1. M

    Exploration Squadron Recruiting (PS4)

    Hello everyone! I hope it's OK if I post a quick PS4 Exploration Squadron recruitment! I recently returned to the game after a long expedition to the opposite side of the Galaxy. I've played since the game was released on PS4, explored in deep space literally for years, and engineered many...
  2. zabbadak777

    CG CREW wanted for the FREEMAKERS REST

    O7 Cmdrs. This message is for everyone but especially for the newer Cmdrs. The Freemakers Rest Carrier is looking for a crew who wants to enjoy the "brought back to life" CG. Your task and your profit will be made by loading and unloading the carrier. Interested? Click on the discord link...
  3. Old Duck

    Since Odyssey doesn't support VR, please give me back my gyroscope!

    Please Frontier, fully support the Playstation DS4 (and upcoming DS5) controller on PC. This includes GYROSCOPIC HEADLOOK, the best thing about ED for PS4. You already have the code from the PS4, you just need to implement it on the PC. Other games fully support the DS4, no special drivers or...
  4. A

    Crossplay year 3306

    Yes it's 2020 3306 so if sonny not willing to work with it just do it by Microsoft sonny will follow becaus the don't wanna lose customers just DO IT galaxy it's to big for lock evry body afther one device and it's a win for u gameplay to
  5. Old Duck

    R.I.P. CMDR Jenny Diver (a cautionary tale)

    For whatever reason, the latest PS4 update logged me out of my alt account (Jenny_Diver) and caused my password to be forgotten. Unfortunately in all of the long list of passwords that I keep for every stupid site under the sun, my alt PS4 account was not to be found. And since Jenny is...
  6. Cheese Helmet

    Hot keys for quick Saved texts on console

    PC can run macros for quick scripted comms. Console has to chose each letter with the joystick to type making it very slow. allow commanders to chose from saved messages once they have the comms panel selected, using the botton combos already present in game. So when you access the comms panel...
  7. V

    What about cross platforms?

    I heard that FDevs would have taken in consideration the topic right after the carrier update, but since the many postponements I haven’t actually heard anyone talk about it. I know there are a few issues like duplicate CMDR names or slow instancing but I think that with the right effort...
  8. Old Duck

    Dear Frontier, can you help me?

    I am aware of the ability to transfer credits from PS4 to PC. Having preordered the game on PS4 and played many hours on that platform before recently switching to PC, I have a lot of wealth on PS4 between my two CMDRs there. The thing is, I elected not to wipe my PS4 saves and transfer my...
  9. A

    =Sapere Aude= PS4 Squadron

    Sapere Aude are now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive - so there is also a PC branch – click the link for info on info and rules. We’ve now completed our second season and have a very active membership of 80 members. During our first 4 months in...
  10. CMDR Karrde Sun

    Game Discussions Anyone play the ff7 demo?

    The first 5 mins had me so excited.. mainly because of the soundtrack and next level graphics. About 10 mins in wow the combat sucks. About 15 mins in.. the only reason im playing this really tight corridor game is because of nostalgia. Uncharted does corridors better. A bit later on.. the...
  11. Bramshevik

    [INDEPENDENT] [PS4 | BGS] Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard are NOW RECRUITING

    Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard Est. 30 - 01 - 3306 What is the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard? The Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard (IPV) is an associate faction of Communism Interstellar (CI), a dedicated background simulation player group, and we essentially serve as the PS4 wing of...
  12. A

    Sapere Aude Recruiting for the PS4: New - Intermediate - Experienced CMDRs welcomed

    Sapere Aude are now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules. We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 40 members (in the top 10 on PS4...
  13. A

    Sapere Aude Elite Squadron (PS4) Recruiting - New/Experienced CMDRs Welcome

    Sapere Aude is now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules. We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 30 members (in the top 10 on PS4 for...
  14. O

    Thrustmaster Rudders?

    Are the tm rudders supported on the ps4 yet?
  15. Old Duck

    This game is freaking amazing!

