1. Pixelated Sparkster

    Buildings & Attractions Allow for more management with the Aviary

    Hello! This could be for either Jurassic World Evolution or its sequel if it ever gets one, but I would like to see a bit more customization when it comes to the aviary. I have been playing Planet Zoo for a few days now, and one of their major management game play is the care for exhibit...
  2. G

    The Multiple Colors of Jurassic World's Pterosaurs

    When I looked back at Jurassic World's pterosaur attack on Main Street most recently, just to examine some things for personal stuff, I realized something that truly astounded me. Should the JW style Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons be implemented into the game at some point, something that...
  3. G

    Flying Wild Pteranodon Easter Egg (with videos from BestInSlot)

    So, I have since learned a couple weeks ago that there are hidden occurrences where literal flying wild Pteranodons fly across the map of Isla Nublar (1993). It was posted by someone on Reddit before being rediscovered by Conor (BestInSlot) some time later. Former Frontier community manager...
  4. yhlee1017

    Pteranodon skin from JW?

    Are you going to eventually add a Jurassic World version of Pteranodon that doesn't have any teeth? That was my favorite design :(
  5. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions Concept of a Jurassic World style aviary and its Pteranodons

    Now finally knowing what the aviary is like in-game, thanks to BestInSlot’s showcase video, I can now finally feel free to describe how a Jurassic World themed aviary would work, as well as its Pteranodons. First off, the aviary would be no too different at all from the current aviary by...
  6. Mjmannella

    Taxonomy Correction

    During the DLC livestream, I noticed a particular taxonomic error in the UI. Frontier UI devs, Pteranodon is not a dinosaur; pterosaurs are separate groups of reptiles from dinosaurs. To add to this: Muttaburrasaurus has been called a Hadrosaur for over a year and a half now, with no signs of...
  7. Tyranno86

    Flying reptiles and Marine reptiles Dlc ?

    Hello Jurassic Park enthusiasts, Jurassic World, and dinosaur fans in general, I write in hopes of soliciting Frontier's friends, to complete the gaming experience, with the addition of two DLCs: one on flying reptiles and the other on marine reptiles. Obviously I realize that it is not easy...
  8. T

    Aviary and mosasaurus paddock in JW Evolution?

    Hello there! Im new here so I'll try to post as good as I can express my doubt :p I have a question about the Jurassic World islands that are able in this new and amazing game. The question ir related whit the main title theme, are we going to be able to build the Aviary from the first Jurassic...
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