1. 7

    A strange perspective for spherical objects

    Hello to all Commanders, I played Elite for several years but I still can't accept how objects like stars and planets get distorted when they approach the side of the screen. It is an unrealistic perspective to me, because they get distorted like flat circles when obviously they are spherical...
  2. Qualityoflife

    Low-tech planet-tech

    Looking at any planet pics it is immediately noticeable how much world detail is missing from these oversized meteors. Even at the barren rock level. Uninspired delivery is aesthetically anemic! Will we ever see caves, mesas, valleys (real), mountain lines, ridge lines, cliffs, peaks, plains...
  3. Flimley

    [Comparison] Horizon vs odyssey planets

    Found this nicley put together video on YouTube made by Space Hero. Comparing the current horizons release version and new odyssey alpha versions of the same planets.\o/ enjoy... Source: Flimley
  4. S

    A small nostalgic suggestion - the restoration of Eta Cassiopeiae

    Hi there - first time poster, long-term fan of the series. While I was lurking here before joining the forums, I found a fascinating thread about finding systems with trojan planets. As an astronomy nerd, I was delighted back in F:E2 to visit the Eta Cassiopeiae system and see the huge gas...
  5. A

    General A suggestion for BGS factions

    I'm relatively new to Elite: Dangerous, so I apologize if this is something that has already been suggested. I really think it would help Elite become a better game if creating a BGS faction gave more of a connection to the original creator. Perhaps as a new career path. What would people think...
  6. Cosmo

    Is the Stellar Forge and ED becoming Outdated?

    More than 5 years have passed since ED was released. ED looked cutting-edge in 2015. Now, it has inferior level of detail (less polygons for ships, objects, lower resolution textures, no ray-tracing or volumetric clouds). Old games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft support RTX ray-tracing...
  7. M

    General Buyable planets (System Management)

    Would like to see purchasable planets in the upcoming years with base building and automated mining extractors. Purchased planets would be owned and nobody else could build on it except if owner put a player on the whitelist or put it for public access. Trespassing would result in planetary...
  8. Cosmo

    Why can we only Land on Barren Planets after almost 5 years?

    Elite Dangerous launched in December 2014. It had many major free and paid updates that exponentially improved the base game. However, aside from the desired space legs, there's one aspect that disappoints the most. We can only land on desolate, barren planets. We've waited almost 5 years for...
  9. Pausanias


    Since the most recent update on 24.1.19. You FSS all the planets in a system, but when you go to map the planet . . . Firstly, I've noticed that there is no FIRST DISCOVERED BY showing, only the Mapper. Secondly, when the planet is mapped it changes to UNKNOWN, goes into scanning mode and...
  10. I

    What planet material should I be looking for when mapping ( Scanning ?) planets?

    I'm trying to decide what planets are worth mapping and which are not. Atm I'm only mapping... HMC that are terraformable Waterworlds Earthlikes Ammonia worlds Gas Giant's with life swirlies And the rings/moons surrounding each of those types But there are lots of surface landable bodies...
  11. surfarer

    A way of making SLF's even more useful...

    I was thinking that on very Hi G landable planets it would be great if we could put our main ship in orbit and launch one of our fighters to land on the planet. Could this also be a premise for landable 'atmosphere' planets too??? Just an idea for interesting gameplay :)
  12. Wayward Goat

    A very weird planet...

    Look for yourself, this is obviously just a mishap in the procedural generation. But still sure is weird, and hella unrealistic, I'd say. Keep in mind this planet is about 20 light seconds from its star, which was an M type..
  13. E

    [B]Nobody asked for it but we keep getting it.[/B]

    why is it that we keep getting more guardian/thargoids that nobody for the exception of a select few actually like; the whole personal narrative that they keep saying is just a pretty word for GRIND. i think that frontier made a poll asking the players what they would like to see in the...
  14. O

    Exploration and Locked worlds

    I've been an avid Elite Dangerous pilot now for a little over a year. Like many, I've taken the time to grind out ranks, run missions, and explore (yes have already been to Colonia...6 hours one way...). As I sit and think about this, some of the most fascinating and greatest achievements of...
  15. marx

    Five planets, one barycenter

    I vaguely recall there having been some posts about such, but can't seem to find them. So, I came across five planets all orbiting the same barycenter, around a single class K star, in a mass code C system. I'll post the system name once I sell the data (will probably be at least a couple of...
  16. S

    Poor scan range

    WHO in his/her infinite mind has thought that scan range is something to do with mass (or so it seems) (no empirical data, just hours, hours, hours... and hours of scanning) . In every (my view) SCI-FI series/movie whole starsystem is scanned at once or much greater distance. If REAL engineer or...
  17. Roen Soul

    When Planets Collide

    This feature should be made so that when it happens the planets would smash each other with large bursting lava flows from all contact points. The planets do not explode but tears each other to pieces leaving a trail of burning hot lava stones. Then there could be 3 outcomes... 1. Both planets...
  18. Atlas Core

    Caves & Chasms

    Flying through a canyon on Europa got me to thinking. It sure would be one heck of an adventure to take this big boat of a Cutter down into some deep dark caves and chasms below the icy surface of this beautiful moon. Oh what wonders I’d find hidden in the dark revealed by my ships lights. What...
  19. K

    Record Breaking G Forces??

    I'm not sure if these are a glitch or completely possible with the current game mechanics but these are some insane G's!!! I wasn't sure how to post pics to this so I'll link imgur In case the link does not work ill post the essential details here. (P.S. if you look...
  20. T

    Surface Bombing Fighters

    Hey! I've been having a lot of fun bombarding a planet recently by strapping some size 2 Mine Launchers to the underside of a Viper MkIII (Gravity makes them fall down, and the blast radius means they work wonders for bombing settlements) and it made me wonder; Would it be possible to add a...
  21. Giyari

    Exploration, variety, and adding some excitement to the wider galaxy.

    Exploration is fairly monotonous. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. So on and so forth. It lacks any real variety in tasks despite the huge variations available in ships, and with engineering, module set ups available to Commanders to perform tasks...
  22. B

    Crime and punishment for planet scan jobs

    I just watched both casts of upcoming "Beyond" expansion and have question about law and punishment. It seems to be somewhat broken right now for the "planetary scan" missions where you have to download data from beacon. I haven't been doing anything illegal, many of these missions are...
  23. A

    Please bring back some v2.1 planet surface looks (screens in attach)

    Hi I decided bump up this topic again, due to news about available coming planet's surface changes. (with still little hope) Here i upload again screens of two good example of beautiful type (in my opinions at least) of surfaces, which was remove in v2.2 1. System 10 Canum Venaticorum, planet...
  24. A

    Multicrew needs something more

    First off, the idea of multicrew is great, fantastic, revolutionary even! However, there are so many limitations to it that multicrew often becomes a hindrance if you're doing anything other than just flying around blowing stuff up. Here are just a few of the ways that multicrew could be made a...
  25. Brad Avidro

    Atmospheric planets

    I don't know what is planned for planets with atmosphere in the future, but from my point of view it gives Frontier the chance to bring in some more funds. Planets with atmosphere but not populated could be similar to the existing planets without atmosphere, especially where the atmosphere is...
  26. J

    Worse graphics content - planets surfaces

    I would like to ask, why is the surface of planets worse then in 2016?! It looked amazing in 2016. In these days, every planet has almost same color, worse surface. Where is the reason to make visuals worse?! :(
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