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  1. Z

    Legionem Ethicam Needs recruits! Join us today!!

    Attn: Legionem Ethicam is seeking talented and versatile CMDR's wishing to expand their skills and fill a myriad of roles. As a Squadron, we are looking to establish a presence as duty-bound mercenaries to fulfill any need in the galaxy. Looking for both new and veteran CMDR's to enlist in our...
  2. TransTechGirl

    [INDEPENDENT] United Systems Imperium - Friendly, Active, All Platforms --- JOIN TODAY

    The United Systems Imperium is a growing collection of Independent Pilots seeking to bring peace, unity, and order to the Galaxy. We are more than a faction, we are a community, and we have a place for everyone. Whether you are new to the game, or an experienced player, a casual fan, or a...
  3. noonian

    [INDEPENDENT] foundation of anew minor faction in colonia?

    o7 cmdrs, we are a Group of germanspeeking XBOX comanders who decide to emigrate to Colonia a few weeks ago. Now we want to try to start up with a new minor facton there but now we recognized that it isnt possible to choose one of the colonia region systems as a prefered starting system. We...
  4. Daniel Klimchuk

    Player Minor Factions

    Hello Commanders! I have a few questions regarding the player owned minor factions: 1. If a squadron has a lot of members, does the owner need to pay Frontier for it to be turned into a minor faction? 2. Does the owner of the minor faction get to choose it's government type and where it is...
  5. Melsom

    [EMPIRE] Norwegian Imperial Society

    The Norwegian Imperial Society General information Platform: PC Timezone: EU GMT+1 Language: English & Norwegian Major Power: Empire Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval About us The Norwegian Imperial Society is a fairly new Empire based player group involving in Minor Faction play and PowerPlay, our...
  6. C

    Player Minor Faction Updates

    Hey folks, I'm not sure how relevant this will be to you all but I just thought it might save someone else a headache. When you are creating a new PMF, or considering requesting for one, make sure you do your research! The most important thing I would say is to make sure that you understand...
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