1. Jonuss

    Stellar Winds Episode 2: The Roadmap to Elite

    Also check out Yamik's video on the subject www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF9tlytvZWE In today's show, we unpack an Elite: Dangerous filename list given to us by an anonymous source. Things we discovered: The Panther Clipper Mining Fighters A Pilotable Alien Ship Aquatic Landing Gear Player...
  2. Tyrvol

    Loose Screws - The American Elite Dangerous Podcast - Episode 5 is up!!

    Episode 5 is live. We go over all the features of the September Update, even the parts some people don't like. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/loose-screws/id1477688810?fbclid=IwAR1KkpS4Oul4Z6kDKlNCaAadp4Ts7EG034a7QmuorYvVtX93Jz-CZp5ajWc...
  3. Tyrvol

    Loose Screws - The American Elite Dangerous Podcast - Episode 4

    It's up!!!! An American podcast on the game we love so much. Give us a listen and tell us when you think on Twitter - @loosescrewsed Anchor https://anchor.fm/loosescrews Apple Podcasts...
  4. Arbitration

    Season Two of the Broadcast Cobra Podcast!

    Hello Commanders! Season Two of Broadcast Cobra kicked off on our anniversary date, April 1st. We hope to bring you regular monthly updates through out 3305 and beyond! You can always find our latest episode here. Advisory: Broadcast Cobra is intended for mature audiences only. CMDRs...
  5. L

    Community Event / Creation The Hyacinth Disaster (miners only)

    I found this awesome audio podcast about mining in Sol. https://www.davidecarlson.net/hyacinth Free. Gripping story. Good production values. // 150 million resource-rich asteroids populate the void between colonized Mars and Jupiter; many more orbit in the gas giant's vast Lagrange regions...
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