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  1. Zoofluencer

    Jungle themed Restaurant with Kids Playground.

    I created a restaurant with three dining areas, toilets and a kids playground. I hope you guys like it! Available on the steam workshop: Source:
  2. F

    What about the "normal players"?

    Hello Team-Frontier, hello players, I was really hyped about his game. I play this game since the beta. After i realised Frontier uses the same engine as Planco i was shocked!! This means bad performance. This means no possibillity to create a big park/zoo. And now.. i played a lot. Now i have...
  3. Nioell

    Transferring research and more trading storage for CC

    Like many people have said before it's pretty annoying that you have to start over completely every time you open a new franchise zoo and it doesn't actually feel much like a franchise at all without an option to transfer research (and cash but that's another matter) between zoos. It doesn't...
  4. V

    Franchise, 30 Limit

    Hey there I have a big problem with the storage limit of 30 animals. It´s for a big zoo to less storage. I want to breed with my good animals, but it isn´t possible. At the moment I can´t buy more animals, because my storage is full. Is there any way to set the limit higher like 100 or more...
  5. KaoRu

    Lag and crashing? Educational object in wrong place? Keepers not filling all feeders!

    So I haven't played Planet Zoo for a few weeks aswell as be on this forum so I'm not sure which of the last 2-3 updates did it but I finally played again today and it was laggy and whenever I clicked settings the game would freeze and then crash. Has this happened to anyone else? Also I noticed...
  6. KGeib

    Franchise zoos and needs for new transfer methods

    I have two point: * Franchise zoos need to share money with each other as it is a franchise; what's the point of franchise if you can't share the money among franchise zoologists? * And we need a faster method to transfer animals from one zoo to another. It is tiring and boring to have to go...
  7. B

    TOO much micromanagement----(Manual Erichment Item Replacement-really?)

    I love a good game of micromanagement, but as the zoo grows bigger and bigger and more animals with more enrichment items I am losing the out on the fun of the game which is adding animals to the park and decorating the habitats and zoo. My guests are complaining the zoo is too small because I...
  8. John_Titor

    2020 Easter DLC

    Hello, Year 2020 gonna bring very much content for PZ! I'm gonna talk about easter update. Easter is associated with eggs right? what else is associated with eggs? birds of course! Easter update will contain brave new aviaries mechanic(built piece-by piece by big/medium sized elements,scripted...
  9. Mjmannella

    Arctic Animal Issues

    There's several issues with the Arctic animals that I hope get fixed soon. 1. Taxonomy Here's the Zoopedia page for the Arctic wolf. Notice that the Latin name is Canus lupus arctos (a subspecies of grey wolf). Here's the Zoopedia page for the timber wolf. Notice that the Latin name is Canis...
  10. Mjmannella

    Prediction Thread for Possible Polar DLC

    A new update is coming in 6 days! However, one line at the end made something very apparent: Yep, we're probably getting Polar DLC! With that, I'm gonna make a prediction list of just what animals could be added to Planet Zoo. I'll be using Jurassic World Evolution as a basis, and the animals...
  11. C

    Animal types

    Hi, I'm missing an amount of animals, the animals what I'm missing is penguins goats pony's (maybe an pony ride through the park?) sealions dolphins I was also wondering if there are more people missing this kind of animals.
  12. KaoRu

    I give up. Dev's should lock the game for more development....

    Played for the first time today since update 1.0.4 and it's made my game laggy as 🤬 . It's like showing a notification was too much work. Even saving is taking a loooonnggg time when it usually takes like 5 seconds. I restarted the game and updated my GeForce but NOPE. Then after I clicked "Save...
  13. KaoRu

    Update 1.0.4 caused major lag and freezing

    So after about 3 days of not playing the mini patch came out which was....Yesterday I think? I just saw on Twitter that the new challenge was with Cheetah's so I figured I'd give it a go bcuz Cheetah are easy to breed and they can have upto 5 babies. SO. I load my zoo and for some reason it's...
  14. A

    Dear Frontier Pls fix Scenario 10

    The issue i am facing are not getting donations .Keepers keep piling in front of empty keeper hut.All help will be appreciated.i have tried almost everything
  15. S

    Required Specs: Does Intel UHD 630 work as a GPU?

    I'm aware Planet Zoo requires pretty high specs: at the minimum, NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 770, or the recommendation of NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. Personally I don't know anything about graphics cards, but I've been doing my research before buying a new computer that will have the required specs. I'm...
  16. Tigglesaurus

    Planet Zoo Comic

    Hey guys! I've started a comic, which is mostly going to be Planet Zoo related to start with :D I finished the first episode today, and I think anyone who's got a pair of Galapagos Tortoises (or a kid) knows what I'm talking about 😂 Source...
  17. Robongio

    Planet Zoo Winter Update???

    If the game is going to follow a similar path as Planet Coaster, then It would be great to see update before the holidays, that feature animals that are known to live around the polar circles. Only to keeping up the hype until the next decade (especially due the lack of Tundra species which...
  18. KITTracer

    Couldn't place a blueprint from the blueprint menu

    Someone on the Steam Workshop couldn't place a blueprint, this is what he said: I have enough money to built it, but I can't even select it in the Blueprints menu, it's just grey and there is a tiny lock symbol in the thumbnail, I have no idea why... Does anyone know how this could be?
  19. C

    Some suggestions for Planet Zoo :)

    I absolutely love the game. And I love the devs for listening to feedback! Here are some suggestions for things I would love to see in the game. Design elements / things that improve general atmosphere: Add a pathway design for Asian design type More pathway designs in general would be cool...
  20. Mjmannella

    Altered Species Enrichment Compatability

    Right now, some combinations of animals that give species enrichment is a bit messy. Here's my proposal for revised groups to hopefully organize things: Bongo + Greater Flamingo + Okapi + Pygmy Hippo Aardvark + Black Wildebeest + Common Ostrich + Common Warthog + Gemsbok + Nyala + Plains Zebra...
  21. Patrick_68000

    Planet Zoo makes a hit on Steam

    Revenue sales (Game, DLC, micro-transactions)
  22. V

    Vendor issues!?

