1. C

    Are ranger pictures saved to your computer?

    I'm wondering if the ranger pictures are saved to you computer somewhere. I haven't been able to find them.
  2. RolloTreadway

    The King of Rome, concluding its second exploration, debriefing (with photos!) and signing off

    I was off with my mates for a pint or two, When I saw a wing flash up in the blue; "Charlie, it's the King of Rome Come back to his West End home, Come outside quick, he's perched up on your roof!" "Come on down, your majesty, I knew you'd make it back to me; Come on down, you lovely one, You...
  3. Stellar Screenshots

    Hi folks, our previous screenie(s) thread went a fair bit over 10,000 replies. As such, it's time for a new screenshots / media thread! Please continue your postings of your in game screenshots and media to this shiny new thread. Thanks!
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