1. B

    Pimax 5k+ lightning problem

    I play ED only 2-3 days, and I found strange bug in VR with pimax; the lightning is different on booth eyes. I have in pimax settings "parallel projection" enabled, but it does not help. Geometry is presented on booth eyes good, only indirect lights are wrong. If I enter space station (any), and...
  2. Old Duck

    Felicity Winters and the BGS

    Being pledged and ranked with Felicity Winters offers from 10% up to 100% influence reward in controlled / exploited systems. How does this work with the per-player influence cap? Does it raise that cap, or does it mean a player only needs to do half the number of missions (best case scenario)...
  3. C

    Powerplay Nova Imperium: Much Ado About Nothing, And Other PP Story Weaknesses

    OK. So we all know, that at most this whole "Nova Imperium" thing will lead to a CG, where people will grind for the tiers, Hadrian will be captured and executed, and another coup attempt will not be made for a while before doing the same thing. All of these news articles ominously telling of...
  4. Cmdr Darla

    Seeking BGS oriented group with PP and casual time commitments

    I've been a player since the Standard Beta, have thousands of hours logged and two Elite ranks (though *not* Combat - I've mainly been an explorer). In spite of all this in-game time, I've never seriously engaged with the player base except in an incidental manner as I encounter people out in...
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