    Whenever I am leveling up a vendor it never goes through. It is like they are stuck in training and never level up. I cannot click the option again either. Is anyone else having these issues?! Maybe I should try redownloading the game? I don't have issues leveling up anyone else.
  23. Walu

    Search Engine for Animal Market

    Hey guys, I am playing Sandbox a lot and I don't know all of the animals complete names. It is a lot of scrolling for the pictures therefore So a search engine on the animal market were you type in 'wolf', or 'jaguar' or 'bird' and it shows you the related animals would save a lot if time...
  24. A

    I did not revice bear pants i breed 30 Grizzly Bears

    i breed 30 Grizzly Bears but i did not revice pants.
  25. W

    More animal colouration mutations PLEASE!?

    First of all thank you to frontier for acknowledging the player-base and implementing albinism, but now many people are getting these variants which is good as everyone should but it takes away from the rarity and lowers the price from 10k to less then normal animals I believe if melanism or...
  26. G

    Franchise Trade Center Bug

    I have been waiting for this game for a while and I gotta say I really love it. I wish some animals had different shade of fur color but overall I'm pretty content. I've noticed lots of little bugs that I'm sure are being worked on. More noticeably I find some workers and guest getting trapped...
  27. KaoRu

    Texture Bug fixed for everyone????

    Seems like the Texture bug has been fixed for me (when it comes to the animals and objects) but has everyone else got the same result? I use Nividia 1050. Also becuase I don't know any different (had the bug since day one)....Are the plants meant to look like this? 🤔 Also here are some pics of...
  28. M

    Planet zoo system requirements

    hy everyone i would like to ask if this laptop can run it planet zoo game? Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H (2.2GHz - 4.1GHz) RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2400MHz Video card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050M 4 GB Thank you for answers :) anyways this would be the laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15ICH 81FK00J8HV
  29. F

    No communitcation with the players!?!

    What happened frontier? In the beta you answered nearly to all threads. But what happened now? No answers no feedback. Nothing. I and a lot of more people feel abandon! We dont get any feedback about our suggestions or buggs. A lot of people cant play the game and told you that but nothing!! No...
  30. P

    I have a problem with texture tree in Planet Zoo.

    Sometime trees texture didn't load, and I set ultra graphics. GTX 960 4GB Loading Texture Potato Texture Good Texture (rarely happened) Please fix it.
  31. KITTracer

    Bengal Tiger's Modern House

    Hayo dear community!! Today I've finished my first 4k Planet Zoo blueprint! Hope you enjoy it! This is Bengal Tiger's Modern House: 🐯 Have fun!
  32. S

    Some blurred UI in franchise mode and some overlap texts

    Hi devs! I really enjoy of your game! I waited it a long time :D But I'll enjoy it more if you fix some UI problems D: In franchise mode I have blurred UI for Animal Store and Animal Storage. Also blurred UI for challenge description in franchise mode. Also I attached "Crisp and Clean" for...
  33. K

    Will a HP Envy 13 run Planet Zoo?

    Hiya! I really want to play Planet Zoo and am looking into getting a new laptop at the end of the month, the main one I’m looking at being the HP Envy 13. I’ve searched the internet and can’t figure out if this laptop will be able to run the game so am hoping that someone a little more...
  34. KaoRu

    Habitat Cleanliness is always low even when cleaned?

    My Peafowl's habitat on Franchise is always around 50% cleanliness and raises to 61% when it gets cleaned. But then drops back down in like 2 minutes and there's only 4 Adults in there! It won't go any higher either yet the enclosure is spotless. 😕
  35. Mjmannella

    Recent Extinctions Expansion Pack Concept for Planet Zoo

    Extinct animals are a fairly hot topic, you can usually find extreme passion or resentment for this subject matter. I believe a solid compromise would be to limit the extinct animals to the current Epoch,the Holocene. Not only is this recent enough to ensure all the additions mesh flawlessly...
  36. M

    Laptop compatibility

    hy everyone i would like to ask if this laptop can run it planet zoo game? Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H (2.2GHz - 4.1GHz) RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2400MHz Video card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050M 4 GB Thank you for answers :) anyways this would be the laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15ICH 81FK00J8HV
  37. Mjmannella

    The Education Boards Use Mismatching Biomes

    Here's just one of many examples in the game. On the left if the Zoopedia show that hippos live the aquatic and grassland biomes (the Zoopedia biomes are also what the animals show when selected). However, the education board says they live in the aquatic, temperate, and tropical biomes. This is...
  38. KaoRu

    Please add an Options menu for Sandbox!

    I don't know if I missed it or what but there should be a menu like other games (Two Point Hospital for example) where you have options for Sandbox...So you get to choose how much money and CC you have (Unlimited is one of the choices), how fast you want time to go by, do you want everything...
  39. KaoRu

    Can't trade Exhibit Animals in Franchise?

    So after playing Sandbox I tried Franchise again after a bad experience with the beta (still failed bcuz of money dropping so fast for no freakin reason), I noticed that I couldn't trade my Exhibit Animals like I could in Sandbox. I could only sell them? I had wild Dogs, Kimodo Dragons and...
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