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  1. W

    Albino and melanistic options in sandbox mode

    In a sandbox anything should be possible including seeing and caring for any animal but I would like some of my animals to be melanistic/luesistic etc. But due to very rare breeding chances I may never get what I want (which is the purpose of a sandbox). So if there were an option in sandbox...
  2. W

    Reptile wishlist (snakes and lizards) long with scientific names

    Lizards: Varanus macraei - Blue spotted tree monitor Varanus Reisingeri - Yellow tree monitor Varanus prasinus - Green tree monitor Varanus beccarii - Black tree monitor Heloderma - Gila monster Chlamydosaurus kingii - frilled-neck lizard Beaded lizard Panther chameleon Agama Bearded dragons -...
  3. W

    Most beautiful tarantulas/spiders to be added (wishlist)

    Typhochlaena seladonia Peacock spider Purple bloom or purple starburst spider - Pamphobeteus machala Colombian lesserblack tarantula - Xenesthis immanis Martinique Red Tree Spider Brazilian Crab Spider, Eight Spotted Crab Spider or flower crab spider Sequinned spider Orchard spider Most of...
  4. Mjmannella

    Where’s the Guides?

    In the announcement trailer for Planet Zoo, we see a guide talking to a group of guests over the giraffe habitat. However, said staff member is nowhere to be found in the beta or any other footage. So where are the guides?
  5. W

    Breeding rates need to be put up

    They were barely just a little to high and at the end of the beta were non existent they need to be put up for the market and to stabilise zoo population
  6. D

    Post Beta Thoughts

    Hello all, The beta for Planet Zoo has ended and, to be honest, I'm sad it ended. I am however elated that I got the chance to play a game I've been waiting for to fill the void of the original Zoo Tycoon games, and that it met my overall expectations for such a title. Here's my personal...
  7. M

    Feeding issues ??

    I still seem to be having issues with feeding even after the updates (currently in franchise mode). For instance, with a large habitat containing hippos and 4 feeders distributed across the habitat. The keeper will come in and fill one of the feeders (sometimes) and enrichment items but fail to...
  8. W

    Melanistic, albinism and luesistic options in sand box mode

    I am really hoping that in sandbox mode we will be able to choose if offspring will be albino, Melanistic or any other color variation based on preference. Not only will it be interesting to be able to see the albino/Melanistic and luesistic animals on release but it would make people adore the...
  9. W

    Melanistic and albinism options in sandbox mode...

    This is a sort of reupload of a previous post of mine but i am really hoping that in sandbox mode we will be able to choose if offspring will be albino, Melanistic or any other color variation based on preference. Not only will it be interesting to be able to see the albino/Melanistic and...
  10. W

    Albino, luesistic and Melanistic options in sand box mode...

    As we all know there is going to hopefully be luesistic/albino and Melanistic variations of most animals in planet zoo🤞. I was really hoping for the sandbox mode to be a true sandbox mode allowing you to spawn animals (I’m not sure how this would be introduced) maybe through giving pregnant...
  11. W

    Vivarium animals able to go in normal exhibit or leave vivarium

    Obviously 100s of little frogs will be tedious to look after but if place in a aviary type enclosure I think it would be pretty cool also imagine having a king cobra in your zoo but have to have it trapped in a little box not being able to appreciate it frontier already have came out and said...
  12. W

    Natural enrichment items and other ideas

    I would love some natural looking enrichment items because having a bright yellow blue and pink sprinkler in my exhibit, which btw has rock wall and an overall natural feel ruins the affect Whether the enrichment items are disguised as rocks or whether waterfalls or streams for swimming are...
  13. W

    More realistic and in-depth kill animations

    I understand this game is for all ages but the kill animations are weird... like I put a wold into my Nile monitor enclosure by accident😂😉 but then I saw the wolf fly 15 ft in the air and land on the monitor killing it instantly, it was very stupid I believe the animals should hunt and kill like...
  14. W

    More advanced terrain tools

    I am hoping that after the beta when we go do different continents like Asia we will get different rock tools etc... For example snow leopards live in rocky, snowy environments but I don’t think brown mud infused rock is the type of rock you see thousands of feet up in the Himalayas. I believe...
  15. W

    Reptile wishlist post yours below...

