1. O

    Add a High Value Commodity Only Tradable In Open

    Not only would it make trading a more viable money maker, it would revitalize the pirating scene, make traders bother engineering and adding defenses to their ships, and maybe even encourage traders to have bodyguards or travel in groups. Seems like such a simple thing would add a lot of life to...
  2. Old Duck

    Making money as a pirate, is it possible?

    I've been enjoying my new "night job" as a pirate. Thank you Frontier for giving us Borann! And thank you those who mine in Open. "Acquiring" LTDs is not my issue, selling them is. This is a pirate noob question, but do black markets mirror the regular markets when it comes to demand and price...
  3. J

    Pirating as a federal general

    I watched a video the other day with a guy pirating other players. I think he was in a corvette, and I thought I might try my hand as a pirate... Here are the 2 builds I'm thinking of... If I could have pointers that'd be awesome.... Docking computer to maybe get gankers ruffled for fun...
  4. V

    Thoughts on incorporating player based business’ in the game? Ie: space fedex

    So, I had an idea that I think would be awesome addition to the game as well as increase the immersion too. How would you feel about allowing players to have their own business in the game like space fedex. The concept would allow a player the option to either use in game service to transfer...
  5. GraphicEqualizer

    Exploration improvements - hoping similar to this will be in the later chapter of beyond...

    This idea is again based on 2000+ hrs in game for a way to make exploration more of a career and tie in with other gameplay. 1. Create a new Elite ranking career for "Science" where ranking is based on discovering new things/scanning data/alien artifacts/planets with life/etc, using new...
  6. Anubite

    Seeking: M/S-pad pirate ship (not python), convoy attack plans

    I require a M/S-pad pirate ship, but want to make things more interesting than rolling with the classic or going overkill. I need to be able to pirate one and survive against several NPC Anacondas and T9s. I dream of putting a hulltank Cobra 4, a silent-running spee-agle or even some Dolphin...
  7. Curvemn17

    [INDEPENDENT] The Black Void Syndicate

    Commanders: The seedy underbelly on the Ps4 has decided to unite together to form the Syndicate. This will be a place for the smugglers and pirates to come together to make the most out of our less than reputable careers. We will be banding together so that we can find the best smuggling runs...
  8. G

    Community Event / Creation Aulin Enterprise

    Enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYMZAG7fIKEhttp://
  9. C

    Spacestation docking

    Hi 1. will the dockingport on spacestations be facing the planet it's orbiting ? 2. will spacestation be rotating so manual docking won't be too easy Personally I found the docking experience in the old Elite games (C64/Amiga500) very frustrating at first, but very rewarding once I mastered it.
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