1. T

    Need some PvE ship advice for Colonia

    I need some PvE ship advice. I am currently 6500 ly from Colonia and I'll be planning on staying there for a few months, maybe permanently. I'm travelling in my ASPX and plan on transferring my mining ASPX over when I arrive. I have an unengineered Anaconda back in the bubble but don't want to...
  2. Swiiiifty

    Capital Ship Protection?

    Video introduces the ability for players to be messaged when a nearby capital ship needs protection from an opposing faction. Had a lot of fun producing this, an absolute nightmare finding 2 of them in one spot!
  3. I.M.StarStuff

    can somebody explain this?

    how do they always manage to fight back for a few minutes AND JUMP with their powerplant at ZERO? i can not do that no matter what engineering or whatever i do to my ship! I will be blown up before i even hit 20% and that is just one of his modules, i worked on his cargohatch , drives ...
  4. V

    One PvE dog fighter's personal catharsis and wish-list... (OC from reddit)

    Original Reddit Post - Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/cxbnev/one_pve_dog_fight Intro Been playing a bit again, and thought I'd see if anybody else might find these appealing, or if I'm just a lazy-crazy-man. I do have some small idea of what I'm doing, before someone...
  5. Winged Gecko

    [INDEPENDENT] We're Looking For A Few Good Men, Women, and ummm...Thargoids?! lol

    Greetings! The Wrecking Crew is looking for a few great Commanders to join our Independent Cooperative, PvE player group focused mainly on combat, missions, and wrecking stuff! We are looking for very active players who love to have fun, don't take themselves to seriously, and who would love the...
  6. F

    Missile launchers, Mine launchers, and Torpedo launchers rework

    These modules need rework. To make them useful basically, and to offer them unique tactical flexibility and certain limitations. Below are my ideas...
  7. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    [Beta Spoilers] Mega ship combat! >_> In a DBX

    Okay.. so I knew they did something..but this is cool! I had a ton of fun fighting here! https://youtu.be/OcAWVYvkjX4 (also mods can move me I was not 100% sure where to post this)
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