    Lizards: Varanus macraei - Blue spotted tree monitor Heloderma - Gila monster Chlamydosaurus kingii - frilled-neck lizard Geckos Panther chameleon More monitors Dwarf caiman Iguanas And more Snakes: Atheris squamigera - African Bush Viper and Atheris hispida Xenodermus- Dragon Snake...
  16. W

    SANDBOX Mode Wishlist...

    As we all know there is going to hopefully be luesistic/albino and Melanistic variations of most animals in planet zoo🤞. I was really hoping for the sandbox mode to be a true sandbox mode allowing you to spawn animals (I’m not sure how this would be introduced) maybe through giving pregnant...
  17. KaoRu

    Conservation stars are useless now.

    After the new updates today, my Zoo is struggling because I can't get any animal to breed which would give me conservation stars when releasing the babies (once adults). I had Zebra, Hippo, Giraffe, Nile Monitors, Wart Hog and Tortoise but NOTHING. Conservation stars are apart of making your zoo...
  18. KaoRu

    Game crashes when trying to edit Work Zone

    Does anyone else's game crash when trying to edit work zones? At first I thought it was just a normal game crash but then as soon as I restarted and went straight to editing the work zone it crashed again.
  19. Mjmannella

    More Information in the Zoopedia

    For those who like to plan ahead of things, the Zoopedia is quite lacking in terms of informing players of habitat preferences. The most notable exclusions being no terrain ranges or foliage density of the exhibit. These would be nice things to include in the Zoopedia.
  20. Mjmannella

    We Shouldn't be Bound to Animals Only Found in Zoos

    Browsing the forums has shown me that there are certainly groups of people who want a lot of atypical animals in Planet Zoo. From whales and the recently extinct, to cryptids and the not-so recently extinct. Often is the case is that these unorthodox wishes are smothered with people saying "it's...
  21. Woody2107

    Beta feedback, questions, concerns, bugs.

    Hi peeps at Frontier! I am absolutely in love with Planet Zoo (50+h already). The game is in all points just perfect. I have made multiple habitats so far, making them as suitable for the animal as possible (Which is hard for me, I like to overdo it with the plants.). I enjoyed using the...
  22. Mjmannella

    Sandbox Animal Trading

    Do we know how the animal trading menu will work in sandbox mode? Will every animal be available on the market right away?
  23. Mjmannella

    Can't Add Custom Tracks to Music Speakers

    I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but when using the music speakers, you only get to pick from given tracks, with no option to pick your own. I hope for the base game that you get to put in your own tracks like Planet Coaster!
  24. Mjmannella

    Sandbox Option Wishlist

    Now that sandbox options have been confirmed (at the very least no death, aging, or breeding), here's my list of other sandbox options I'd like to see: Animal Settings: No plant requirements (animals can still climb trees if they can) No terrain requirements No enrichment requirements (animals...
  25. S

    Menu/interface bugs (pic included)

    Today I've had constant problems with menus and notifications not opening up. It happens to all the menus on the left and on the bottom, so including Zoopedia, Notifications, Zoo, Animal trading etc etc. Whenever I open a menu, it might show a completely different menu or a specific sub menu...
  26. L

    People walking bug

    Hello Frontier! I've got in my park a viewing area for the lions where the guests can go up by stairs. If they want to walk up there is no problem but if they want to go down, they go to the stairs, stop at them, turn around, walk 2 meters away, go back to the stairs, turn around, walk 2 meters...
  27. R

    Here is a list of bugs and various other issues I've come across

    Animals are randomly being put in boxes and left near the keeper door on the inside of the enclosure, I have to manually go and unbox them or they just sit there and starve to death inside the box. I don't know who or what is putting them in these boxes or for what reason, but it most often...
  28. L

    Zoo keeper suddenly not feeding bears and letting them starve!

