1. RenzorTheRed

    Newcomer / Intro Build Question about Multipurpose Hardpoints and being TOO HOT

    Hi, guys. Just joined the forum. Been playing for a month or so. Love the game. I had a question about what happens when you're demanding too much power, but the various weapons etc drawing power aren't intended to be used simultaneously. For instance, I've been looking to refit my Cobra MKIII...
  2. G

    Do weapons not in the current fire group use energy?

    I'm a bit confused by energy consumption. If my warrant scanner isn't in my current fire group, does it use energy if my hardpoints are deployed? Or anything else for that matter.
  3. J

    Staff facilities have no power

    Dear reader, I have a issue with Planet Zoo. When I want to make a zoo for myself and I add a staff facilities, then has that building no power. (See screenshots) Can please somebody help me?
  4. HunterSThompson

    Power facilities

    I find it really frustrating how power facilities such as solar panels can’t just be placed on the roof, surely you can add some sort of system where the panels have a sphere of influence that has to be close to a battery on the ground for the mechanic to get to? And make the battery something...
  5. zizzle8383

    Sandbox Settings Suggestion: Unlimited Power/Water

    I hate how in sandbox mode i have to manage power, if i want to make a really stunning zoo, for me its hard to find a place to put the power, so please add a way to make power, and even water cleaning unlimited in sandbox mode settings!~ -Zizzle8383
  6. P

    Toggle Power Usage

    I would love to see a toggle on most things that consume electricity. There are a few times already that I wish I could use certain lights as creative pieces instead of their normal function but that ramps up the electricity cost. Using lights as props makes certain buildings look pretty strange...
  7. S

    Council of 18 Wings Now Recruiting.

    New Squadron of Multi-Role and Elite-ranked players accepting new recruits. No requirements, new and veteran players welcome. Still looking for a system to base in. Suggestions welcome. Please join the Discord and give us a shout. https://discord.gg/zchtWtb
  8. Tahakaro

    Xbox One turn off

    After a recent update, the game freezes and turns off my console. It is also often impossible to get data from the server (missions, markets, etc. are not loaded) on xbox one x (4k)
  9. N

    Missing power outage

    Hi All, I wonder if you can help. I have an issue on Tacano. Everything has been going great, but suddenly I have a power issue. I am showing 1 thing needing power. I have plenty of available power, and going through the map I cannot find anything needing power. Is this a bug? Any ideas on how...
  10. M

    Mamba Suggestion / Requirement: Size 7 Power Distributor.

    In all the load outs I've tested, one thing remains consistent: the Mamba's power distributor is wholly inadequate. This is primarily for the weapons, but I've noticed this across the systems, engines, and weapons collectively. I can point to it's closest peers: the Python, and the Krait Mk...
  11. Justinian Octavius

    Mining Commodity Price & Squadrons Powerplay Leaderboard Feedback

    The last tweaks to mother lode material sell prices on specific commodity markets is creating genuine wild west style gold rushes at a couple of ports & stations (~1.5M per ton). This is excellent and brings mining almost inline with the passenger lounge & mission board but requires skill & user...
  12. DerSteve

    Diamondback Explorer boosting with low power distributor

    Hey, I currently have a 1D power distributor fitted on my Exploration Diamondback. Of course that's not enough for boosting but how far up do I have to go? And would it be possible to equip a power distributor that won't boost stock but will boost when engineered? If yes, what distributor would...
  13. U

    Powerplay Power Play merit calculator

    As part of my process for trying to understand why CMDR's play Power Play. I have made a merits calculator on Google Docs. It is available for any body who uses this link: Elite Dangerous Power Play Economics for the merits via transportation This 1st chart shows that merits...
  14. U

    Powerplay Dear PP community .......Why?

