1. Redrick Schuhart

    Smuggling and piracy need to be readdressed

    What's wrong with smuggling and piracy today? 1. It's abysmally low-income compared to other gameplay loops. 2. PVE Piracy is somewhat non-existant. LTD\valuable cargo ships are very scarce, hence barely anyone is interested in this kind of gameplay. Private courier vessels do carry rare...
  2. Prince Tharik Otoli

    [EMPIRE] Rum and the Lash! Join the Imperial Corsairs today!

    Are you looking for a laid-back squad with a sense of humor? Are you interested in Elite-themed drink recipes? Want to be in a squad both committed to helping new players and advancing our group in general, but with precious few requirements and no demands of your time? Real life first always...
  3. S

    Piracy Ability

    I was about to try out some piracy for fun. Looked up some videos about it, and apparently I have to do this tedious game of bump the ship with my ship in order to get the cargo out. First....why is this a thing devs? As a fellow game developer, I would figure you would add something like a...
  4. R

    Can we please free slaves?

    Hi! I would love it if there could be a game mechanic where you can FREE slaves from cargo containers. So, you buy or pirate slave cargo units, take them to a station where slavery is outlawed, and have the option to free them. Or, maybe it makes more sense to have a faction or station...
  5. Old Duck

    All pirates are griefers!

    I'm talking about these NPC pirates. Remember the good ol' days when an NPC would pull you over and give you n seconds to drop x amount of cargo? Not any more! Every single time I get pulled over by a pirate (who comments on my "juicy cargo"), it's instant smack, quack, give the duck a wack! I...
  6. T

    PvP The problem with piracy

    Hi all. Given that I don't find mining particarly engaging, I decided a couple of weeks ago to try my hand at piracy. Just to be clear, by piracy I mean attempting to rob other players of their valuables. I have had little enough success. I believe there to be two main reasons for this. The...
  7. L

    NPC Piracy: NPC miner ship blows itself up, leaving the player no way to stop it.

    I honestly figured this was a bug and initially submitted this as a bug report, but it got rejected with a "By Design" tag somehow. Anyway, this hardly seems like proper gameplay. The current most effective NPC piracy system requires you to take down the NPC's shields, module snipe their...
  8. Old Duck

    Borann is the best thing to happen to ED in a long time!

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had...
  9. Old Duck

    Piracy and the BGS

    I'm just curious, with all the activity happening in Borann, why hasn't there been a concerted effort to flip the system to an Anarchy? Are all the pirate groups no more? Do organized pirates not try to influence the BGS to their favor? I'm just a single pirate doing his thing, but if there was...
  10. Old Duck

    Bounty Bug

    Is this a bug? I assure you, the lower amount (left panel) is representative of my crimes. I would have to kill lots of people to have a 1 million credit bounty, and I have killed nobody in a long time.
  11. Old Duck

    Supercruise in Solo, mine in Open

    This thread is specifically for those who would like to play in Open but feel pushed into Solo by wings of gankers who chain-interdict your slow mining ships while in supercruise. There is a way to have your Open cake and eat it too. If you are mining for an hour or more at a time, why not...
  12. Old Duck

    Making money as a pirate, is it possible?

    I've been enjoying my new "night job" as a pirate. Thank you Frontier for giving us Borann! And thank you those who mine in Open. "Acquiring" LTDs is not my issue, selling them is. This is a pirate noob question, but do black markets mirror the regular markets when it comes to demand and price...
  13. O

    Elite: Breaking Bad

    All this talk about piracy and the current LTD boom made me think... what if a goody-two-shoes CMDR like me tried to pirate another player at the currently highest paying system, for the first time in his 5 year long lawful career? Well, it was a success! As soon as I entered 169 G., I...
  14. CMDR Kastagar

    Blasted Pirates!

    I have been playing Elite for a long time (a very long time if you include the original elite) and, on the whole, i love the game but there is one thing that really niggles me. I'm not very combat orientated and mostly do trading for a player faction so i find the constant NPC interdiction...
  15. Old Duck

    Make supercruise like the oceans during WWII

    So here's my line of thinking this morning that lead me to the simple suggestion to follow. I'm running cargo for the CG in a T9. I think to myself, "Why do gankers need to destroy my ship, why not just ask me to drop my cargo like NPCs do and let me continue?" But then I continue this line of...
  16. quelcertoleo

    Intra Dimensional Traders - A New Breed

    What is an Intra Dimensional Trader? It is a new breed of trader that has been sighted in our galaxy. These traders will go to the 4th Dimension (a.k.a. Solo Dimension) whenever they are interdicted in the scope of a piracy attempt. Some will disappear right away (task kill to be precise), some...
  17. quelcertoleo

    New Weapon Proposal

    Pirate here, roleplay pirate. After a night drinking Orerrian Vicious Brew I had a vision: We should phase out the FSD Disruptor (Yuri Grom Powerplay module) We really need the Menu Log Disruptor. Thoughts, ideas, improvements are welcome.
  18. A

    Suggestion: add cargo which could damage pirates when they picked it up.

    My step-dad just had this idea. It’s basically the interstellar-piracy version of dye packs in money/stores. Pirate interdicts you, you’re in a slow and weak ship. But you planned for this, and you’ve got [x] tons of live explosives disguised as valuable goods. You drop those, pirate scoops...
  19. CMDR Hagglebeard

    Weapon - Charged Drive Disabler

    Now, popping out of character - the CDD should be a weapon used to temporarily disable a ship's drives and activate it's inertial dampeners (to force it to a stop) for a very limited amount of time, at massive expense - it should take up a weapon slot, and have the following properties, or close...
  20. jonesskill

    The new update broke piracy(Again?)?

