player groups

  1. Daverex

    General Increase player agency for long-term participation.

    In the last couple years, we've seen Elite Dangerous evolve in terms of content and playability. With the introduction of player-owned fleet carriers comes a great opportunity for players to influence the course of events within the Elite Dangerous universe. However, my prediction is that this...
  2. Commander Yumasai

    Faction-based mapmode

    I would like to propose the idea of a mapmode within the galactic map view, where one can insert the name of a minor faction and accordingly see the territory it controls / governs. A similar construct already exists for the galactic powers, where one can see their territory. But in terms of...
  3. I

    [EMPIRE] Player Group Registration

    So I am looking to register my squad to a player group so I can make a fraction in game for it. I cannot find the link for it anywhere. Could anyone please give me the link maybe. Thank you in advanced.
  4. LootBoxHero

    [LFG] [PC] Flat Earth Ninjas is recruiting. You should join.

    We are looking for Commanders that would like to form a solid player group so we can then look at submitting to Frontier for minor faction status. This branch of Flat Earth Ninjas is newer compared to other games in which we are involved. We are looking for Commanders of all skills and...
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