1. GoalieHoff-G08


    (I apologize if this has been discussed already) Questions to the community: Would you get into the idea of being able to take the role of an engineer and specialize mods to offer for sale? Maybe have a special system of leveling your ability and also be able to sell pre-engineered modules for...
  2. Fenyl

    Please add "battle won" information in player journal.

    This is very simple request, but so important in the current BGS for all of us using journal for third party applications: Please add "battle won" information in player journal.
  3. Bonsaipanda

    Player Faction application random rejection

    I'm just writing this because I really don't know what to do next. I govern a player faction "Arms of the Panda" that is currently in a jam (because of my poor choice for a starter system). So I asked Frontier if it would be possible to move it to another system. Answer is no. When a faction is...
  4. D

    Manual start sequence and player capital ships

    For some this might not seem like much but if we get ships that are huge class or could be enabled on smaller ships we could do manual startups and shutdown. basically like what the Argo did when it took off to investigate the comet empire. Basically I would like manual startup as an option...
  5. Gromit_

    Player to Player trade

    When will it be possible for players to trade with each other?? Including modules, ships everything, some players could make a living out of engineering ships modules etc. The players who don't want to Grind for everything could buy some stuff from players. It would also bring players together...
  6. R

    Player Designed Race Courses

    Players like to compete, but currently setting up race courses and trials is not possible and has to be completely imagined and explained in some detail. Possible Solution Allow players to purchase and drop limpets designated as race / trial 'start-points', 'end-points' and 'way-points'...
  7. D

    Wave motion gun

    For the star blazers fanatic in me if we get capital ships for players I’d want a variation on the Farragut only obtainable by the pilots federation and thus Mocs can’t have them lore wise you could say the pilots federation had a landmark deal with the federal navy to be recognized as an...
  8. Ulysses Drake

    Player faction for Explorers

    I may be completely wrong, but wasn't there at one point a player group or faction focused on exploration? I vaguely remember one but now that I want to join one I can't find it. It could be the space madness getting to me though. Thanks Commanders o7!
  9. GN_Abbude

    suggestion of fun-oriented game mode to add in the ELITE universe.

    my suggestion is a PVP mode accessible through a station located at a point near where the territory of the 3 factions converge (regardless of who is in power), a combat mode where you must bring a faction vessel (federation, alliance or empire ) medium-sized (including the imperial clipper and...
  10. Pro Cambarus

    Community Event / Creation The Great Galactic Census is live! Watch the epic census video and join the census with your faction

    The Great Galactic Census is live! Check The Great Galactic Census Motion Picture to gain an insight why The Great Galactic Census might become an important milestone in the history of the Elite Dangerous universe and also to see for yourself one of the coolest and most epic videos ever made...
  11. Sinlos

    THE INFINITUDE CONSORTIUM. *New Xbox Player Group*

    The infinitude consortium. I have created a new player group for xbox players who wish to build up a brand new faction. We need members who are looking to have fun but still want to work towards creating something great. I don't have any specific requirements to join other than that you must...
  12. [ERR]CrescentMage


    EXPOSE. RESIST. RISE. ERR is an anti-Aegis player faction, whose goal is to expose the corruption behind Aegis, and in the long term, dwindle their numbers, and possibly eradicate them as a whole. We intend to do this through relatively, and hopefully, peaceful means. But in the situation that...
  13. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group Discord

    Official Zemina Torval Group Discord The official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group is on discord and this is where we coordinate supporters' actions & socialise. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the Empire's Trading & Mining Power than...
  14. C

    Question about merging player minor factions

    My group would like to merge two player minor factions. There were two factions requested because of a miscommunication. Is it possible to have them merged?
  15. X

    player house - build and customise player planetary base or orbital station

    A new DLC where players can build and customise their own planetary base or station and quarters in their own ship. It’s not a new idea, there have been posts on it since 2014 (listed below). It would add a lot of depth to the game and I don’t think it would be too hard to develop (but I am not...
  16. G

    Any Chance for Player-Created Rare Commodities?

    Any chance of having player-created rare commodities? If not, any info on how commodities are/were generated to the game? I am also curious.
  17. Winged Gecko

    Player Factions

    Is Frontier going to start adding new player factions soon? Seems there has been a freeze.[blah]
  18. King Morbid

    Rare Commodity suggestion.

