in consideration the topic right after the carrier update, but since the many postponements I haven’t actually heard anyone talk about it. I know there are a few issues like duplicate CMDR names or slow instancing but I think that with the right effort...
  15. Old Duck

    Dear Frontier, can you help me?

    I am aware of the ability to transfer credits from PS4 to PC. Having preordered the game on PS4 and played many hours on that platform before recently switching to PC, I have a lot of wealth on PS4 between my two CMDRs there. The thing is, I elected not to wipe my PS4 saves and transfer my...
  16. AntonKring

    The Launcher is an Eyesore

    Hey, I normally don't come to complain here in the forums, but I will complain about something relatively frivolous that I think should be addressed: The Launcher. It looks like a screen capture of a late-nineties website. Since GalNet and Interstellar Initiatives stopped in January the...
  17. Z

    Can’t stop nerfing?

    How does everyone feel about the recent mining nerf? As well as the wing trade nerf from long ago? As if this game isn’t grindy enough. The want to keep players or the care about their players doesn’t seem to be there. I travel for my job and play 4 days out of 10 so I don’t have this time. This...
  18. Z

    Next Gen Xbox with steam accessibility

    So word is the next gen Xbox will have a switch to go from Xbox to windows pc mode. Or maybe will be all around pc oriented. Now what I want to know. Is that being able to switch to windows pc obviously changes things as far as the game. Flip that switch and it’s no longer just Xbox. What does...
  19. S

    Gloomhaven (Boardgame and or PC)

    So the missus and I recently got Gloomhaven the boardgame and it's basically a co-op dungeon crawler. It's a daunting giant box with a HUUUGE amount of gaming cards for the characters, monsters, items and such. I think it's about 1700 cards. I tend to like my games in a rather mint condition...
  20. SpaceGoblin

    New Joystick Orange Dot Blues...(RESOLVED)

    Hello one and all, lookin' for a little ED (PC) tech support... Been playing on and off these past 5 years, and earlier today I replaced my trusty but well worn TM T-Flight Hotas X with a shiney new TM T16000 and TWCS throttle. Spent the afternoon and evening getting set up, re-binding all the...
  21. Leif_Erikson

    Hardware & Technical Graphics card not recognised on PC

    I bought a bargain PC for less than £100 that I could set up for VR playing. It has an i5-4590 processor and the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H87M-DH3 that has 4x USB 3.0 connectors. It came with no hard drive but had a few knocking around,put a Window 10 one in and seems to work perfectly. Now...
  22. [VR] 0m3g488

    AI Relics

    Ever since the update to how the Signal Sources spawn I have been unable to locate any AI Relics. I used to find them pretty regularly in Bunda at Degraded Emissions (Threat 3); although that may have something to do with the fact that Bunda is no longer in a state of Anarchy. I have tried other...
  23. Old Duck

    This game is freaking amazing!

    On PC. Yesterday I took my SRV and drove around a simple planetary outpost. I turned off the HUD, used "cruise control" to set my speed to approximately 40 mph, and then I just calmly drove around using headlook to take in all the sights. The detail, the sense of scale, the hubbub of ships...
  24. Old Duck

    Please give us full native support of DS4 on PC version of Elite Dangerous

    Yesterday I downloaded the demo of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, basically so I could compare the graphics capabilities of this new PC to my old PS4. I played a little bit of it with K&M, learning the different keys to do things, and then took a break. Later in the day I invited my wife to check it...
  25. Old Duck

    HELP! DS4 Controller on PC has one radical "game-breaking" difference from PS4

    So I've migrated from PS4 to PC, and after two years of flying with the DS4, I'm most comfortable in just using this on my PC. Muscle memory is a power thing! Here is my problem: On PS4, buttons can serve both as primary functions and modifiers. Let me give you an example. If I want to tap the...
  26. Old Duck

    Cross-play with PC

    Having wrestled with getting an XB1X or a PC, I finally decided on a PC. But regardless which choice I made, I'm now in a "Screw Sony" mindset, at least when it comes to waiting on them to approve cross-play between platforms. So my question is this - is there any scuttlebutt on whether...
  27. Old Duck

    Newcomer / Intro Newcomer to PC - What is your Secret Sauce?

