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  1. C

    United Systems Cooperative is recruiting!

    Established in 3306, the United Systems Cooperative is a tight-knit organization of independent pilots operating across the galaxy, both in human space, and the uncharted sectors beyond. Little is known about this groups motives and plans, though many conflicting reports are offered by systems...
  2. Daverex

    General Increase player agency for long-term participation.

    In the last couple years, we've seen Elite Dangerous evolve in terms of content and playability. With the introduction of player-owned fleet carriers comes a great opportunity for players to influence the course of events within the Elite Dangerous universe. However, my prediction is that this...
  3. Commander Yumasai

    Faction-based mapmode

    I would like to propose the idea of a mapmode within the galactic map view, where one can insert the name of a minor faction and accordingly see the territory it controls / governs. A similar construct already exists for the galactic powers, where one can see their territory. But in terms of...
  4. I

    [EMPIRE] Player Group Registration

    So I am looking to register my squad to a player group so I can make a fraction in game for it. I cannot find the link for it anywhere. Could anyone please give me the link maybe. Thank you in advanced.
  5. LootBoxHero

    [LFG] [PC] Flat Earth Ninjas is recruiting. You should join.

    We are looking for Commanders that would like to form a solid player group so we can then look at submitting to Frontier for minor faction status. This branch of Flat Earth Ninjas is newer compared to other games in which we are involved. We are looking for Commanders of all skills and...
  6. Z

    Legionem Ethicam Needs recruits! Join us today!!

    Attn: Legionem Ethicam is seeking talented and versatile CMDR's wishing to expand their skills and fill a myriad of roles. As a Squadron, we are looking to establish a presence as duty-bound mercenaries to fulfill any need in the galaxy. Looking for both new and veteran CMDR's to enlist in our...
  7. TransTechGirl

    [INDEPENDENT] United Systems Imperium - Friendly, Active, All Platforms --- JOIN TODAY

    The United Systems Imperium is a growing collection of Independent Pilots seeking to bring peace, unity, and order to the Galaxy. We are more than a faction, we are a community, and we have a place for everyone. Whether you are new to the game, or an experienced player, a casual fan, or a...
  8. noonian

    [INDEPENDENT] foundation of anew minor faction in colonia?

    o7 cmdrs, we are a Group of germanspeeking XBOX comanders who decide to emigrate to Colonia a few weeks ago. Now we want to try to start up with a new minor facton there but now we recognized that it isnt possible to choose one of the colonia region systems as a prefered starting system. We...
  9. Daniel Klimchuk

    Player Minor Factions

    Hello Commanders! I have a few questions regarding the player owned minor factions: 1. If a squadron has a lot of members, does the owner need to pay Frontier for it to be turned into a minor faction? 2. Does the owner of the minor faction get to choose it's government type and where it is...
  10. Melsom

    [EMPIRE] Norwegian Imperial Society

    The Norwegian Imperial Society General information Platform: PC Timezone: EU GMT+1 Language: English & Norwegian Major Power: Empire Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval About us The Norwegian Imperial Society is a fairly new Empire based player group involving in Minor Faction play and PowerPlay, our...
  11. C

    Player Minor Faction Updates

    Hey folks, I'm not sure how relevant this will be to you all but I just thought it might save someone else a headache. When you are creating a new PMF, or considering requesting for one, make sure you do your research! The most important thing I would say is to make sure that you understand...
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