    I would like rare goods that are blocked by factions to be available to buy on the black market. It would be nice if we could use the black market as a black market. The market would have to be a permanent fixture, no matter the Power or faction. The weakness would be possibilities of T-sensor...
  19. S

    Feature Suggestion: Player Generated Content

    This is a long one so bear with me... One of he things that Elite lacks is a sense of player agency. There is simply not much we can do to affect in the universe we are a part of. I will propose multiple ways to change this in, what I think (as someone who does NOT have any experience with game...
  20. C

    Player group decals

    Sooo... i've got involved with the player group called Wolves of Jonai (which is a very friendly and helpfull group) on yt? He xbox and i see almost everyone with their logo as a decal. They explained to me that it was an event reward, but it was long before i joined them. Cmdr Kosmos (one of...
  21. E

    Player Faction Help

    My group is trying to get a player faction put into the game and are confused with the instructions on the application. The field says that the home systems we choose require the same government as our player faction, but I don't understand what that means. The government changes according to...
  22. G

    How do you make played made factions

    Hey guys i was wondering exactly how do I make my own player made faction? Any help would be appreciated
  23. C

    The Helix Corp

    We at the Helix Corporation are looking to take on new recruits to aid the progression of becoming a player faction aimed a Exploration, Guardian and Thargoid Research, Trading and Combat. We are an Independent Group that seeks progression and advancement of the players under us. Rookies and...
  24. LuPoN

    The Knights of Beneverchio - Player Faction in Avalon

    Good Day fellow Commanders, This is CMDR LuPoN speaking for the Knights of Beneverchio. We are a small group of players that are behind the Player Faction which is based in Avalon, aligned with the Empire, and I’m here seeking support from our wonderful community. Non many knew we were a...
  25. DWinston33


    I searched the site and was unable to find an answer as to how you add an additional player/identity without having to clear the original one. Does anyone know how this is accomplished? I don't see a create new player option anywhere and my friend and I would both like to play (at different...
  26. RonkerZ

    Elite Dangerous Dutch Community Thread 2

    Old thread is locked: Hallo mensen, gezien de vorige draad gelocked is open ik bij deze een 2e nederdraad. Zijn er nog Nederlanders/Belgen/Luxemburgers op dit forum? Bij deze wil ik jullie er nog even op attenderen dat ik...
  27. Logan Terrick

    Xukong Nexus

    Who and what are Xukong Nexus? We are an organised, dedicated, friendly group whose ethos is to support one another, protect all citizens, rid the 'verse of scum and villainy and continually grow in knowledge, number and presence. We play Elite Dangerous together in order to share resources...
  28. X

    Shipping ships and Cmdr Transportation

    I believe the ability to move ships from station to station should be implemented without the need for being physically present at either end of the transfer. Even if it took longer to transfer the ship due to getting messages across space. In addition, due to the increase efforts to colonize...
  29. LuxAeterna

    Player Council to Fdev

    I would like to see a player council (council name TBD) drafted that coordinates player suggestions and concerns with the Devs involved with that council. This system has been pretty effective at QC during the process of development with other developers that have tried this method. The Player...
  30. G

    Need a few good wingmen

    Newish player looking for clan/group to enjoy Elites multi-faceted offering on PS4 platform. Im interested in all modes of play (yes including mining). Love to play supporting roles in groups. Ill even watch your back in a combat ship while you mine. Im just a team player that is tired of all...
  31. T

    Gameplay Suggestions +

    My suggestions: Player Factions. Player Factions owned Star bases. Cargo Items Storage in bases. Faction ships and modules to all Superpowers. Exploration missions. Best Regards.
  32. Zcorruption

    Player driven economy

    I feel after a few years of this game being around its time to bring back up the discussion around player driven economy. Firstly, ive seem a lot of arguments for it from the community and a negative feeling from the developers but let me use an example of a game that, im sure many have...
  33. Justinian Octavius

    Torval Strategic Services; for Traders, Miners, Diplomats & Fighters

    Greetings Commanders, you are most welcome! Torval Strategic Services is the Frontier Developments registered Player Group allied to Senator Zemina Torval, the Empire’s mining and trading power. If you want to make money in the Empire then we are the group for you! We also offer a variety of...
  34. Roen Soul

    Commander to Commander Direct Trading System

    Commander to Commander Direct Trading System Both commanders needs to be inside the same station to establish direct and instant trading system. In this system you can trade and sell everything, including modified weapons and even ships. The trade can be paid with money or anything tradable...
  35. Olivia Vespera

    Oh my god I've created an Elite:Dangerous Wiki. (for player faction)

    I have created an Elite: Dangerous player faction Wiki and I may have jumped of the deep end. But in anycase, here it is: The purpose of this wiki is to provide an easy to read and access point for all player faction information. Going along the theme that a lot of things in Elite are...
  36. D

    Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

    Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony: Steps: Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available) Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a...
  37. Justinian Octavius

    BGS: Commanders should be able to found Minor Factions as a reward in game

    Commanders should be able to found their own Minor Faction in game imho. This could be either as a group via the forthcoming Squadron mechanics or individually as a reward for those with triple Elite or Double Elite with Admiral/King. Limiting each Squadron/Commander to one, making it an...
  38. R

    Community Event / Creation EEEEK! New Player : HELP ME!

    EEEEK! New Player: HELP ME! I am TOTALLY out of my depth! Please "Throw Me A Bone" and recommend best sites for Beginners Tips, and Offer Any other relevant advice I will need! NOTHING is too simple or obvious to offer up! Please assume total idiocy, ignorance and NOOBness on my part...
  39. Augustus Caelinus

    Peregrina Research and Intelligence Agency

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