    Hello PP players. Even though I have had this game since release. I have only just joined my 1st PP power. I had heard a lot of bad things about PP so I put it off. However, I decided I really wanted those prismatic shields :) I have been reading the helpful guides on this forum and watching...
  15. Tolmir

    Powerplay Becoming a power

    I know a minor faction has become a power before so I'm wondering is it possible for any other minor factions to become a power? Say a minor faction became more powerful than the powers themselves then would that minor faction then become a power seeing as they are more powerful? I know there...
  16. Roen Soul

    Thrust Panels

    Thrust Panels Instead of having a huge rocket engine I suggest using panels full of micro engines that combine their power. Sometime small works more efficiently than a large one. This technology is seriously on table in NASA research. The future of rocket engineering means that everything...
  17. dmulligan

    Powerplay Buying modules

    I've been power play only for the modules. I'm a few modules in so far and I'm looking for advice about how many spare modules I should have in storage so I don't have to wait another 3+ weeks later on. I made sure to have one prismatic of every size plus a couple on ships and an extra spare...
  18. RolloTreadway

    Engineers Engineering distributors for combat

    I have a bit of a nooby question, because as long as I've been playing this game, I've never really been much of a fighter. Always been an explorer - I did a bit of shooting at other ships in REZs in the early days to make progress, and I've done enough self-defence to reach Master rank - but I...
  19. Yamiks

    [video] Guardian VS Meta-alloy VS normal & engineered MODULES

  20. GN_Abbude

    suggestion of fun-oriented game mode to add in the ELITE universe.

    my suggestion is a PVP mode accessible through a station located at a point near where the territory of the 3 factions converge (regardless of who is in power), a combat mode where you must bring a faction vessel (federation, alliance or empire ) medium-sized (including the imperial clipper and...
  21. TorvalStrategyTeam

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Torval joins Twitter & Website ALPHA 2 Online

    Two quick bits of news. Firstly, we are now on Twitter! So do drop by & follow us at: https://twitter.com/EliteTorval . And secondly, version ALPHA 2 of our website is now online at www.elitetorval.com which should fix the navigation bar & in page button issues on smartphones. As ever, if anyone...
  22. TorvalStrategyTeam

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Zemina Torval Website ALPHA Launched

    Great news! We've launched a website! It is currently only an alpha version but we feel it is a solid base from which to build a content rich portal for both Torval commanders and the wider Elite Dangerous community. Visit our alpha website at: http://www.elitetorval.com/ If you wish to...
  23. Riverside

    Well that sucked the wind out of my sails

    I had a big day today, I flipped a system to my favoured (NPC) faction. ED Bucket List Box ticked, it was months of work and I'm pretty pleased with myself. Or I was, until I met a Pledged player. No, no PvP was involved, they just came to investigate the change & happened to meet me, we had a...
  24. Power and Connections

    As per a thread here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/432093-OMG-How-do-you-connect-power - Let's Discuss Power! ALL THE POWER! There are three power units in the game. - Small Power Station - Medium Power Station - Large Power Station Each one outputs a set amount of base...
  25. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group Discord

    Official Zemina Torval Group Discord https://discord.gg/01208H0qcjUPFPbm6 The official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group is on discord and this is where we coordinate supporters' actions & socialise. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the Empire's Trading & Mining Power than...
  26. L

    Guardian Modules

    Guardian Power distributor screenshots or stats? Also really wish *all* experimental weapons had gimballed versions. Especially hard bringing out a big ship like the Anaconda to get fixed mounts to hit the target. Particularly with the scout. The earlier Thargaroid ships were easier to hit.
  27. R

    Newcomer / Intro Community Group Advice for Beginners

    I've been trying to find the fastest way to earn credits toward a bigger ship, other than bounty hunting in a sidewinder in High REZ zones. All the grinding has been depressing, bounty hunting in a sidewinder makes about 500K to 1.0M CR per hour, painfully slow waiting for larger ships to show...
  28. Z

    Ship lost power and now I can't get back onboard

    Hi all. I seem to have overexerted my ship as it tried to take off when I moved too far away from it, but lost all power in the process. This has left me stranded with an unresponsive ship I tried logging out to correct the issue, but now when I try to recall it, my ship loses power the moment...
  29. n13L5

    Why does a KW scanner eat more power than a weapon or even a shield generator? electronics?

