private groups

  1. Alexander_Sepulveda

    [FEDERATION] [INDEPENDENT] [LFG] ROLEPLAY - Federation Military Fleet with Baddies!

    DETER. DEFEND. DEFEAT. That is the Motto of the 87th FEDERATION AUXILARY NAVAL FLEET. TL;DR WE ARE A STORY BASED - ROLEPLAY GROUP! We are a squadron of Federation pilots who accept Imperial and Alliance pilots along with pirates. We are a formal military unit of Auxiliary Federal Navy pilots...
  2. Old Duck

    Mobius Or Crow

    Used to be MobiusPvE was the PS4 private group of choice for a PvE equivalent of Open, but over the months / years, Crow's PG has become almost as big and perhaps more active, at least for exploration-related events. So for the day-to-day gameplay like we currently find at Witch Head, which...
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