1. V

    Game idea: Planet Destination

    Think Cities: Skylines, but with a few differences. While you'd be able to create a city (and even a region of other cities), it also specializes in creating different places, such as amusement/theme parks, water parks, national parks, regular parks (like Central Park), fairgrounds, museums...
  2. M

    The Movies: Stunts and Effects, Frontier Version?

    I've been playing The Movies: Stunts and Effects on and off for the last 5-10 years or so because it's just a ridiculously good game despite it's age. After playing Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo recently as well I couldn't help but wonder what a Frontier version of that kind of game would be...
  3. M

    Temperature Issues for missions.

    So I've been experiencing issues with the temperatures being too hot or cold on planets when trying to disembark to complete a mission. I contacted the support team and they said to offer up any suggestions I had here. So I have a couple of ideas that I think could help this issue: 1. Allow us...
  4. G

    Black screen when I want to leave the ship on a planet

    This problem appeared after the last update. I have a black screen and impossible to quit the game without forcing it to close. I tried the trick of quitting and launching the basic version of elite dangerous but the problem recurs every time I return to a planet with ODYSSEY. With ORANGE...
  5. E

    Elite Dangerous Odyssey Pixel-looking planetary surface

    Hi everone... While approaching toh the palets for landing, I have some planet texture problems like pixel view. I shared some sample screenshots. I tried different graphic adjustment combination but can not solve this issue. My system is Ryzen 7 2700x - GTX 1660 Super - 16 GB 3200 mhz ram - 500...
  6. Daniel Klimchuk

    General Highlight Terrain Suitable for Landing and add Autolanding

    Trying to land a large ship on some planets can be very difficult and time consuming. It would be very handy if all ships would indicate areas on the surface that are suitable for landing when the landing gear is deployed. Additionally, it would be nice to to have the ability to "autoland"...
  7. BatXDude

    Planets, Moons and Odyssey

    We all know that when it comes to the First Footfall on our known Planets and it's Satellites we're all going to be chomping at the bit, more than likely, one person will try and be First on all of them. Is it possible, that the devs and us can agree to put Neil Armstrong as the first footfall...
  8. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    SRV Variant: Mining

    I would like to suggest that 2 new SRV variants be added to Elite with the specialty of surface mining. Welder This SRV is larger than a standard SRV and as such, takes up 2 hangar slots. The Welder has a pair of pylons out in front near ground level that can produce a heated beam of plasma...
  9. CMDR Mira Tigerheart

    Bug Report: invisible planet

    Moon HIP 36601 C 1A, formerly the best source of polonium nearest the bubble, has become invisible & immaterial since the latest update. I was just there yesterday before the update, and it was fine then. It exists now as only a point of light. Stars are visible through where the planet should...
  10. K

    View what the individual animals think/is currently doing

    There's a feature in most simulator games that will allow you the view what X and Y creature is currently doing or thinking. This feature is present is Jurassic World Evolution even, and I find it quite enjoyable when you can follow a creature with this feature. This may be opposed as a "less...
  11. FerriJoku

    After my first trip i had some questions

    Am I don't understand something or it's really a landable planet with size of a gas giant?
  12. S

    Put space station and ship interiors in Odyssey and let us walk around them please?

    nuff said
  13. Cosmo

    Stunning New Tech = Not Barren Desert Worlds

    The Odyssey trailer has atmospheric effects, more planetary surface details, better shadows etc. However, a barren, empty planet is not stunning imo. For example Tatooine (Star Wars) is a desert world with an atmosphere that orbits twin suns. It's interesting, but not much different than walking...
  14. Mrgoodygumdrops4u

    Found this on a planet in Hip 17694 looks creepy

    😳😳Found this on a planet in Hip 17694 looks creepy It’s b 7 f if you want to see it
  15. GN_Abbude

    Raxxla. I just want to ask a question. (Google translator)

    greetings commanders !! where is this system? (this is in the ps4 trailer) I was looking at the center of the raxxla symbol and remembered this distinctive mark on the planet. I do not vary much of activity but also do not remember this marking in the game.
  16. A

    Planet Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide

    So you didn't do the tutorial-- or maybe you did and you just missed something. Regardless, here is everything you need to make and manage a zoo that can keep animals and guests happy while creating a conservation effort.
  17. Wayward Goat

    28,322 atmospheres? What?

    Is this even possible or is it just a bug in procedural generation? It also says it has a water atmosphere, and its 2,482K.
  18. ebbrell

    temperatures on planets (light and dark side)

    I have noticed the temperature on a planet does really change when comparing the light side to the dark side. can this be more realistic and obviously be hotter on the light side to the dark side. for those planets very close to a star, can the temperatures on the light side be where they...
  19. Yamiks

    [Video] How to land on a planet?!

    System Scanner needs "Terraformable" notification!

    When scanning a system and deciding on what things are most worth mapping, credits-wise there is one extremely important thing, and that's if the planet is terraformable. This is a special modifier that applies to planets that are/can be put in earth-like conditions, and massively increases its...
  21. L

    Codex 'records'.