    I find this an annoyance beyond compare. I have to calculate more power draw for a stupid KW scanner than for a Class 2 weapon (unless its a beam laser, maybe). And if I engineer it for range, it starts to weigh more than some major components on my ship. The better part of a MEGA WATT!! You...
  30. Yamiks

    Modes [video] BGS & Power play in SOLO & PRIVATE

    https://youtu.be/Y48U_JXYMLk After reading them threads where people complain about BGS & that doing things for it in solo is cheating : it sparked an idea for this! Now to note once more : doing BGS or power play in solo or private IS NOT CHEATING and if you think it is : well you are wrong...
  31. M

    Bigger distributor in the cutter

    It doesn't really make sense for it to be the second biggest ship in the whole entire game but have a 7 power distributor the Anaconda has a 8 and I believe the type 9 and type 10 or upgrading to A Class 8
  32. Justinian Octavius

    Beyond Crime & Punishment: Powerplay will need a Paramilitary Activities Report or similar

    Firstly I would like to congratulate FDev on the Crime & Punishment system being introduced in Beyond; in my view it is excellent so hats off. One potential issue in regard to Powerplay though is that the current method of detecting whether a system is being opposed or undermined involves using...
  33. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay: Diplomacy screen to vote for who is a Power's Allies is needed

    The hard coded Powerplay allegiances no longer reflect how the game is being played (eg Yuri Grom is an ally of the Imperial Powers but the game does not recognise this). As such imho there needs to be someway for those pledged to a Power to change its diplomatic status. It would therefore be...
  34. Justinian Octavius

    Torval Strategic Services; for Traders, Miners, Diplomats & Fighters

    Greetings Commanders, you are most welcome! Torval Strategic Services is the Frontier Developments registered Player Group allied to Senator Zemina Torval, the Empire’s mining and trading power. If you want to make money in the Empire then we are the group for you! We also offer a variety of...
  35. Justinian Octavius

    BGS: Commanders should be able to found Minor Factions as a reward in game

    Commanders should be able to found their own Minor Faction in game imho. This could be either as a group via the forthcoming Squadron mechanics or individually as a reward for those with triple Elite or Double Elite with Admiral/King. Limiting each Squadron/Commander to one, making it an...
  36. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay: PvP Kills should be recorded & medals awarded for

    With Beyond Powerplay is getting its own Bounty system. As such, it may allow another way to encourage player participation in PvP, namely by recording the number of enemy kills Commanders clock up and for their Power to award them with medals or rank stripes at certain numbers of confirmed...
  37. D

    How to find Power Down Power Grid Missions aka does ED use logic for mission spawns

    I want to understand if there was logic put in how and when certain mission types are spawn in the mission board. I chose a rare mission type I am looking for and that is the Power Down Power Grid missions and similar that involve you to sabotage a power plant installation or etc on a moon...
  38. AL TARF

    Fuel Scoop engineer upgrades useless?

    Am I the only one thinking that the only available Fuel Scoop engineer upgrade - "Integrity" is completely useless? I didn't notice this upgrade until recently I saw it and got excited ( Fuel scoop is among few things you absolutely must have to explore the galaxy properly, and I'm the explorer...
  39. S

    Ship Builds & Load Outs How to calculate weapon power draw

    Hi all, Is there a way to calculate and optimise weapon loadout based on power draw? Can I somehow see how well will a certain ship handle lasers, has someone created a calculator and/or tables for such a thing? I am mostly interested in whether or not a Python would be able to fire two medium...
  40. D

    Concept ships or realistic ships Anaconda and Viper

    just an image i made to conjecture what scale the ships so far shown are in relation to each other, I understand these are concept craft and liable to change allot, but it would be nice to imagine that real scale human relative constructions were being created from the outset. Anaconda and...
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