    If somebody would be so kind to either answer the following questions or post links to the appropriate websites and threads, that would be wonder. 1) What are all the "secret key" on PC? For example, something-something-G turns off the HUD, and something-something-else turns on FPS counter, and...
  28. Old Duck

    PSVR for PC

    Now that I'm joining the PC ranks, I'm entertaining the idea of someday playing around with VR. I once owned a PSVR headset, and I actually liked it, but I ended up returning it due to dead pixels. I didn't replace it because the PS4 just isn't powerful enough to do VR correctly IMO. However, a...
  29. Old Duck

    Et tu, Old Duck?

    Well, I finally did it - I pulled the trigger and ordered myself a PC powerful enough to run ED. The main reason for this "defection" is for productivity reasons - there is work that I do that will benefit from a more powerful computer than this 2012 MacBook I'm currently on. I also find myself...
  30. Old Duck

    Steam - a blessing or a curse?

    It seems that some people love Steam and other people hate it. Someday I might actually have the privilege of having to chose whether to buy ED on Steam or directly from Frontier, so I'm weighing the pros and cons now. Here's what I have so far: PROS: Ability to save lots of money through sales...
  31. Donald Duck

    Community Event / Creation ΞϽCΞ - Elite Community Combat Events (GRAND OPENING 8 AUG - 18 UTC)

    ΞϽCΞ is a new PVP event focused discord server, run by experienced PvPers. The goal is to promote PVP initiatives, introduce new players to PVP through events, and foster communication for established PVP'rs and PVP groups to find active and engaging PVP content. We will publish a regular...
  32. Old Duck

    A laptop for ED in 2019

    There's a chance that I might come into some extra money later this year. Technically I have money now, but I am VERY frugal. Still, I may be in the market for a new 'power user' laptop, and if I could get something that can play ED for hours at 1920x1080x60fps Ultra quality, well I might...
  33. Demascus

    GTA Online

    Getting back into this game with the new casino update. Any other pc players doing the same? Looking for some crew players for shenanigans
  34. Vice President Hank Sweeney


    https://www.rfov.co.uk/ https://inara.cz/squadron/2462/ About us: You have decided to apply to become a Junior Analyst at the RFoV, an active Corporation within the Milky Way Galaxy. We’re a medium-sized group with an in-game Player Minor Faction called the Retro Faction of Voltrigones. We...
  35. Nimmo

    Post Disaster Evacuation Service - PDES

    Good afternoon commanders, Recently I discovered that I rather enjoyed evacuation missions and thought it could be interesting to try to work with other commanders in evacuating damaged stations. After a bit of digging around I discovered that there didn't seem to be a squadron or group...
  36. K

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    I realise it's not on the list of supported gamepads, but is anyone using the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for Elite on PC? I've got a decent HOTAS setup that I'm happy with but I think a gamepad makes more sense when driving the SRV. Since I've got a Nintendo Switch and have been thinking...
  37. A

    Jurassic world evolution "Not launching"

    I recently purchased JWE in my pc. After the download was done, I tried running it but, only the mouse pointer changes and the icon of the game popups in the taskbar, but then it disappears and the game doesn't start. Can you help me fix this???
  38. H

    Newcomer / Intro Joypad modifier keys possible?

    On the PS4 version (which is what I've been playing for the last year), you can configure controls such that you can use square, triangle, X or circle as modifiers that you hold down, and then press a second button. Is there a way to do this on the PC, using a PS4 joypad? I've tried holding...
  39. Dharrch Streynjer

    [ALLIANCE] Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps are recruiting.

    Welcome to the Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps. Hi there everyone. I'd like to introduce you to the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps. (ARRC for short) We are a possibly one of the biggest, small Player Minor Factions. We are a well established group with a presence in over 30 of the "Old Worlds"...
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