    On PC. Yesterday I took my SRV and drove around a simple planetary outpost. I turned off the HUD, used "cruise control" to set my speed to approximately 40 mph, and then I just calmly drove around using headlook to take in all the sights. The detail, the sense of scale, the hubbub of ships...
  16. Old Duck

    HELP! DS4 Controller on PC has one radical "game-breaking" difference from PS4

    So I've migrated from PS4 to PC, and after two years of flying with the DS4, I'm most comfortable in just using this on my PC. Muscle memory is a power thing! Here is my problem: On PS4, buttons can serve both as primary functions and modifiers. Let me give you an example. If I want to tap the...
  17. Old Duck

    Et tu, Old Duck?

    Well, I finally did it - I pulled the trigger and ordered myself a PC powerful enough to run ED. The main reason for this "defection" is for productivity reasons - there is work that I do that will benefit from a more powerful computer than this 2012 MacBook I'm currently on. I also find myself...
  18. Old Duck

    Another Elephant Butt Leather Thread...

    Because Fleet Carriers are still months away, but Elephant Butt Leather is NOW! And like peanut butter and jelly, EBL goes with DDS (dancing disco shadows). For your watching pleasure: Source: (feel free to visit the channel to see countless...
  19. A

    What are we going to do.......

    When the PS5 comes out and the controller doesn't have the touch pad? That's 4 mapped buttons.... GONE! I mean, I know the PS5 will be backwards compatible, and it will run Elite for us PS plebs better than ever, but what if Sony says bye-bye to the touch pad? THE HORROR. THE ABSOLUTE HORROR.
  20. C

    Game crashes to blue screen

    Hi, myself and a friend have both been experiencing the game crashing back to desktop on the PS4. It seems to happen during combat more than at any other time, and it’s been doing it consistently since the most recent update. Anyone else’s having this issue? Fdev aware of it?
  21. Old Duck

    XB1X 1080p vs. PS4 Pro

    I know some of you own both platforms, so how does ED compare, graphically-speaking? Specifically, PS4 Pro Quality Mode vs XB1X 1080p Quality Mode. Also, is the XB1X HOTAS basically the same as PS4's, quality-wise? And final question, do you folks have any XB1-specific bugs that are super...
  22. Old Duck

    Mobius Or Crow

    Used to be MobiusPvE was the PS4 private group of choice for a PvE equivalent of Open, but over the months / years, Crow's PG has become almost as big and perhaps more active, at least for exploration-related events. So for the day-to-day gameplay like we currently find at Witch Head, which...
  23. Vice President Hank Sweeney

    [FEDERATION] THE RETRO FACTION OF VOLTRIGONES About us: You have decided to apply to become a Junior Analyst at the RFoV, an active Corporation within the Milky Way Galaxy. We’re a medium-sized group with an in-game Player Minor Faction called the Retro Faction of Voltrigones. We...
  24. Maize

    ED PS4: Does Advanced Dock Assist break controller customization?

    After playing through the tutorials successfully using a remapped set of controls that worked much better for me, I launched into Solo Mode last night, only to find that none of my controller mappings came across. I assumed this was just a tutorials <--> main game thing, and proceeded to rebind...
  25. Old Duck

    Graphics Nerf in Red Dead Redemption 2

    I just learned about the graphics nerf in RDR2 that was introduced in an early update. I bought the game on disc, and I thought I saw a drop in quality after the update, but I wasn't totally sure until someone validated this observation. I've also noticed other glitchy things since the update...
  26. Hoshizoku

    Disconnections! (PS4)

    I disconnect everytime im for longer than 5 min in a mission target signal source. if im lucky i manage to kill the target in the time if not i can try again with scannin nav beacon an all!! so much fun. yay this game... bout time i quit.. its just not fun anymore since the last few "patches" I...
  27. Rix-Iso

    Atenção Comandantes de PS4 - A Antares S.A convida você a participar do nosso grupo!

