Prospectors crash into ship too easily

    In 3.3, prospector limpets gained a collision box, making it possible for them to collide with objects like your own ship on launch. This, in itself, is fine. Before 3.3, you could have the limpet phase through the canopy easily by just looking down after firing them, and that did look weird...
  2. W

    [Video] The SRV is great fun if you drive it like you stole it.

    I've watched a lot of videos that complain about material gathering being a grind. I don't agree. Thrash that SRV until the wheels come off and material gathering becomes great fun.
  3. Bionic Bytes

    Mining - replace prospector limpets

    I’ve done a lot of mining and my view is that carrying prospector limpets limits your overall yield because you run out of available limpets and can’t prospect fast enough and only 1 may be 2 at a time. I would like to see prospectors completely replaced by targeting an asteroid and using the...
  4. R

    Scanners and prospecting

    Ok so searching the planet surfaces for materials is fun for about 30 minutes. Your after a specific item and you always find everything your not looking for. Let's look at the scanners for a bit of a tune up. Would it be possible to give players the ability to set the scanner to detect...
  5. Cmdr Fremen

    [Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)

    To all the villains in the Elite: Dangerous Universe! Come and join the Relentless forums and voice chat to find outlaws like you! Play together and make friends, form a crew and participate in challenges! It's a place of cheap grog and bar music, shouting and laughter, fist fights and some...
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