1. LanceLord

    General C&P Overhaul Part Deux in 3306: Please Consider Adding A Purgatory Game Loop for Us Career Criminals FDev....

    ....Because Crime has yet to Pay to date. You a n00b smuggler down on your luck? A scurvy veteran space faring Pirate? Lawless anarchist criminal with a bounty on your head? Completely amoral veteran Ganker, who accidentally seal clubbed some green, gullible n00bs brand new and shiny...
  2. Swizzy o7o7

    Distant Worlds 2: Multicrew Edition!

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwtuQuU9NVc Unparalleled levels of gameplay!
  3. T

    Bounty Hunting needs some love

    Hey Frontier, With the recent changes to Mining and Exploration, I would ask that you take a look at Bounty Hunting. In it's current state it's not really worth doing when compared to mining or even exploration. The Credits per hour is just sad, compared to the amount of...
  4. T

    PvP The problem with piracy

    Hi all. Given that I don't find mining particarly engaging, I decided a couple of weeks ago to try my hand at piracy. Just to be clear, by piracy I mean attempting to rob other players of their valuables. I have had little enough success. I believe there to be two main reasons for this. The...
  5. E

    Drive By Shooter

    Right now, since I recently returned from a month journey out to the black, I've been experimenting on making a PvP build for my iCourier. I've never done PvP before, but I thought that since it's a very fast and maneuverable ship, torpedoes with reverb cascade would be a decent choice. Turns...
  6. Barnard17

    PvP Hub welcomes ED: Arena to San Tu

    Since December 2017, San Tu has been the home for organised PvP in Elite Dangerous. After the original alliance between the PvP community and Nova Force to flip the system to anarchy, the PvP Hub has been based out of the system. Activity has been up and down over the years, with the health of...
  7. Vindicator

    Independent Defense Agency (IDA) Scenic Combat Event

    This is an OPEN event, for all CMDRs and Squadrons. This is not a lawful or unlawful event - it's open for all. == The event will happen in the Fleet Carrier Beta 2 == At any time before the departing time, get your ships and modules on board on one of our Fleet Carriers. After the jump, and...
  8. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    Thought i'd share this lil gem with you guys.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne_Iri-gFTw pvp in Elite is probably the most fulfilling thing i ever witnessed in all videogames ever.
  9. C

    Game Discussions Space engineers Planes with aerodynamics

    45 Royal Marines Space Engineers Planes and Hydro Server //[45RM] Plane Parts + Hydrogen \\ Hardcore PVP Small Earth and moon =============================== Server Specs server Provided by: GTX gaming Ram: 32GB CPU: 4.8Ghz Server Location: London Player Capacity : 35 (will increase on demand)...
  10. D

    Newcomer / Intro Super cheap PVP build

    Hi All, I want to build the most OP PVP ship that fits these rules: Only small ship frames allowed Total ship value must not exceed 1 million Credits = Max Buyback of 50,000 No guardian tech No engineering Anyone have any tips or build lists? its for a little game me and a group of friends are...
  11. J

    Ships PvP Ships

    Hello! Do you have good PvP builds and show me how to PvP? Thanks so much!
  12. Old Duck

    Borann is the best thing to happen to ED in a long time!

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had...
  13. Old Duck

    In the age of Borann, can we finally remove the cap on player bounties?

    I just don't see the purpose of capping player bounties anymore. It's far easier for one player to give another player a cargo hold of LTDs than it is to exploit the bounty system to transfer credits, so let's just remove the cap and make PvP bounty hunting great again.
  14. Old Duck

    Supercruise in Solo, mine in Open

    This thread is specifically for those who would like to play in Open but feel pushed into Solo by wings of gankers who chain-interdict your slow mining ships while in supercruise. There is a way to have your Open cake and eat it too. If you are mining for an hour or more at a time, why not...
  15. Cosmo

    Fleet Carrier Weapons for PVE, PVP?

    They showed weapon customization for the FC. Is this for PVE and PVP? For example: A group of Thargoids or NPCs attack, so you must defend your FC. Fleet Carrier vs Thargoid Mothership Squadron 1 assaults vs Squadron 2 defends the FC
  16. H

    PvP Triple challenge

  17. H

    PvP Most Wanted!

  18. A

    =Sapere Aude= PS4 Squadron

    Sapere Aude are now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive - so there is also a PC branch – click the link for info on info and rules. We’ve now completed our second season and have a very active membership of 80 members. During our first 4 months in...
  19. T

    Anaconda vs Anaconda

    Heyho, enjoy the 1v1 with CMDR Moselman1982 at Shinrarta Dezhra. Turn the music loud and see the full fight at 1.4 timespeed. GG CMDR Source: https://youtu.be/_kXfN8TBhes
  20. H

    PvP The Hornet's Nest! 1vs9

    Couldn't resist poking some PvP'ers in San Tu as I was passing by :D
  21. Part-TimeWarrior

    Simple proposed fix to PVE and PVP balance

    So, as many of you undoubtedly know, the current balancing of this game is... let's go with poor, bordering on broken. Engineering is completely overpowered, many upgrades are just unusable and pointless, while others are just too good. A large part of this has to do with the way shields work...
  22. H

    What inspired YOUR playstyle?