    A Antares S.A é um grupo de língua portuguesa aberta à todos os pilotos de PS4, desde os já experientes até os novatos que precisarem de ajuda no conhecimento do jogo e em seu progresso nele. É um grupo colaborativo que se auxilia em missões em esquadra ou dicas para vôos solo. O Grupo está em...
  28. V

    Akko's Mug

    Hello dear Fdev! I got a story about a guy namedAkko_Rishtar who delivered mugs to all who wanted them on PS4 DW2 from WP2 to WP8-9 And we are a lot of people on PSN who would love to get a Beacon(near our WP7-8) out for him. I got a mug at WP2 died at WP3, got a new mug on WP7 and got stuck at...
  29. C

    More FOV for Ps4

    Just wanna know if it would be Possible to get 30 % more FOV for the Ps4 Players (Cockpit). Sometimes in Combat you can't really see the Numbers of your opponent Ship (Damage) . Would be Awsome to have a bit more FOV. Yea👀
  30. Z

    Seeking out an Alliance/Squadron to Join. Any Suggestions?

    Hi folks, I've been playing for a bit and decided its about time I joined in with a squardon. This is sort of what I'm looking for: Fairly active, with events on a semi regular basis Good community of friendly folk that play together UK time zone (although NA time zone is also helpful as I'm...
  31. Old Duck

    Elephant Butt Nebula

    So in light of my many sufferings due to the current bad shadows on PS4, a story you all know well, I decided it's time to "plant my flag" over at the Elephant Butt Trunk Nebula. I thought for sure there would at least be lots of unmapped planets in the region. Imagine my surprise when I get...
  32. Old Duck

    Lagrange Clouds on PS4

    Have any of you been to a Lagrange cloud yet? I visited my first one over the weekend, which was by all indications undiscovered, and it was surprisingly "meh". No colors, no lightning, no boiling clouds, just a boring grey fog. The things inside it were cool, however. So I'm wondering if these...
  33. Old Duck

    Add HUD Mode to Ship's Function Panel

    Dear Frontier, please consider adding the HUD mode (Combat / Analysis) to the Ship Function Panel alongside lights, night vision, etc. There is plenty of room for another option on my screen, and with the limited number of button mappings one can have on a gaming console with controller (no...
  34. FJX2000

    More PS4 Save Files

    Hey everyone (but specifically DEVs), I have had Jurassic World Evolution since day one on the PS4. My excitement couldn't be contained when I got this game after growing up with JPOG being my favorite PS2 game of all time. It has been amazing to play such a great game and a true spiritual...
  35. CDR_WillTRiker

    DW2 PS Edition - Racing League

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Welcome Commander! Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? Are you not sure how to explore the galaxy? Or do you just have an SLF with you and don't know what...
  36. khelek_ac

    VR en PS4

    Saludos comandantes o7 He estado buscando información pero no me ha quedado nada claro. Juego a Elite en PS4 y quería saber si alguien juega con las gafas VR para que me dé su opinión. Estoy pensando en comprar unas, pero no sé si merecen la pena. ¿Está la versión de PS4 de Elite optimizada...
  37. Foos

    Distant Worlds II Event PS4 Fleet Defense Forces

    o7 Commanders I'm the leader of the PS4 Fleet Defense Forces. This thread will be for 2 primary purposes: Posting FDF Events Requesting FDF Assistance This isn't a place for general chat as I want to reserve this space to logistics. If you would like to Join The Fleet Defense Force on...
  38. B

    Frustration Overload

    Come on FDev, sort this out. We were promised great things wtih Chapter 4. But so far all I'm getting is random crashes, and half-finished functionality (cough cough...CODEX!) Don't get me wrong......I love the game, the lore, the styling, the over all mechanics. I like what you've done with...
  39. H

    How do I launch the Codex?

    I've got into the Codex following the default Triangle + L1 prompt, when I've mapped a planet, but that doesn't seem to work any other time. I know I can get to it from the right-hand menu, but that's a bit cumbersome. Is there another way to launch the Codex from a bottom mapping?
  40. Old Duck

    Tempted by Black Friday Paint

    I'd love to see your favorite Black Friday paint job screenshots on PS4. In particular, I'm interested in the Anaconda and Dolphin (but feel free to post images of any ship). If you take a screenshot just for this thread, would you do me a favor and take it in Performance Mode if you're on a PS4...
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