    We all saw that section of the Codex. It is a great idea, sort of a fishing thing, where you can see what was the smallest and the biggest one you "caught" so far. The problem is, it doesn't seem to work. It doesnt matter how many particular stars or planets you find the records sections will...
  22. T

    An Overly-Ambitious Idea

    With all of the things I don't particularly like about this game, I have to say it's still the best space game out there, with potential to become probably the best game of all time. It just needs more. It's a great, "realistic" portrayal of being a space entrepreneur, but as I sit in my...
  23. Old Duck

    Low Orbit Outposts

    Most stations and outposts I've been to have been in very high orbit, but I'd like to visit an outpost that's in low (and fast in relation to the ground) orbit like our own ISS. I prefer an outpost so I can sit on the landing pad and watch the...
  24. L

    SRV Updates and Guardian Tech

    Something I have enjoyed since I first picked up the game about a year ago, is driving around in the SRV. Just navigating the surface of a planet-or I'm the process of looking for something specific. Personally, I would like to see some customization to the SRV, these being small upgrades...
  25. SadSky


    I’m very happy about the 3.2 update. I was not expecting that much, since it was supposed to be a small one. I appreciate all the new stuff. I feel that there is something for everyone. New fighter ship with hybrid guardian technology, new weapon class (I always wanted to have more torpedo and...

    Moons close to Earth-likes/ammonias?

    I absolutely love the famous shots from the Apollo missions framing the planet behind the Moon, and i end up really wanting to visit their moons. Unfortunately, it turns out that in reality, your eyes are not actually a telephoto lens, and the earth is REALLY tiny behind you. There's no way you...
  27. O

    Strange Ice Planet - 5.6 Mil Atmno? 1,400 K?

    Found this while out exploring, and while I guess theoretically possible using ICE XI (Hexagonal ice) it really caught me off guard! Curious if this is something anyone else has seen... I am unsure if this was a glitch or a normal thing and if it is normal, well... just wanted to share it...
  28. Nat

    SRV in orbit! 700km up above planet surface (Mitterand Hollow)

    Hiya folks, earlier today I managed to get an SRV into orbit above Mitterand Hollow. It seems the Gnosis has caused a gravity anomaly! This is the moment of takeof and this highlight is a 10 minute clip later on when the SRV was some 700km...
  29. Daish

    Exploration mode ongoing suggestion.

    For players who love to explore the galaxy and hoping that devs will deliver on the QOL exploring, here is a suggestion. Whether your like myself exploring especially with the new planet textures is a simple matter of camera suite mode, and hovering around the orbit of the planet, great but...
  30. W

    Newcomer / Intro NOOB - finding planet stations?

    Yep, I'm a NOOB. I am on planet Ross 754 B 1. It has several land bases. But I can't find them in my contacts and I can't generate a flight plan to get to them. How do you find them? There are supposed to be 3 bases on the planet. I am just the discovery stage of this grand game. Thanks,
  31. G

    I think we should make certain planet POIs more worthwhile

    I am somehow losing the motivation to go and scout for planet POIs, specifically the non-mineral ones. I am talking about skimmers with loot, crashed ships with loot, and everything that basically includes cargo (non-material pickups). Why exactly do I encounter a bunch of skimmers in the...
  32. sibullski

    allow to pick destination for passenger missions. and increase requests

    There simply arent' enough demands from passengers. it makes me feel like i'm simply delivering a package. Passenger missions are a way to play the game and without more demands from the passengers. There really isn't anything special about passenger missions. They don't always have to ask for...
  33. Zenoe

    A solution to the whole "rank grind" thing thats been going on

    Remove the military rank altogether. Make the rank locked permits attainable via missions to complete. Alliance now has two ships (kinda) in the type-10 and chieftain, those aren't rank locked but can only be purchased in alliance space or at Jameson Memorial. I mean, you already need a god...
  34. S

    Please help with planetary landing missions?!?!

    Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the right area for this, I don't use forums in general much. I took out my first mission that involved landing on a planet and deploying the SRV. I had to scan something in a base. My friend told me that I had to disable gun turrets to get anywhere near the thing I...
  35. ToCoSo

    It'll be just like shooting wamprats in Beggar's Canyon back home?

    LAVA WORLD, HOT BEEF ALERT SLF RACING PIPE CLEANING Planet Coaster landscapes, Elite ships, BRING ON THE BLUE SKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. RolloTreadway

    Newcomer / Intro I have a probably very stupid question about planet surface salvage

    I'm asking this in the newcomers' forum, because I'm imagining it's something well known which I've just not come across before, and/or am too stupid to figure out. I was collecting some salvage from a shipwreck on a planet's surface, for a mission. There were some skimmers guarding it, easy...
  37. E

    Making planets & moons more exciting? Mission ideas!

    I had a thought while watching canyon run videos on Youtube - how could Frontier integrate this fun result of the game mechanics (flight mechanics + procgen planet environments) as real functional gameplay loops, with set levels of challenge, rewards and a connection to the game world? The...
  38. D

    Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

    Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony: Steps: Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available) Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a...
  39. A

    Different SRVs

    Modification of SRV depending of purposes right on board of ship. The modification patterns could be: - by properties [speed/tank/fight]; or - by fields of usage. But it's better not to limitate freedom of action and implement the possibility of flexible modification to gain aims needed.
  40. Maxim Jameson

    Retractable gear.. Landing on Asteroids with a surprise...

    You know there just had to be nice rock out there with a reasonably open spot for landing.. so lets go see how it's done.. voice of space traffic controller not included with game..
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