    What got you into doing the part of the Elite Dangerous, that you love the most :)
  23. H

    PvP How NOT to gank!

    I chew off way more than I can handle when I challenge a PvP meta ship in Deciat, which quickly turns into a epic confrontation as CMDR Blaesthekerbal decides to fight back! Sorry for the cursing, it got hectic and hats off to Blaesthekerbal for putting up an amazing fight! :)...
  24. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    A simple solution to pvp in open

    Hello space faring lads and ladies! during a slow work day i managed to understand the deep psyche of the human kind, and figured out a perfect solution to the ongoing genocide that takes place in the universe. i had to apply anti ganker encryption though, to keep it effiecienet for longer, so...
  25. Simplystyc

    Terra EX (DTEA's Squadron) vs The Code BGS War

    A number of days ago, Terra EX attempted a coup in the Reidquat system. Unbeknownst to Down to Earth Astronomy's Squadron, there was another Player group in the system as a minor faction. The Code of Pirates had been maintaining a presence in that system for quite some time, and when they found...
  26. SergMx

    What is the effect?

    For example, in this video at 1:25 - 1:26 Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBAHD-gRR-o
  27. Daniel Klimchuk

    So what PvP weapon loadout do they use nowadays?

    Greetings, As the title says, what is the most popular/effective weapon loadout people in open use nowadays? I have an Anaconda with one huge and two large beam lasers engineered to G5 efficiency and oversized experimental effect. In the remaining large, two medium and two small hardpoints I...
  28. LeinhartKUF

    Onyama Legal Exchange needs you!

    Petition of Vice President Roxana Woodward of Onyama Legal Exchange: Commanders, the Federation needs you, the Catalan separatists have broken the contract of non-aggression, this is unacceptable, they have declared war on Ostyat when we tried to recover the economy in the sistem. Ostyat is...
  29. M

    Overhaul of pvp, bgs, and powerplay

    Hey everyone! I have found a happy medium for pvpers, gankers, and pve'ers. What im suggesting will not happen in one patch unless frontier puts their entire staff on it but its a good suggestion nonetheless. I'll be breaking it into parts so its easier to read. TLDR below all of the paragraphs...
  30. A

    Sapere Aude Elite Squadron (PS4) Recruiting - New/Experienced CMDRs Welcome

    Sapere Aude is now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules. We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 30 members (in the top 10 on PS4 for...
  31. Old Duck

    Blocking in Elite Dangerous

    UPDATE - Thanks to much discussion and the very simple but elegant solution posed by one CMDR, I've changed my approach to the blocking system. I've decided to use it as a reverse iron man, in that once you have murdered me, I'm dead to you. You'll never see me again, because to you, I'm dead...
  32. Old Duck

    (I find) PvP is boring...

    Not the actual combat, mind you, but rather all the time sitting around waiting for said combat to occur. For every minute of epic battle I've enjoyed during this CG, I've spent who knows how many minutes (hours) sitting in supercruise or at the station just waiting for something to happen. And...
  33. Symbiont

    Silent running and/or low heat emission in combat

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it makes sense to tailor a ship for using silent running in combat as much as possible to avoid damage, and have a general low amount of heat emission (engineer power plant for that aspect) to be less lockable? Would this work out, also by equipping as much heat...
  34. Old Duck

    Some interesting PvP / C&P observations

    This weekend was my first serious "study" of PvP at a CG on PC, and it's been months since I've PvPed on PS4. I observed a few things, performed a few experiments, and came to a few conclusions that may be right or wrong. I'm sharing these for discussion. First thing I noticed is that when...
  35. Symbiont

    Federal Gunship as all hull tank - Worth it?

    Hey guys, I've read that the Federal ship line is good for creating a strong hull tank combat ship, and as this outfitting approach sounds interesting and I've never done this before I wanted to give it a go, using the Federal Gunship. The main purpose is to engage in power play combat-wise and...
  36. Old Duck

    Do "purple-haired heroes" scare everyone into Solo?

    This is my first CG on PC, woo! I've been "ship watching" at one of the CG stations, and the flow of CMDR trading traffic has been steady. Finally I decided to grab a few tons of grain in my Dolphin to do my part, and on my return to the system I was chased by two very persistent griefers. To my...
  37. Tolmir

    [INDEPENDENT] Wanderers of Witch Space are recruiting, BGS, PvP, PvE, anyone is welcome

    Welcome to the Wanderers of Witch Space. The Wanderers are an in game faction that has one main focus The BGS system Taking over systems and how that is done is up to the skills and preferences of our pilots, the Wanderers do not discriminate pilot types as long as you don’t harm any other...
  38. ThePlanetVenus

    [INDEPENDENT] Outer Rim & Colonia Bounty Hunter's Guild

    The Outer Rim and Colonia Bounty Hunter's Guild is open for recruitment, we are seeking Commanders looking to earn some money while coordinating with pilots all around the bubble and outside it. We want commanders who seek and destroy criminals outside the Powerplay influenced systems, in areas...
  39. U

    Anti Ganker suggestion

    Hello All, I've had a thought about the problem with the persistent gankers that have made the Open game less than enjoyable for many. I am aware of several suggestions that have been made in the past on various platforms. I would like to add my 2 cents worth (and what better place than a...
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