1. AEterna426

    Ogólnopolski serwer discordowy poświęcony grze Elite Dangerous zaprasza!

    Serdecznie zapraszamy na jeden z największych polskich serwerów discordowych poświęcony grze Elite Dangerous o nazwie: Elite Dangerous Polska. Opis serwera: Przeznaczony jest głównie dla naszych rodaków mieszkających zarówno w Polsce jak i poza jej granicami. Obowiązującym językiem używanym...
  2. Kerrash

    News #Elite30Years - 10 day stream-athon!

    Greetings Commanders! In honour of the 30th anniversary of Elite, Frontier have asked me to organise a mass live streaming event over the next 10 days leading upto the launch of Beta 2. Below are the confirmed streamers and links to their channels. The more the merrier so if you want to stream...
  3. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Kerrash Landing- Donations?

    I need advice from you all, should I put up a section for optional donations on the stream? I have been put off this idea in the past because I hate asking for things, but it has been suggested that I should do it. The main reason was so I could afford to pay the monthly subscription to remove...
  4. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Elite: Dangerous Community Live Stream - Kerrash Landing

    Greetings Commanders! I have started this thread to keep track of all the various questions that you folks would like answered on the community live stream. Please go ahead to post and comments, questions & suggestions below, and if you would like to star on the show please go ahead and PM me...
  5. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Kerrash Landing: When is best for you...

    Greetings Commanders! As I was unable to make the Saturday stream as usual and a lot of people requested I stayed on later Friday to fit in with their time; I decided I should open this question up to you all. Firstly what day of the week would suit you best for the live stream? Given that...
  6. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Kerrash Landing - Appology

    Greetings Commanders! I am afraid I will have to post-pone this Friday's (24th) episode of Kerrash Landing due to a family issue. Please share the message around as I may not have time to let anyone else know. Thanks, and sorry to let you down :o
  7. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Pick me a winner! (Ship names)

    Greetings Commanders! First of all thank you all for the warm reception of my live streaming channel, Kerrash Landing. As you may know, we will all be naming our ships come the release of the full game. Given that the stream is all about the community and giving back you guys, I have decided...
  8. R

    Alpha Release date speculation thread

    Do we have any idea yet when the private alpha test will commence (i.e. for those who pledged at a high enough level to take part?)
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