    I absolutely love this game! I'm very dissapointed now because I have spend days building a profitable franchise zoo, with happy animals. Now I'm losing money to protests and lost two 5 star bears to starvation all because the zoo keeper wouldn't feed the animals. I've tried moving the feed...
  29. S

    North American Animals

    With the New World being a themed scenery pack, I thought I'd make a wishlist of animals I'd like to see included in the game (probably DLC) that are from North America. Wolverine (plzplzplz) Moose Caribou Elk Red Fox (Fennec Foxes aren't from NA but I'd love to see them in the game too)...
  30. P


    Hate to be "that guy," but I've never heard of a "likkle baby" before! :) Obviously not a pressing matter, but wanted to point it out regardless!
  31. Hatsune Miku ミク

    Custom Music and Images for Billboards

    Planet Coaster had the ability to add Custom Billboards with our own images on them, and your own music to your park. Doesn't seem like this is an option right now with the beta, though I'm hoping they add this into the full game as it would allow us to make allot more options for building...
  32. F

    Wolves and Wilddogs attack each other!!

    Hello, i had wolves an wild dogs in my zoo. I've read the Zoopedia correctly. So I read that wolves and Wild dogs live in Familygroups. The problem is now: I had two alpha wolves/wild dogs, they get a lot of babies, two babies babies stay in the zoo the rest is now in the nature. But the...
  33. T


    I'd love to see some more monkeys/apes in the game, particularly some of the smaller species: squirrel monkeys marmosets Spider monkeys woolly monkeys capuchins saki monkeys mandrills tamarins golden-cheeked gibbons macaques
  34. S

    Money Troubles in Franchise Mode

    So, not sure if it's a bug or if I'm just bad at handling money (extremely likely) but I am hemorrhaging money in Franchise Mode!! Does anyone have any tips yet on how to save some cash/make more? I have donation boxes. If cheats are available I'd welcome them too, lol, I prefer playing in...
  35. F

    Family Tree an Partners

    I am missing the Family tree like in ZT2 where you can see the siblings and the parents. Also i had 2 Alpha wild dogs. But in the Info of the Animal the other wild dog isnt shown as his partner. Is there a way to see this things?
  36. K

    Control Issue

    I only have access to a laptop which does not have a middle scroll button so I cannot rotate the camera to get a better view of anything :( I do have a wireless mouse for my laptop but it is only left and right click so even with a mouse I am unable to rotate the camera view. I would love to see...
  37. N

    What's up with the "group" crashes

    So I get the grouping thing being important for building but I've noticed several issues that make building something almost impossible: 1) Can't rotate objects if placing into a group. Example: I am trying to face my keeper hut with stone. I can put the front on but when I try to put on sides...
  38. Jammy3112

    My thoughts (and questions!) so far...

    So far, I have only had just over 2 hours inside the Beta release, and I have to admit...I'm impressed. I am getting those Planet Coaster launch vibes, and that's a great feeling to have again! I have a few bugs to report, which I will do through the Issue Tracker, however, I thought I would...
  39. N

    Bengal tiger, cant place them - invalid destination

    I did the habitat for the tigers and then it moved on starting to talk that i should place the animals in the habitat but i cant because it says its invalid destination. and i cant do anything now. cant change the habitat, cant delete the walls. cant place new walls. As the picture shows.
  40. Mjmannella

    A Case for The Extinct: Why Making Woolly Mammoths DLC Won't Ruin Planet Zoo

    This is mostly copy-paste from a Reddit post I made a couple weeks ago, so cross-media users will easily recognize this. Disclaimer: When I'm referring to extinct DLC, I mean animals that went extinct from the late Pleistocene to today. Dinosaurs would cannibalize sales of Jurassic World...
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