1. coasterlover

    I know The Answer BUT I have to ask just once more in 2018

    PLEASE Can we get On Ride Photo's In Planco. They dont need to take photos, just flash and add money to the balence sheet (and be controllable price wise like RCT 2) Whenever I've brough this up theres always been nothing but support but for some weird reason were still sat here without it...
  2. Noodlesuppe911

    Dinosaur fighting photos....

    This really bugs me. I of course want the comfort of all the dinosaurs to be 100% but for this type of mission which comes fairly often I have to force them to be unhappy?! I of course like to see my dinosaurs fight, but I thought that this will occur every now and then. For example with my 2...
  3. C

    Are ranger pictures saved to your computer?

    I'm wondering if the ranger pictures are saved to you computer somewhere. I haven't been able to find them.
  4. RolloTreadway

    The King of Rome, concluding its second exploration, debriefing (with photos!) and signing off

    I was off with my mates for a pint or two, When I saw a wing flash up in the blue; "Charlie, it's the King of Rome Come back to his West End home, Come outside quick, he's perched up on your roof!" "Come on down, your majesty, I knew you'd make it back to me; Come on down, you lovely one, You...
  5. factor0f9

    Fighter pilots gotta have someone they love, right?

    Hey all, just popped into the intro forum and am currently attempting to prove I am a real person. Speaking of real people, as a pilot IRL I like to post pictures all over my cockpit of family, friends, loved ones, pets, and things to that nature (trust me, a big role of scotch tape is always in...
  6. J

    Dead and lonely Universe!

    Hey fellow commanders! I've started traveling through the universe some days ago. My first impression was full of good and impressed feelings. But after some days where I rarely found some human ships, I was disappointed about the interactions of players. I tried to contact nearly everybody I...
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