    Now the npcs just fly straigh like 3-4 KM, turn back and try to shoot, fly away again. They are flying really strange, and since now pp disable is something that don't happen anymore, HOW to get the precious cargo if npcs don't stop anymore (Even to shoot at you).
  21. Starmony

    PvP Pirate's Log: 20 APR 3305

  22. K

    Notorious CMDRs should show on galmap and radar

    Notorious CMDRs (esp. ones murdering other players) should be marked on the galaxy map. Any time they dock at a non-anarchy system, get scanned, or interdict or attack a ship (unless it has report crimes off), marker appears or has its location updated. Hovering over the icon would show CMDR...
  23. Melanthes

    Data Piracy

    There is a consent that piracy is in a bad place. I'd like to propose a simple way to make it more interesting and worthwhile: Let us use recon limpets on ships. Not to hack the cargo systems, but to steal data from the ship computer. For example trade data from space truckers, military data...
  24. D

    Everyone's becoming a Pirate or Miner - Fdev something for the Lawful Combat Pilot?

    With the introduction of Squadrons, we now have a clan/guild system where many Squadrons have some form of ethos that their community follows. Some Squadrons are Exploration based, some Xeno Hunters, some Traders, some Miners, some are Pirates, and some are Lawful combat pilots (protectors), and...
  25. Harley001

    Why are piracy missions SO BAD!?!??!

    OH. MY. GOD. I just made the mistake of taking 2 missions to recollect some stolen cargo for a minor faction. Basically a "hey that guy took our stuff. PLz bring our stuff back!" ALIGHT COOL. NO PROBLEM. Got a anaconda. Got hatch breakers. Got collector limpets. Les do dis. I drop into the...
  26. M

    Piracy related module

    At this current time I have noticed that NPCs still don't care that their power plant is destroyed and act as if they still have one, which can be a nuisance to deal with especially in piracy. So to try and avoid this bug I suggest that a new module that could directly transfer cargo between a...
  27. H

    Newcomer / Intro Liberate missions... how do I get the specific cargo?

    I’m a bit confused by the “Liberate n units of a thing” type of mission. For example, I have a mission right now called “Agricultural Liberation of 6 Commercial Samples”. I get to the NPC target (and I’m starting off with soft targets), but I’m not sure what to do next to get him/her to hand...
  28. I

    Am I so bad in pirating?

    Hello I've started playing again ED after a quite long stop (i got VR), and I am trying some piracy against NPC. Got a Python with 3xclass 3 pulse laser for shield dropping and 2xclass 2 cannons (i even tried class 2 missile racks) for module disabling. I've been reading a lot and watching...
  29. CMDR Hagglebeard

    Finishing the Basics.

    This game's most foundational systems are absolutely astounding. The flight models feel more real than anything else I've ever flown with a joystick, and the immersive factor is incredible. The scale is amazing, and flying to and fro really puts space travel into perspective. Watching the video...

    New type of missions: High-Risk Transport

    Cargo and passenger missions are dreadfully dull, with absolutely nothing to do than jump, supercruise, fuel scoop, and occasionally fight off an incredibly easy interdiction. This is certainly not reflective of how dangerous it can be to drive logistics and transport in reality, especially...
  31. DMC831

    C & P: Hunting down CMDRs with high notoriety

    I know crime and punishment is being tweaked further, but I was thinking back to when i used to play a text-based MUD in the 90s that allowed unlimited PVP and stuck to roleplay as much as possible, and the ways we could self-police other players causing trouble. In that game (also a huge open...
  32. K

    Bounty Hunting Intelligence Network

    In systems you are wanted people can access an intelligence network in stations that constantly reveals your exact location for 10 minutes. - After use the game informs the player that he is being hunted and shows a timer until he has evaded the intelligence network. - Intelligence network...
  33. K

    Separate The Notoriety System For Greifers & Pirates who aren't greifing players

    With your current system you are punishing pirates as greifers killing an npc should not result in a punishment like that please separate this punishment. I suggest that PVP Greifers who kill you or make you fail a mission by stealing mission cargo should be locked out of outfitting and...
  34. Lateralus

    PvP [Video] Return of The Code? We never left..

    Reports of The Code's inactivity over the last year or so is fake news: https://youtu.be/uM6Li7RGDCI
  35. A

    Pirate NPCs recognizing trolling when dropping Limpets

    Currently, Pirates will try to loot valuable cargo from your ship if it has a high enough value. That value floor is pretty low, with responses from holding certain low value items along the lines of, "You're not worth my time", and responses from holding only Limpets being the same as responses...
  36. N

    Piracy suggestions

    So with the new update out and things beginning to settle down, a few things become apparent: earning credits and materials for better and badder ships is the big focus (besides fun of course), the new crime and punishment system makes a bit more sense (for those who can sift through the...
  37. M

    PvP The Savior of Momoirent

    On February 17, 3304, the Momoirent System came under attack by a squadron of the Screaming Eagles piracy group. Over the course of several hours, Traders from all over the bubble found themselves at the mercy of these intrepid pirates. All seemed lost until the Saviour of Momoirent appeared...


    just hit the jackpot.. piracy does compensate xD
  39. Giyari

    Exploration, variety, and adding some excitement to the wider galaxy.

    Exploration is fairly monotonous. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. So on and so forth. It lacks any real variety in tasks despite the huge variations available in ships, and with engineering, module set ups available to Commanders to perform tasks...
  40. chagnampra

    Free Slaves - legitimately!!

    Please FDev, can we have a legitimate gameplay mechanic to free Slaves? Something like the Search and Rescue feature would do for now, at the very least, or faction-specific missions to free ‘X’ amount of Slaves. Something tied into faction rep and the BGS would be ideal, IMO. I remember, very...
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