1. Commander Yumasai

    Dyson City custom advertisement icon

    In light for the rise of Nova Imperium and the failure of the purge, I thought that perhaps it could be fun to consider that such a grouping would display recruiting efforts as it needs pilots to fill the ranks after the Battle of Paresa. To that extend, I have drafted this simple image. I have...
  2. Roen Soul

    Squadrons Experience of 23 Years

    Squadrons Experience of 23 Years I speak through experience and I will highlight a few issues that I have faced with my clans past these decades. Every clan, guild, squadrons have commonly a short lifespan in true life. 90% of these fail within 3 months right from the start. 1 from 100 of...
  3. T

    The potential political philosophy of the Empire

    The Empire seems to be a mixture of the elements of the British Empire (ship names), Roman Empire (Senators, Patrons, Clients) and the Middle Ages (Imperial Navy Ranks). Yet it has a political system that has fundamentally novel ideas, not seen in those eras and it is also strange why they would...
  4. Alexander R

    Elite Magazine Covers

    Someone with more artistic talent than I created this edited version of the original Zzap!64 issue 1 cover, which of course featured the gold medal winning Elite. and here is the original : Source - llamasoft's YakYak forum : http://www.yakyak.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=83539&start=465
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